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This chapter has taught me that there are different ways to manage a classroom, especially depending on your specific personality. Not all teachers are extremely outgoing and it is important to find a
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The unit covers the topic such as modal auxillary verb, phrasal verb and passive voice. Auxillary verbs such as can , couldnot, must, might, may, would, be able to etc are used in different categories
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This unit is about different tenses and how and when they are used. It goes over present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. This unit goes over affirmative, ne
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This unit was of a particular interest for me since it literally bombarded me with tons of very useful information on how to manage a class properly. I found out how different types of class arrangeme
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Although I instinctively know what tenses to use because English is my native language, I was not aware of the complexity of tense system. I can certainly see how a EFL learner would struggle. I think
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