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I have learned about the different nuances of meaning of the future tenses; although I feel some of the uses are British and are not so common in the U.S. For example, the use of the future simple to express a prediction without present evidence is a new idea for me. I have never heard the expression, "It'll rain before morning", to mean that someone thinks it may rain overnight (except maybe on Masterpiece Theater or in British novels.) Even the term "before morning" is not common. Of course it is perfectly understandable but we would most likely say, "I think it might rain tonight." I have noticed other differences as well in other units. For example, in American English we always use the definite article "the" with hospital- i.e. he went to the hospital, he's in the hospital, etc. I am not in any way suggesting that one way is better than the other; I find the varieties of English to be fascinating. I'm just pointing out that some expressions, forms, and usages are specific to British English and may not be the same in other countries where English is the dominant language.