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In teaching new language, vocabulary is very important early on because it is the basis on which students are able to formulate sentences and describe their thoughts/feelings/actions to others. Lessons of grammar and vocabulary usually use the Straight Arrow method, while funcitons-based lessons tend to use Boomerang/Patchwork methods. Vocabulary learning difficulties stem from the difference in native language to that of English, pronunciation, and appropriacy to students and task. When selecting vocabulary, a teacher must think about appropriacy, teachability, and frequency used. Students will need to know the meaning, types of usage, word grammar, spelling, and pronunciation of the word. For the Engage stage, teachers can use realia, miming, pictures, contrast, and discovery. For studying, gap-fill, word search, matching, and pronunciation drills are ideal. During Activate, open or pair discussions, role playing, and material production are ideal. In teaching grammar, students should know differences between written and spoken forms ("I'm going to" as opposed to "I'm gonna"). During Engage, teachers can use discussion, scenario-building, and Q&A. For studying, intonation patterns, choral repetition, gap-fills, and sentence scrambles are great. For the Activate stage, role playing, debate, and creating stories in groups from picture prompts are all options. Teaching functions of words include inviting, refusing/agreeing, and suggesting in conversation. It is good to have students think of activities they like to do and go around inviting others, practicing asking and responding.