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Here Below you can check out the feedback (for one of our units) of one of the 16.000 students that last year took an online course with ITTT!

In my opinion, I found unit 7 to be very interesting, as I learned the different ways I can help students to improve their vocabulary, grammar, and function. However, as a teacher there are some criteria I should bear in mind when selecting vocabulary lesson: • Similarity to the students own language • Similarity to the English already known • Spelling and pronunciation We should also bear in mind what the student needs to know about vocabulary. They need to know the appropriacy to the students, appropriacy to the task, frequency, and coverage, which looks at how often are the students likely to, used or come across the language and the teaching ability. Another important point to note about teaching vocabulary to students is the meaning of the vocabulary, the use (how and when it is appropriate to use), also the word grammar is very important in teaching students vocabulary. We should also note that the interaction, spelling, and pronunciation are also very important in what students need to know about vocabulary. As for grammar and structure, there are many things student will need to know, such as, the meaning (what the language means), how and when it is used, forms and pattern and the spoken and written forms. Finally, my take from unit 7, is that as a teacher one should use the ESA method (Engage, Study, and Activate) in teaching vocabulary, grammar structure, and functions. There are many ways a teacher can use the ESA method, but the teacher should bear in mind which is most appropriate the class and the language that will be introduced. The three ESA approach a teacher can use are the straight arrow, boomerang and patchwork type ESA lesson, however, the teacher should choose the most appropriate, base on the activity, size of the class and the student language ability.