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This unit of possible problem scenarios within a TESOL/TEFL classroom was very helpful by introducing tips and strategies. As a TESOL teacher the possibilities of encountering various plateaus to lear
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I found this unit (Unit 10) useful. I pretended to be a student in these classes to try to understand why one was more effective compared to the other. I was able to perceive the differences, for exa
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Breaux Bridge
This unit is about productive skills, which are speaking and writing. As well as receptive skills, productive skills are equally important when learning a language. Something I found particularly inte
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Bridge City
Unit 9 talks about how to deal with lesson planning and what its advantages are. Lesson planning allows the teacher to have a general overview of the lesson, so that you know what the students are exp
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In this unit, I learned about equipment and teaching aids. For example, the board is commonly used in classrooms. The writing on the board must be neat. I learned tricks such as sectioning off the boa
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From this unit it’s clear that in order to solving potential problems the teacher has to find out as much as possible about the students, their individual English ability as well as their needs. Est
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Unit ten is about the two ways of implementing a lesson; thus, the two audiovisual videos show how can the attitude of the teacher affects the success or failure of implementation of a lesson. The uni
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I liked the fact , that the demonstration was in a real English Class and with a real adult learner. I was amazed by everyone in the classroom were barefoot, include the teacher, that made me admire t
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Past Tense unit was pretty difficult for me and I will need to brush up on my Tenses as these are the major ones that give me difficulty. I know I need to freshen up on these and it was really clear t
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This unit was very interesting! It highlighted the many sources available to engage the student throughout the learning process. 15 areas were addressed. I have used some more often than others. Th
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This unit was all about the involvement and interactions of teachers within a classroom setting, and how best to proceed in certain situations; such as when observing/monitoring a students oral progre
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This unit is about evaluating students. Here week learnt about the three ways to assess students language level which are tutorials, evaluation by the students and tests, under tests we learnt about
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Something valuable I learned in this lesson is to clarify my lessons by focusing on either vocabulary, forms, or functions. Functions especially are a new concept to me. For instance, I think the ex
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This unit is about course books and lesson materials. Even though some teachers do not like to use course books it also has several advantages: it provides a balance between grammar, vocabulary, readi
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This unit discussed the course materials for teaching an English class. Some may prefer to create their own curriculum, but others are either given curriculum to teach from or have the opportunity to
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I've learnt from this unit about different ways to assess a student's langauge level.I think it's important to know about test system in evaluation, because teacher should use different tests at diffe
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This unit deals with the different groups of learners a teacher would need to deal with during the career. It describes the different groups, their needs and ways to plan lessons for each particular g
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This unit covered the use of textbooks and learning material during a class. The main focus was to identify both the advantages and disadvantages these can bring. Textbooks can be useful, especially f
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The content of this unit has very helpful information which provides important tools for any teacher who wants to offer the best quality of teaching to his or her students. The most important thing,
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In this unit, I watched the 2 videos. It showed me the difference between two ways for teaching the same lesson to the same student group. It exposed how important is the effect of the attitude of the
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Unit thirteen is about teaching pronunciation and phonology. Thus, the language teacher should be equipped with some techniques to teach the three areas related to this theme, which are intonation, st
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This unit dealt with the most common problems teachers can face in the classroom, such as: first lessons where students don't know each other, use of their mother tongue, mixed level groups, reluctanc
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Center Point
Within the teaching of English as a Second Language (Esl) there are various types of groups that teachers need to be aware of in order to properly teach each group, with their needs and interests and
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Unit 20 deals with how to solve teaching issues in the classroom. I helps us with useful information for our first lesson, warm up activities, how to teach different levels, work with large groups, th
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I learnt from this unit: Rules of teaching vocabulary, grammar and language function. Starting from selection, what to teach students about it and a model lesson for teaching it.It was useful to conn
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Course materials are an important consideration for the English language teacher. There are a variety of course books out there which offer the advantages of already prepared lesson materials which ar
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This unit on conditionals and reported speech is an important grammatical concept that will require more activate phases to reinforce their proper usages. Conditionals in their various forms are very
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It's important to have fully knowledge about Past tense to be able to apply correctly. This unit was very elucidating. Past Simple we have regular verbs(verb-ed) and irregular( there is no another opt
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Conditinals are sentences that have "if" or "when" and refer to past, present or future situations or possibilities. "If" is the condition that has to be satisfied for the consequence to happen. E.g.
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This unit has been very helpful because it provides very clear ways for a teacher to be able to plan a class. There are many variables that play into organizing material for class. These options all
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It is significant how the different transitive verbs are formulated. Having learned more about the structures it is easier to distinguish them. I feel it’s important (as with any other gramma
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Grammar – Conditionals If /when–refers to past, present and future possibilities; Zero Conditional: Form: if/when + present tense, present tense Usage: It refer to actions and facts that are irre
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This lesson was very informative because it gave a broad spectrum of ideas on how to use various equipment and resources in the classroom. I see where various resources could be used in many differen
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Church Point
In this unit, I learnt about types of classes, the absolute beginner, the false beginner, the adult beginner, the young beginner and the beginner without Roman alphabet. The tips for teaching beginner
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This unit was helpful as it gave me a simple way to refresh and brush up on my knowledge on the future tenses. It was an easy to understand overview of 'one of the most complex areas of the Enlgish la
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Unit 16 is about conditionals and reported speech, I've learned about grammar conditionals that are sentences that containing if or similar such as when, which refer to the past, present and future po
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This unit examined the various tenses that we use to describe the past. This is important because without even knowing it, we describe the past from various perspectives, relative to certain points in
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The tense system can be challenging to students and teachers. The word tense means time and in the English language there are three different areas, past, present and future. Each of these times are b
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Motivation is the base to have successful students. Interesting how different the level of motivation can be, an adult learners will usually have made the decision to attend classes wile younger learn
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The four basic language skills of reading, listening, speaking, and writing are all equally important. Therefore, they should each be present in every lesson as much as possible. This does not mean ho
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Types of classes Teaching beginners Possible categories for beginners: • The absolute beginner • The false beginner-student may have studied but not retained much • The adult beginner • The
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Modals can be used to express a number of different ideas; for example, obligation, possibility, permission, ability, advice, prediction, prohibition, promise and request. Modal auxiliary verbs can al
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Writing a lesson plan has a few important functions. They are: aid to planning, creating a working document and the class progress record. Every lesson plan should be simple, readable and include a sm
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Unit fourteen is about course books and lesson materials. That is, materials evaluation and adaptation. The unit is important because it gives a clear idea for the language teacher to keep in mind tha
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Cotton Valley
I liked very much and learned from the ideas of teaching and the games. I definitely will use them in my classroom. I learned to compare and contrast between present perfect and present perfect contin
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This unit covered the different the different groups that a teacher could be teaching out in the world, as English is useful for many in all walks of life to learn. The different groups that will be t
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In this unit which speak of Parts of Speech I have learned that even though sometimes grammar can seem overwhelming there can be effective ways to ways to explain grammar rules. For example, keeping t
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This Unit was about past tenses. They were similar to the present tense so it was easier to learn, because I had already reviewed the types of tenses (simple, perfect, continuous and perfect continuou
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Teaching a second language means teaching the language which is not the native language of the learner. Language Teaching is not a simple process. A language teacher must have scientific approach to t
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It is important to recognize the difference between a passive and aggressive voice within sentence structures. A passive and aggressive voice allows you to better position and express your thoughts.
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