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While learning a language it is very important to know the progress achieved and to understand the areas that need more attention to achieve the maximum output. Evaluation and tests helps to identify
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In this unit I learned a more about the different conditionals and its resulting consequences. When using conditionals in every day speech one doesn’t necessarily keep the rules or different conditi
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Cut Off
Much like other tenses, there are four basic patterns to follow when conjugating verbs in the future tense. It is important to know the differences in building the future tense sentence structure; as
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I have learned that there are 4 types of Conditionals. And that a Conditional sentences has two clauses: a condition (if...) and a result. And that the verb in each clause depends on whether the speak
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Common problems are going to occur when teaching language learners. This unit shared information that would deem helpful to the teacher. The first lesson is usually where students as well as teacher
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This unit covered how to teach two very different and specific types of learners: young learners and "clients", as business English students are referred to. Since I have never taught young children,
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Denham Springs
I am grateful for having the chance to study and know about modern successful teaching techniques. The evaluation of each method declaring advantages and disadvantages is very useful.It will spare tim
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This Unit teaches us that if we report what another person has said, we usually do not use the speaker's exact words (direct speech), but reported (indirect) speech. Therefore, you need to learn how t
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Well first thing I really hope I have questions 8 to 12 clear. Regarding this Unit it is once again highly interresting. I enjoyed what I have learnt regarding Teaching Business among all the others,
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Des Allemands
This unit explained different types of evaluation of students.I learnt that we have 3 methods which are tutorials, evaluation by the students and tests. Some details were given about the different typ
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Unit 11 deals with the receptive skills and how to teach them. First it categorizes them into two groups according to their motives, namely reading or listening for a specific purpose or for entertain
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This unit addressed some of the many challenges that ESL teachers may be faced with throughout their careers. It listed many different ways to overcome each of the challenges. I do think that it is so
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Dixie Inn
Unit sixteen is about the types of conditional and reported speech. That is, it gives a clear idea about forms and uses of the conditionals; zero, first, second, third and mixed. Moreover, the rules o
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I liked this unit. I think knowing what to do with students at different levels was good info. Nice ideas to pair the stronger student, this makes for a great combo with the only issue being to make s
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The ESA structure of teaching allows a great deal of flexibility for the teacher to choose activities and teaching methods that will best match the learning objectives and students’ needs. While it
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Unit #20, Teaching Special groups deals with teaching A. A Business English class and; B. Teaching young kids. Two spectrums with different levels of motivation and abilities- not to mention attention
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In this chapter I learned about conditional statements and direct and reported speech. I learned that depending on the tense and what was asked the response will be in a specific tense. The change of
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Dry Prong
Equipment and teaching aids I would believe to be the most fun area of concern for a teacher like me that enjoys creativity and artistic engagement. In previous units I enjoyed learning about visual a
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This unit covers some aspects of troubleshooting. For first lessons, there is a new group, where the students don't know one another and an existing group where students are familiar with each other.
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Unit 3 focuses on theories of teaching, methodology, techniques and lesson planning. There are various methods that can guide a teacher into how they want to present and teach the language to the lear
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There are eight main parts of speech (also known as word classes): nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions and interjections. The part of speech indicates how the word
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This unit explained the roles of teachers and learners, and what makes a good teacher or a good learner. It helped me aware that teachers should pay more attention on learners' learning than our own t
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East Hodge
Student-centred lessons are advised for ESL teachers nowadays. A good teacher should be patient, enthusiastic and encouraging. A good teacher should be able to create and organize activities for each
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I appreciate this lesson of Teaching equipment and aids. I think it's one of the most important units that will help teachers understand how to utilize the available resources. I appreciate the variou
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Eden Isle
Unit 19 is about teaching special groups, for the beginners teachers it reflexed on how to teach English to finding the level of their knowledge about the language. Children are easier to catch up tha
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The Course Books and Lesson Materials unit was very useful. I learned the difference between the authentic and non authentic materials, varies types of materials we can use in the classroom, the advan
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Conditionals are the sentences containing "if"\"when" etc. there are five types of conditionals. Zero conditional refers to actions and facts that are irrefutable. First conditional talks about real s
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Books and materials Often the teacher has to create his/her own materials to either supplement the courses book, or replace sections that are not suitable for the class. For the students it can be mo
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Conditionals are sentences which contain "if" sentences. These refer to past, present and future possibilities. There are several conditionals; zero, first, second, third and mixed. English is not alw
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Reported speech and direct speech can get confusing when someone is trying to repeat what was said in the past tense. Split sentence exercises are good for students to learn the conditional sentence s
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This unit took me a while to read through and learn because I felt that it was very important to truly absorb this information. This unit provides the key to creating a program for classes, it is ver
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As all the previous ones, I find this unit very interesting and meaningful.I actually didn't know, that there are so many different kinds of tests. Now I understand, that it is very important to make
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This unit was a great insight into how to complete a lesson plan in an effecitve way whilst also reminding those reading that it can be hard to find the right balance between flexibility and detailed
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This is the last Unit and I feel I still have to revise and go over some Units regarding tips for teaching. This Unit complets the previous one, it is very helpful and interresting. But I still need t
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There are many teaching aids and equipment used to make lessons more interesting, effective and less dependent on textbooks. They are boards, interactive whiteboard, overhead projector, visual aids, w
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This unit was very interesting - I did enjoy the examples involving the telephone card activities. I do agree with the fact that using books can be a bit tricky, as most of the classes will have a mix
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In this unit (Unit 09) covers lesson planning. I found the guideline as how to plan a lesson useful. As mentioned in this unit these are guidelines and the format or structure can be modified. I belie
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As mentioned in my reflection about the Unit 4, a good understanding of the verb tenses is fundamental for learners of any language. And the teacher might face difficulties on explaining the correct u
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This unit covers evaluation and testing. I learned to put testing and evaluation in a better perspective, that is I learned that diagnostic testing is important to use at the beginning of the course -
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Both of these demonstrate two examples of how a teacher can positively and negatively affect a lesson. It is important for a teacher to have good and positive communication in order to allow the stud
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Unit 19 is about teaching special groups. This shows us the different students we will have such as beginners and the division we can find in this level.It is important to concider that teaching group
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This unit is about receptive skills: reading and listening. I learned that there are four main skills when learning any language (reading, listening, writing and speaking). There are two main reasons
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The unit is useful for those who non-native speaker and for those who has efforts with grammar. As well these materials could be used on lessons to explain some hard moments to the group of the studen
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Fifth Ward
Courseware, authentic materials, created materials. Authentic materials are usually more interesting and live but the language is not targeted to the needs of our students, which makes it not the best
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This unit was about all the future tenses. The most important thing I learned was that there are 7 future tenses and that two of those are present tenses with a future meaning. I was also surprised to
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This lesson reminded me, again, of the correct usage of all the different forms if direct form changes into reported form. Now I said 'again', though this was the first time I had so actively read and
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This unit was running over two important grammar topics. The conditionals with its different situations. Zero form: If/when present, present first form: If present, will second form: If past, would-co
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Honestly, I learned a lot from this unit. Learned new ideas and techniques. Most of them can be used abroad of course it depends on the country structure and their culture. For example, Word search, G
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Common problems situation First lessons Principles • Try to establish rapport between the students (in the case of a new group) and also between the teacher and the class. • Find out about the
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Forest Hill
Reading and listening are both equally important skills that are important to emphasize. There are generally two reasons to for reading/listening. First is ‘for a purpose,’ which examples would
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