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This chapter was one of the more complicated ones for me. This is something I do not remember from school! It was a good-but basic-overview of conditionals and reported speech and provided some activi
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I've learnt from this unit about the main difficulties that a teacher may enciunter in teaching students. Often problems arise at the beginning of the course, so it's important to establish rapport be
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In this unit we reviewed the basics of understanding English speech and grammar, and how to determine where words fit into certain sentences. The unit contains the different segments of grammar, such
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Lockport Heights
Schools and Institutes around the world have different resources available to the teacher to support ther book lessons. Some resources found in these centers are: White boards Interactive Whiteboard
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Equipment and teaching aids In this unit I have learnt a lot about the enormous potential that offer the teaching equipment and aids that are possible to use in the classroom by us English teachers,th
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Unit fifteen is about evaluation testing. That is, assessing and evaluating the teaching and learning process. Thus, the focus of assessment is student understanding, learning and building the sense o
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Conditionals and Reported speech In this unit I have learnt good ideas to teach conditionals and reported speech as well as a very detailed description of the 5 main conditionals, reported speech and
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I really enjoyed this unit section on managing classes. It really opened my eyes to The Teacher. It gave me a better understanding of classroom setup and being prepared for your class. I really didn't
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Role play is made easier by use of cards. Course books are also important as to keep the syllabus organised. authentic materials are interesting and current topics can be found in the daily newspaper.
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This unit was about the present tenses, which are very challenging for teachers to teach and students to learn. This is why this chapter was so beneficial, as I learned many new things about the tense
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This unit discussed various parts of speech. Although the unit did not go into great depth on any one, it gave a good summary overview that will be a basis for the upcoming units. Having studied Engli
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In regards to this unit I find that managing a class is not an easy task. I believe that by following the guidelines indicated in this unit one can be successful. Sometimes success is not always attai
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The term beginner tends to strike fear into the hearts of inexperienced teachers. However, many teachers claim that teaching beginners is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable aspects of efl teachin
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In this unit about past tense verbs and how they are structured within a sentence. Past continuous verbs are used for past actions that have been interrupted or a gradual increase of an activity that
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Each teaching situation comes with its own unique challenges and a teacher must be prepared to face them and come up with creative and workable solutions to provide a positive, effective learning envi
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This unit discussed a variety of teaching aids that may be employed by the teacher for use in the classroom. There are a number of options, some of which should always be present and used when teachin
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This unit was very helpful to identify the different forms of the Past tense. I think one of the most important and helpful parts of this unit is the information about irregular verbs. I can imagine
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This unit is important because it gives a language teacher the tools to measure progress, which may seem difficult to calculate simply by observation. It is important to have documentation in order t
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This Unit is about managing classes and provides ideas on what a teacher should pay attention to in orden to maintain a well organized, disciplined, and enthusiastic class. From how to engage students
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I still have a hard time figuring out the ESA aspect. I have to study it as best I can but I seem to still become a bit confused by it. Especially boomerang since it involves doing two roleplay activi
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This unit for me was a really interesting. The methods and techniques covered are easy to put to use since they are well structured. Once a teacher learns the techniques he/she must have the capabilit
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In regards to this unit I find that teaching the present tense needs to be done carefully. All present tenses need to be explained clearly and simply and in my opinion like in most text books help the
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Understanding the parts of the speech is fundamental for the study of any language, as well as for its lessoning. In this unit we have a clear view of each of the pieces that build a phrase and the fu
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Evaluation is an important part of the educational process. This includes both formal and informal evaluation. Informal evaluation should happen with each lesson to ascertain whether or students under
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There are many situations and problems a teacher can encounter, the teacher should be aware of these problems and try to find a way around them. When teaching the first lesson, there are a few things
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Three are many homogeneous and heterogeneous needs alike when teaching the various different groups. Essentially the students’ needs and interests should take preference over the teacher, and Engli
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This unit exposed me to the possible needs of teaching various groups that I may come across as an English teacher. It helps me to feel prepared to address several different types of groups. It is cle
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I've learnt from this unit about grammatical topics that cause difficulties for students - conditional and reported speech. Most often these difficulties arise, because we don't often use these gramma
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Mer Rouge
There are many different difficulties a teacher can come across with students. I really like this lesson because it gives ideas to a teacher on how they can specifically work in each situation. There
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This unit talks about how to introduce new lexical and grammatical content to the learners, as well as language functions. Speaking of vocabulary, it talks about what factors should be considered when
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There are different types of special groups when teaching English: Beginners: these students may have no English at all or some basic knowledge. Individual students: is lessons are focused on one stud
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Teaching aids and equipments are just as important as the content being taught as the "aids and equipment"help the students to understand the content that is being taught by the teacher. The use of te
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This unit is very useful as it provides us with different links of dictionaries, online sources, online materials, online books, newspapers, TV radio stations, journals, teaching resources and miscell
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In this unit I learned the pros and cons of lesson planning. It can help you decide what you want your students to be able to accomplish at the end of a lesson, it can be used as an reference guide to
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Certainly, this unit tells about the advantages and disadvantages of teaching special groups. it also points what should we do and not which are very useful for us as ESL teachers. It is always expect
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This unit deals with classroom management and how to deal with it. It deals with rapport in the classroom - how to establish it and maintain it and what to look out for. Another point is classroom dis
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It is interesting to read the phonetic script as it relates to teaching pronunciation to the English language learner. I would have liked more examples of the phonetic script as used in the English la
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Unit 18 is about modals, phrasal verbs, and passive voice. In this unit I've learned that each of this 3 have their own usage and importance in making a sentence. Modals can be use in many different i
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This unit was about teaching special groups the first was:Teaching beginners Absolute beginners: no English at all The false beginner: exposed to language before but did not retain much Adult beginner
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In this Unit we finished our look at English grammar. We examined modal auxiliary verbs and the Passive Voice. A verb is in the passive voice when the subject of the sentence is acted on by the verb.
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Unit 5 was all about how to manage a classroom setting as well as the students within the class; Some of the focuses in this unit were classroom seating and also how to give instructions clearly and e
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In this lesson, I learned about the advantages and challenges I could face when teacher special groups. I learned that when I am teaching a group of professionals that I should analysis the group befo
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Unit 18 Modal, Phrasal and Passive Voice, deals with the construction of sentences using the passive voice and pronouns, coupled with the three type of clauses: Independent, Dependent, and Relative;
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Unit 19 presents different special groups of students that an ESL teacher will likely come across with at some point (like young learners or business oriented learners). Besides a description and char
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This unit was about useful equipment and teaching aids. It mentioned 15 different types of equipment and teaching aids including a board (which is the most common equipment a classroom has and it is v
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In this unit I learnt what is important to be a good teacher. The roles of the teacher must be done carefully. It is important not to overuse them. The teacher must be patient, motivating, and to be a
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I really enjoyed this section on the Teachers and Learners. I have been out of school for over 25 years and after reading about what makes a good teacher and a learner I found out that I could have ma
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Lesson 17 deals with the use of equipment and teaching aids such as white board, interactive whiteboard, overhead projector , visual aids, worksheet and work cards, cassette recorder, CD player, video
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Morgan City
Basic rules for modal auxiliary verbs: Obligation: must have to, should, have to Possibility: can, might Permission: may, can, could Ability: can, be able to, could Advice: should They can express le
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I could see the importance of the exams in the schools witch it shouldn't been take it easy, you could see the diagnostic, progressive, placement and the practice assessments. I have learned for this
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