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Conditinals are sentences that have "if" or "when" and refer to past, present or future situations or possibilities. "If" is the condition that has to be satisfied for the consequence to happen. E.g. If you drink too much beer, you will be drunk. There are 5 msin conditionals: Zero conditional: Form - if + present tense It is used when speaking about facts or actions that are undeniable. E.g. If you touch something hot, you get burn. First conditional: Form - if + present simple + will (may, might, can, should, must) It is used to speak about real situations in the future that are possible or even certain to happen if the conditions is satisfied first. E.g. You might win the competition, if you train hard. Second conditional: Form - if + past simple + would, could, might + verb // verb to be is used as "If I was you" "If I were you" It is used in hypothetical situations that are not true in the present and are unlikely to ever be true in the future. E.g. If I was you, I would work out more. // If she had a milllion dollars, she would donate half of it to charity; If he was an astronaut, he would stay in space most of his life. Third conditinal: Form - If + past perfect (had) + would, could, might + have + past participle It is used in hypothetical past actions with hypothetical past consequences. Since the condition is hypothetical, it had never been satisfied, therefore the result was impossible. E.g. If he had slept few hours more, he wouldn´t have fallen asleep while driving. Mixed conditionals: Form - If + past perfect (had), would + be It is a combination of a second conditional and a third conditional. It refers to a hypothetical past action and the hypothetical present consequence. E.g. If you had taken that money, you would be in jail now. Direct Speech: is the actual speech someone says. Reported Speech: is when someone else or a third person reports what the first person said. You can report a statement or a questions made by another person. Time expresions change when you are reporting: today - that day; yesterday - the day before, the previous day; tomorrow - the next day, the following day; next week - the following week; etc.