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EFL methodologies(grammar-translation, lingualism, ppp, task based, clt, cll, the silent way, suggestopaedia, the lexical approach), there are many different types of methodologies. And then especiall
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Abita Springs
I learned about conditional sentences in this unit. In conditional sentences and reported speech, 'if' or 'when' refer to past, present, and future possibilities. There is the zero conditional, first
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This might be the last, and with the shortest lesson, but not at all did I learn the least here. It is very useful to learn ways and ideas to keep all the students equally attentive, but also interest
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Unit2, it started English grammar. I have been studying English for more than 10years. I am still confused about all categories. The meaning and categories of noun(usage, main type, plurals, un/count
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It's interesting to see how many different groups there is to teach and also the various teaching methods used to teach these methods. I feel I have learnt a lot on how to teach each individual specia
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This Unit is about conditionals, such as "if" and "when", and about direct and reported (or indirect speech). The conditional refers to when something specific happens, it will have a specific consequ
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There are some common problem situations that a teacher can encounter in a class. It is important for a teacher to establish rapport with the students and set the tone for the rest of the course. Ther
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Amite City
Managing classes' behavior and motivation/attention is a delicate balance while delivering a lesson. A teacher needs to understand potential problem behaviors and how to remedy such issues before they
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Even though I'm not a native speaker, I often am unaware of what grammar I'm using or why it works that way. But as a teacher, I have the responsibility to answer questions. Teachers should at least b
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This unit focuses on the different electronic and non electronic tools at the teacher's disposal, all of which can serve to improve a class's overall productiveness as well as provide specific classro
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In this Unit we saw different teaching methodologies and techniques, the lesson was based on the ESA method (engage, study and activate), as three important parts of a lesson. According to the ESA met
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I enjoyed this lesson, I like thinking of what type of students I may work with. I like the idea of teaching children because they are so eager to learn and seem to soak up any new information, they a
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This unit was giving tips about common problems that may face a teacher. For new classes, especially for new group we need to build rapport with the students.If it is a new group, this will add the ne
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This unit gives an actual classroom footage of two different instructions for the same lesson content. Its purpose is to illustrate how teachers have the biggest influence on the success of the lesson
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Throughout unit 1, I have learnt qualities that make both good teachers, and learners. A quality that is possessed by both good learners and teachers is the desire to teach/learn. I have also learned
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This unit deals with the four past tenses- past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous. It explains their form including how to make negative sentences and questions. In add
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In this unit various teaching theories, methods and techniques are introduced. Some of the methods include Task Based, Presentation, Practice and Procduction and Communtiy Language learning. The most
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This unit discussed the two productive skills, speaking and writing. While both are important, they are learned with different kinds of practice and lessons ought to include elements of both. These sk
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The content of this unit was about the importance of lesson planning. Not all teachers plan their lessons, however, for new teachers its best to have a lesson plan to look back on, and to keep a recor
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The basic information related to teaching modal verbs, the passive voice and phrasal verbs is introduced in this unit. Different modal auxiliary verbs can express different meanings, degree of certai
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Banks Springs
It was great review of the knowledge I have learned in the past. To be honest, I needed more examples because of the complications of the subject, and the confusion between past participle with presen
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This unit is very helpful for a teacher who is preparing to manage a classroom of students. These helpful tips may sometimes be overlooked but in order to create a welcoming atmosphere for the studen
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Unit twenty is about troubleshooting. That is, how the language teacher dealing with some common problem situations. Thus, the unit is so important in that it provides some techniques that the teacher
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The selection of authentic materials to be used in lessons must be made carefully and attentively to the matching with students’ level, topic of interest and applied on a suitable way. Created mater
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This unit is about grammar and the different parts of speech. With English, every word in a sentence can be classified and provide meaning and purpose (i.e. nouns, adjectives, articles, verbs, adverbs
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Baton Rouge
The unit six is about the past tense, that is, the four aspects that English speakers use to express time in the past. Therefore, the English language user uses the simple aspect to express a complete
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This section focuses on theory, methodology, and techniques used in teaching English. I feel it is important to a person like me since, while I may have my own ideas about how I'd like to teach Englis
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Bayou Blue
Its important that a EFL teacher as a deep knowledge and understanding of english grammar, in this unit in particular, an understanding about present tenses: present simple, present continuous, presen
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Bayou Cane
making lesson plan is necessary in order that you can view what are the weak points of a students if you are having an interaction with them, so you can identify what are the needs for a student to co
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Bayou Country Club
Unit nineteen is about teaching special groups, that is teaching English to different students' styles and needs. Thus, the unit is so crucial because it provides the techniques and approaches that th
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Bayou Gauche
Within this unit, I learned about modal auxiliary verbs, the passive voice, relative clauses, and the three different types of phrasal verbs. This unit informed me of the multiple/most common uses of
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Bayou Goula
This unit taught me more common language items that I take for granted in English because there are so many modifiers in order for the speech to sound correct. I suspect that these language items woul
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Bayou L'Ourse
This unit discussed modal verbs, phrasal verbs, passive voice, and relative clauses. These are all areas where meaning is different though the forms vary only slightly from each other. Although there
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Bayou Vista
The contents of this unit were basic knowledge for me, but I still enjoyed reading through it. I wholeheartedly agree that teachers should have a back-up plan when using any kind of technology or teac
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Eye contact, gestures and the voice are extremely useful tools. Pair work and grouping is the simplest way to increase Students Talking Time. Different variety of sitting forms can be used due to a ty
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Belle Chasse
This unit covered qualities of a good teacher and a good learner as well as the levels of language learning. Different ages of learners was also covered. What struck me as I read is how varied the ag
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Belle Rose
This unit is discussing the material used for teaching our students. A teacher needs to prepare his/her own material even if the school delivers books to the students. Material prepared by the teacher
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This unit is about the future tenses, which just like the past tenses and present tenses, were interesting as I knew very little about each. However, the future is definitely one of the most complicat
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While using verb tenses comes naturally to native speakers, they can be quite challenging for non-native speakers. This is especially true in English where there are 12 different tenses each with thei
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I am rather perplexed by Unit #16. I understand: Zero Condition, first, second, third and mixed conditionals. The unit provides the basic forms (how they are constructed and how the are used by provid
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In this second-last lesson, I learned much about the difference between teaching Business People and teaching children (Young Learners). These happen to be the additional courses I chose. I learned (s
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In this unit I've learned about the common problem situation that the teacher can encounter in the classroom and ways of dealing it. For a teacher to established rapport with the students after meetin
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The grammar units are my favorite units because to me it is interesting to learn about my own language. I try put myself in the shoes of a English language learning and seeing that this language can b
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nowadays, students learn more on visual aids, especially when there are vocabularies which are new on their ears, they could easily comprehend what are the message you are sending them, but in using t
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Speaking and writing lessons are important productive skills to help students learn the english language. Accuracy and fluency activities have equal importance but also require different levels of te
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This unit gives an overview of the different roles that teachers must utilize, as well giving examples of learners motivations for taking part in the learning experience. To become a good teacher, one
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The unit is useful by explaining us the things about how to manage different groups. For now I work as a teacher for little kids and primary school students, so the unit was really useful to me. Much
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Bossier City
Future tense refers to an action that will happen later, that did not occur yet. This units as covered all the future tenses form: Future Simple( used when we want to refer to future facts, promises,
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Within this unit, I learned about common problem situations as well as how to resolve those situations. Additionally, I also learned about the appropriate activities for first lessons based on they ty
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This unit taught the importance of expressing thing in the past present and future. The structure of the lesson brought out key terms of how when and why sentences should be structured in a certain w
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