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As important as the receptive skills, the productive skills are also a fundamental part of learning a language. Teacher must be attentive to the techniques and make sure the students are involved (eng
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Moss Bluff
In video two, students are more engaged and enjoyed in the class. They're always clear about the teacher's instructions and target language. The teacher and the students have a good interaction in the
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Modal auxiliary verbs: Can, could- shall, should, will , would, have to, need to ,needn’t, have got to, must ,ought to ,may, might Express: obligation-possibility- permission – ability and advice
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Mount Lebanon
I found this unit very interesting and it made me realise how important it is the way you manage your class by using the correct eye contact,gesture and voice, and the way this three aspects can influ
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The class room is space that is open to teach. Learning how to use equiment and teaching aids is very important to diversify your time interacting with students. Teaching equipment assist in getting
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As far as the fourth unit is concerned, I have learnt many things the rules, the uses of present tenses in English language. That is, the present simple, the present continuous, the present perfect, a
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The productive skills are of upmost importance as they allow one to communicate his or her thoughts to their audience. This unit covered activities that a teacher might use to teach productive skills,
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Different student groups and their different levels, aims and backgrounds require the teacher to get his/her methods and used materials adapted to each purpose. Recognizing each group’s characterist
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New Iberia
Interesting unit as usual, however, since I have been taught that we should avoid the passive voice at all costs when writing an essay or something important I don’t really feel comfortable using it
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New Llano
This unit is about vocabulary, grammar, and functions. I found this lesson to be the most useful and informative, as there was much to vocabulary and grammar instruction that I did not know. For examp
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New Orleans
This unit contained speaking and writing including some games. The unit also contained the ESA, which confuses me most of the time. I learned that speaking is more popular than writing among ESL commu
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New Roads
It is very important to understant the difference between all modal auxilary verbs. If students won't learn it they can be rude in some situations or in opposite they can be too formal in an informal
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New Sarpy
This unit takes a look at basic English grammar and being able to recognize different parts of speech in a sentence and when to use them. Nouns are words that name a person, place or thing. Adjective
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This last unit adresses particular scenarios that may be associated with certain difficulties a teacher could encounter, like establishing rapport in a first lesson, encouraging reluctant students to
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Unit 16 is about grammar. It starts from conditionals, under conditionals I learnt about zero conditionals and it's usage, first conditionals with its usage, second conditionals with its usage, third
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tenses should always be consider, because lot of students don't take seriously on tenses, if a teacher does not aware on the grammar of his/her students, they will just learn language which categorica
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North Hodge
Thus unit is about common problem situations. Teachers common problems are their first lessons to a new group, with an existing group, there is already established rapport between teacher and students
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North Vacherie
What I learned from this lesson is what I feel like has stood out to me throughout all of the grammar lessons - just how complicated teaching English grammar will be! There are so many rules and so ma
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As educators it is our duty to set a standard when we first meet our students. Students have the ability to tell when a teacher is in control or whether they will be able to get away with disrupting
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Oak Grove
There are many different types of students that an English teacher will come across in his/her career. Some of these students may be categorized into several categories such as he absolute beginner, t
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Oak Hills Place
Unit eight is about aspects of future tense: the simple, the continuous, and the perfect. Thus, it is very important because it gives a clear idea about how the English language speaker uses the time
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Oak Ridge
This was a short and interesting unit, I appreciated all the ideas and options regarding online sources that we can look at for research and even recommend to students on an advanced learning level. I
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The videos each had a distinct purpose. The first video demonstrated a teacher who was very unprepared to teach the lesson and under-equipped to deal with problems that cropped up during the lesson.
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There are many resources available for teachers to use to enhance their lessons beyond the use of the textbooks. Each type of resource has its own unique advantages and sometimes challenges. It is imp
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Oil City
This unit provided some insight in dealing with groups that may cause some difficulty for a teacher. It also presents some strategies and ideas for making all situations more successful for students a
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Old Jefferson
As a teacher's assistant I've been able to experience first hand some difficulties in the classroom. I believe the most common one in my class would the difference in language ability. With a beginner
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I really appreciated the contents of this unit. The specific points made for each special group was valuable. I think that the Needs Analysis example is something very useful that I'm sure I will be u
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It is important for the students to know how and when, the sentences containing ”if” or similar expressions such as ”when”. There are five main conditionals: -Zero conditional: actions and fa
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Lesson planning is a helpful tool to provide organization and structure for lessons. It also provides a record for what has been accomplished in each class, allowing the teacher or others to look bac
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The final unit covers the following topics: how to manage the first lesson, teaching different levels in the same class, teaching large classes, when and when not to use the native language, dealing w
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The content of this unit covers all the different conditionals that exist in the English language. The zero conditional is you used when expressing facts. The format is "if/when + present tense, prese
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Troubleshooting This last unit shows teachers how to confront common problem situations in the classroom and how to deal with them, I have learnt and confirmed an important number of warmers, tips and
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Of all of the tenses, the future tense can potentially cause the most confusion for students due to the fact that it also includes present tense forms. It is important therefore, to include the uses o
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The unit is useful for those who non-native speaker and for those who has efforts with grammar. As well these materials could be used on lessons to explain some hard moments to the group of the studen
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This unit was about the common issues that teachers can face when teaching their first lessons. I learnt how to solve those issues by not using the book on the first lesson, doing warmers before the b
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With this being the last grammar unit, I definitely plan to purchase and further digest more information on the English language. Through working through the specific grammar exercise and studies, I
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Pearl River
I have learnt a lot about the possible teacher roles in a student-centered class. In my home country (Hungary) the teacher-centered model is still more popular, so it was useful. In my opinion the tea
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Pierre Part
Both conditional sentences and reported speech can prove challenging for students who are learning English due to the complex patterns required as well as the nuances in meaning that change with each
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Pine Prairie
The passive voice is important to learn about because this is something that is hard to understand. In my school time, students struggled between the active and the passive. It was good for me to go o
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In teaching language there are three main areas to be covered with students: vocabulary, grammar and structure, and functions. The order and combination of these things will often depend on the level
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Unit 17, Equipment and teaching aids is a good solid lesson. I like the resources and the explanantions for each. The unit provides a breakdown of the different electronic sources: Whiteboards, casset
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On the first day of school, both teacher and students are tense and anxious. This unit provides ways to ease the tension a bit. Sometimes, educators are so enthusiastic to begin teaching, but this u
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Plain Dealing
I found this unit very interesting and confusing at the same time. We have Four types of conditionals, Zero conditional which is for fact, first conditional which is for making promises or threats, se
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Because this unit addresses common problem situations I feel that it has helped me to be prepared for potential issues that may arise in teaching a class of English learners. I found it especially int
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This unit introduces the main aspects of teaching special groups. More specifically, the types of classes with their peculiarities and suitable methodologies to apply for these class types are in the
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Pleasant Hill
This unit went over the productive skills of speaking and writing as well as games. There were example lesson plans for speaking and writing activities and techniques to encourage students to communic
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Pleasure Bend
I learned that , how sensitive the teacher should be in approaching the learner in term of a gender, religious, culture and the level of background knowledge. Also, I learned that the teacher needs to
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Point Place
Using authentic materials such as manuals,travel brochures, and maps can introduce and clarify vocabulary for specific language acquisition. For example, students who may want to work in tourism will
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This unit focused on present tenses, and the nuances that the present tense form presents. This is extremely important because one needs to define and understand the different types of tenses that exi
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This course unit covered a very important area which educators should be able to use efficiently in the classroom. Assessing students has many great benefits, which is helpful to both teacher and stu
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