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Here Below you can check out the feedback (for one of our units) of one of the 16.000 students that last year took an online course with ITTT!

These two ESA demonstration lessons gave me the opportunity to see the difference between effective and ineffective teaching. Now I want to briefly state what negative aspects in the lesson 1 and positive aspects in the lesson 2 I have noticed. Lesson 1: - The Engage phase was missing, so students were not warmed up and involved in the class. - The teacher used too complex language that made students feel confused. - The teacher didn't know the names of the students, so he didn't manage to build better rapport with them. - The teacher didn't make further attempts to understand Ss questions or answer them. - The teacher looked unenthusiastic and disinterested. - He didn't try to interpret his questions or use gestures to make them more understandable. - While giving the feedback to Ss the teacher didn't give explanation about why the answer is incorrect. - He didn't give Ss instructions on how to complete worksheets. - He didn't use any pictures or aids to help students understand the vocabulary. - He didn't praise Ss for correct answers, but for incorrect ones he always answered with "no" which discouraged Ss to participate as they had a fear of answering wrong. - He always corrected Ss never giving them an opportunity to correct the mistakes by themselves. Lesson 2: - The teacher started with introducing himself and asking Ss' names to build better rapport with them. - The teacher used the simple language accompanied with gestures that was pretty understandable for Ss. - There was an Engage phase, so Ss were involved and interested. - The teacher gave clear instructions and praised Ss for correct answers. - When Ss made a mistake the teacher prompted them. - His general teaching style was friendly and he looked very enthusiastic about his class (miming animals moves), he smiled and his voice was more liven. Therefore, I can conclude that teacher's attitude, manner and teaching style has a great impact on the effectiveness of the lesson.