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It is very obvious that the attitude of the teacher in the class has profound effect on the success of the lesson. A call to study and prepare the lessons before coming to class is essential. Teacher
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The Modal auxiliary verbs are: can, could, may, might, shall, should, will, would, must, have to, have got to, need to, needn't and ought to. Some modal verbs can mean the same thing but have differen
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The types of classes that a teacher will be faced are the new group of students, which is class where students don't know each other and the existing group, where the students already know each other
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Unit 20 was all about how to troubleshoot lessons. It's important to know what the students are dealing with when it comes to learning the language. Structuring the lesson around their skill and abili
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This unit introduces the theories, methods and techniques of teaching a foreign language, listing the most used teaching methods with their pros and cons and focuses on the ESA methodology, giving tip
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Gibson City
This unit presented two videos, one which demonstrated an effective way of teaching and one which demonstrated an ineffective way of teaching. After watching the first video, it was apparent the neces
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After reading this unit, I realized how little I understood about pronunciation. I found this unit to be the most difficult so far. One reason for this is that native English speakers may not be able
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After completing the first unit of this course, I acquired some new knowledge and a lot of good insight on this subject. One thing I learned about was the language-level categories. Because I am study
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In this unit the content is about classroom management, seating plans and which ones will be suited to your teaching style. It’s also about how gestures Eye contact and the tone of your voice can b
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"Teaching Receptive Skills" is comprised of topics "Reading and Listening" and "Making Comparisons." The content of the topics includes 'the reasons for reading and listening,' 'how we read and listen
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What I learnt from the last unit of ITTT is all about the troubleshooting. I can say this program is very helpful for the guys who wants to teach English as second language. So from this unit I learnt
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Grand Tower
Teaching specific groups must be very complicated for the teachers who teach general groups. Specific groups are harder than the generalised group because a good teacher know some specific information
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Granite City
Evaluation and testing is important to see and determine students’ progress and to give them motivation. They should be triggered by evaluating. There are many evaluation ways such as placement test
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What I learnt from this unit is, how to make classrooms materials which the classroom materials are divided in two parts, authentic materials and created materials. We use the authentic materials to m
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Learning about the criteria that must be used with lesson planning was very useful. I believe that I will stick to this model very closely and use the material provided in this unit extensively. I als
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Lesson planning guides not only the teacher but the students as well, it builds logical sequence. It is important for the teacher to be flexible when working with lesson plans. They are not scripts, s
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Unit 2 has focus on the parts of speech. It gives short but very clear explanation of all parts of speech. It shows kinds of nouns and pronounce, kinds of verbs, prepositions and adverbs. It clearly i
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Teaching special groups requires different skills and different teaching strategies. Each group has characteristic, needs and interests that an ESL Teacher should look into if ever assigned to beginne
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This unit was great for comparing past, present and future tenses. I was able to review all 3 units on tense and categorize in my mind expressions and sentence structures that indicate subtle differe
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Teachers are role models. They should inspire and encourage students to love learning and be self-confident. The attitude of teachers in the classroom and towards their students greatly affect student
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This unit dealt with the differences and methods of teaching different groups. The big group mentioned was the teaching of beginner students. The 5 types of beginners were absolute, false, adults, chi
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This was the most interesting and informative unit yet. Most of it was new to me and here I was once upon a time using phonetics in a classroom - as well when teaching my own children at home! My know
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After reading this unit, I learned a lot about conditionals and reported speech. First of all, I didn't remember learning about conditionals in school because it was so long ago. So I learned the the
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In my opinion I feel like this content is about very basic forms of teaching and how the students would want a teacher to teach. I feel like as someone that graduated high school 3 years ago I can se
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Hickory Hills
This unit was much more difficult than previous units as it is a subject that most native English speakers are not familiar with and have not had much education with. I personally have not had much ed
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After reading unit 14, I learned some important things about course materials. I learned that students can find authentic materials more interesting especially if carefully selected for the students'
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Highland Park
This unit discussed the importance of evaluation and testing. Evaluating students is important as it provides the ability to monitor the progress of the class as a whole and also the progress of indiv
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This unit was specifically insightful for me in identifying how to approach reading and writing separately and what to focus on with the students. I still feel a little uncertain when it comes to the
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In this unit I learned that there are many types of classes.According to the different groups and situations,teachers have to consider varied things.For example,when teaching beginners, teachers have
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I learnt what are the models, phrasal verbs and passive voice. Also I learnt how to use the models in the right way that it should be used. Also I know for what we use the models. For example: could y
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In Unit 12 I learned about the productive skills of speaking and writing. It's just as important to read and listen as it is to read and write. Often time writing takes the back burner because teacher
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Regular evaluation of students' progress is very important for students' motivation and effectiveness of their language learning and for the teachers - to be able to adapt the lessons to the level and
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The receptive skills, listening and reading, are as important to independent learning of a language as they are to communication in the new language. If a student has honed listening and reading skill
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This unit broadens my view about teaching English, not only teaching the general school class, but also teaching some special groups. Teaching young groups is the most interesting part of this unit, a
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Johnston City
This unit focuses on the two other skills of language- speaking and writing. These skills are the productive skills and are different from reading and listening in that they requirement a different le
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There are two clauses. The if clause and the main clause and either one can come in the first part of a conditional sentence. Zero conditional = if/when + present tense, present tense. You can you if/
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This is probably the most difficult unit for me to study so far, as there are many unfamiliar words related to the practice of pronunciation. Nevertheless I looked up the words in the dictionary and t
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This was a tricky subject and I am still a little confused - although a review of the units on past, present and future tense was helpful along with the box on pg 6 (unit 16) also. Tasks 1-6 were prac
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Each EFL classroom is unique in itself and, therefore, requires an independent assessment, which means if the materials are not at the appropriate level for the students the teacher will teach, the st
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After reading Unit 1 I understood that being a good teacher is not only about having a good subject knowledge, It is a complex work and while doing it you need to know how to switch between a variety
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There are 4 basic skills in any language. They are classified as receptive skills (reading and listening) and productive skills (writing and speaking). Not always all the skills can be worked in a cla
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Books to use in teaching is an issue that needs attention. In this unit, advantages and disadvantages were presented which will help teachers to weigh which materials to use in teaching. Teachers mus
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La Harpe
If conditionals is such a subject that it can be complicated for learners, time and the tenses should be known very well not to be confused. If conditionals includes all the tenses and that’s why th
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This is one of the most confusing units so far. However, with some effort of reading through slowly and carefully, I've got the idea of how to identify the different types of conditionals. The teachin
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Lake Forest
In order to be an effective teacher, it is of utmost importance to communicate clearly so that all the students understand what is being taught and what the teacher is asking them to do. In the first
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In Unit 11 I learned that there are essentially four major skills that can be developed in any language: reading, listening - which are receptive skills; and speaking and writing - which are productiv
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Learning how to pronounce words is very important in communication. Having great knowledge of grammar and vocabulary but without being able to pronounce the words properly can lead to miscommunication
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I appreciate the explanation of the 4 skills that are developed in learning English. I will need to think about how I can amalgamate these into a lesson plan which would include grammar, pronunciatio
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Le Roy
This was a very informative unit that gave me a lot of ideas about teaching techniques and methods, but also good insights into how to approach engaging, motivating, correcting, and praising students.
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In Unit One I felt that I grasped an understanding on what the core motivations are for both English language teachers and English language learners. There are a variety of reasons that a student woul
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