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The types of classes that a teacher will be faced are the new group of students, which is class where students don't know each other and the existing group, where the students already know each other and are familiar with the EFL teaching. The first class is one of the most important of all. It is usually when the teacher starts to establish rapport between the students (if a new group) and also between the teacher and the class, getting to know a little about them, finding out about their expectations, interests, future plans and also the English level they have. Some activities and games can be used for this, such as, questionnaires and surveys or communicative games. Warmers are communicative, short (because you don't want to lose focus on the class) and fun activities to get students motivated, not only for one specific class but also motivate students to keep attending every class. Warmers activities can be a simple hangman, pictionay, Tongue Twisters, memory games, etc. Another issue that a teacher will be facing is the different levels in one class, even if the school has an entrance level testing procedure, students can develop their English skills in different times, for some it may be easier and for other may be harder. One thing that the teacher can do to sove this is work with pairgroups, grouping a strong student with a weak student, but careful when grouping them and instead of helping the weak students, if the strong partner does all the work. Large classes can also be a challenge. Worksheets are a great way to envolve the whole class and to the teacher manage the students. Group work is also a good way to work with big classes, but it needs very clear instructions or the teacher will be wasting time trying to explain over and over again or even individually. Group leaders is another good idea for this type of class. Get a teacher's helper to hand copies, colect work while the teacher can focus on other things. Monolingual classes tend to use their native language in class to communicate with each other, obviously they feel more comfortable speaking in their own language rather than experiencing a new one, specially beginners. This issue requires an appropiate level activities, if the students find it too hard, they won't feel motivated. Be sure to use English all the time, teachers are the student's role model. It's important to keep that in mind. Another type of student that a teacher will find is the reluctant students, these students doesn't seem to participate in class. It may be for others intimidation, shyness or personal issues. Use a lot of pairwork so they will feel more comfortable being among their peers. Role-play is also another option to do in class.