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I understand that creating certain categories for students can be useful to have clear strategies for teaching effectively. Nevertheless, I believe that all students have similar needs: teaching shoul
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The first video in which an ineffective teaching session was depicted was kind of painful to watch. You could tell that the students were disinterested however it seemed to me that they were actually
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Modal auxiliary verbs help when speaking about ability, requests, advice, obligations and etc... Unlike other verbs, modals don’t change form according to person. They just reflect it’s modality a
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ESA is an effective and logical method in teaching because it gives the teachers room for flexibility. Lesson plans should have Engage, Study and Activate although we can vary the sequence but it shou
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Unit two has all the elements of sentences that I used to dislike about English class growing up. I tend to get confused with all the different classifications of sentence terms. This unit has given m
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Lesson planning is very important, especially for inexperienced teachers, cause it helps them feel more confident. Lesson planning makes the learning process goal-oriented and logically structured, di
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This unit stimulated my thoughts around the importance of good lesson planning, teacher preparedness and setting up the classroom environment to achieve positive learning outcomes for students in orde
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I have learned that ESA is a very useful teaching methodology, especially in regards to engaging the students attention and keeping them focused. I was impressed with how, in the second video, easy an
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To be successful and effective in teaching English to students of different levels, a teacher must have lot of practice and experience. Teachers must be very flexible to be able to give what every stu
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There are two productive skills, namely speaking and writing. Accuracy activities concentrate on producing correct language. While fluency activities concentrate on allowing the students to experiment
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This was a great example of how test can be used to determine a students progress. I believe that it is necessary to test students with actual paper tests for the following reasons: If the syllabus i
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Unit 17 was all about the most common equipment used to aid in language learning. It's quite amazing how far technology has come. Using interactive white boards is impressive. I remember going through
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I really enjoyed studying this particular chapter, mainly because it went into such detail in how to conduct a lesson. The specific lesson plans about animals or the present perfect simple tense were
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This unit is a great help for me as a teachers who will be teaching English grammar. Rules were clear and table of auxiliary verbs gives information that are very useful reference. As I progress in th
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This final grammar unit was of much interest to me in terms of my future TEFL teacher. I believe that it is important to give the students specific forms of the passive voice according to the tense. T
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As examined in this unit there are various theories, methods and techniques. However, what has success are those time tested and proven methods that transcend cultural, economic or social barriers and
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I thought the videos gave powerful examples of what to do and not to do in a class room. The difference was profound! It was especially seen in the attitude of the class as a whole. The students in
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Unit 14 was all about course book and lesson materials. It's important to choose the right material for the class and know more importantly to know why you are choosing those materials. Having a good
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Teaching groups of different levels and age, as well as teaching technical or business English to some special groups may present difficulties for a teacher. But nevertheless good preparation for the
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I see the merit in focusing on the subjects that interest the students rather than what interests the teacher. What I am having difficulty with is the specific definition of what is considered the 'S
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Writing a lesson plan is important so that you know what you want the students to achieve by the end of the lesson, how you intend to make this possible and it helps you to think about the stages in r
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Another enjoyable and interesting unit - having videos to compare with each other and examine in detail - forward and backward really helping to solidify good teaching practice in connection to the re
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This is one of the more difficult tests I've taken so far. I see the advantage of the Boomerang ESA lesson planning as well as the patchwork ESA planning. I do believe, however, that this test could
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This unit was a good wrap up to the whole course and also a good overview of potential challenges a teacher might face with different types of groups, large or small- new or existing. I thought that
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Blue Island
This unit describes the use, advantages and disadvantages of course books and course materials that are available to use in lessons. The unit describes the various kinds of materials and why teachers
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This unit offers an opportunity to overlook the typical tests around the world for different testing purposes. It also offers an insight into school tests in order to monitor the students' progress in
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Short, sweet and to the point unit. There were many similarities to previous unit. The point gained from this unit: What is essential to students learning is the role the teacher's have in cultivating
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This unit introduces the four applications of the Past Tense: Past Simple, Past Continuous, Past Perfect and Past Perfect Continous. Form, Usage, Common Errors are offered in each case, as well as sa
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this unit has taught me about the different groups I may end up teaching or choose to teach. The mostly likely to start with would be beginners. There are some useful suggestions in how to approach an
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Bunker Hill
This unit is all about past tenses and their usages. As an bEnglish teacher we need to have complete knowledge about different tenses which some of them are past tenses that are covered in this unit.
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These days I’m facilitating an English Conversation class. It is the students´ idea to do so. What they want is to practice English by having real conversations about their life, like getting toge
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The usage of the future tenses are reflected well by the usage of the past tenses except for the odd placement of the present simple, the present continuous and "be going" plus infinitive. I can see
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This was a very hard unit - I MUST practice using modal phrases with thoughtfulness if I intend TO BE ABLE TO help others use them too! The recommended reading list in the introductory unit is now hi
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In this unit we covered what we as teachers can do to improve the transfer of knowledge in the teaching process. How classes are organised and layout of classrooms influences lesson success, and thes
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Calumet City
This unit was an exciting unit as it goes over special group teaching. I'm interested in possibly teaching young learners so learning more about how that would look and considerations needed to take f
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The reading material was most practical in lesson construction and reinforced the objective when teaching new language: Expose, Understand, Construct then Practice & Produce. Teaching lessons require
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After reading unit 17, I learned about the different equipment and teaching aids used in EFL learning. Iv'e never even heard of interactive whiteboards, for example. It was also nice that this unit ga
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After reading this unit, I realized a few things. The first one was that even though I speak and understand English fluently, I didn't remember a few of the technical terms used in English grammar or
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Reading and listening skills are equally important as other skills because it will help us achieve goals and aims to accelerate learning skills, we have to incorporate them to our language lessons. A
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The teachers attitude definitely set the tone for the lesson. Due to the teacher being more engaging, understanding and interested in the students in the second lesson, the students were more engaged
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Looking at this unit I wonder about the way we plan lessons related to the responsibility of the teacher. I know that most language centers have a clear structure regarding the specific vocabulary and
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This unit was a little tricky and will need to be reviewed regularly to ensure I am using past tenses correctly! Although the rules are obvious i.e use of 'past simple' expressions did/didn't and the
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Evaluating students helps teachers establish what students know and what part of the language needs more practice, which students have improved and needs more attention. It also helps teachers improv
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There are three ways to assess a student's language level: tutorial, evaluation by the students and tests that can be a formal written test or more like an informal group activity. These tests may be
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One of the challenges that a teacher will face is finding the appropriate way of teaching the sounds of a foreign language to foreign students. The International Phonetic Alphabet was conceived as a u
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As I mentioned before this sort of specific aspects of the language are not something that you will memorize or fully understands by looking at it once. It needs to be practiced so it becomes natural.
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I thought this unit was a great refresher on present tenses. As a native English speaker, I naturally use present tenses all the time; however, after reading this unit, I realized that I forgot many o
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In this unit, I learnt that the importance of making lesson plans.And a good teacher has to be a good planner. Because the writing of lesson plans has a lot of important function including an aid to p
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After reading unit 5, I learned a lot about classroom management. One thing I learned about was that different ways of grouping students have good points and bad points and all ways have a place in th
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After reading unit 12, I gained a lot of good insight on the importance of developing speaking and writing skills. I learned that accuracy and fluency hold equal importance. Accuracy activities helps
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