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Leland Grove
This unit focuses on two of the basic skills of language- reading and listening. These skills are known as receptive skills and are equally important to each other as well as to the productive skills.
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In this unit, the different conditionals and reported speech was discussed. Because of the use of multiple tenses in the different conditionals, e.g. mixed conditional "If past perfect, would+base for
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The lesson in this unit something new or maybe not very new because I have been using this in normal conversation and in writing. A deeper look and study of grammar that one should pay attention about
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Every class in whole universe of needs, skills, emotions, believes, etc. As a teacher one must learn how to “read” the group dynamics as well as each student to adapt the lessons and ensure everyo
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Good planning allows for more effective teaching and learning. However, always following your plan has its disadvantages and one of them is the possible lack of flexibility. When a teacher is in actio
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In this unit, I learned about the different kinds of tests and their uses in assessing students: placement test--finding the correct class for a student; diagnostic--providing the teacher with the nec
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Loves Park
This unit consists of teaching new language which is included teaching vocabulary, structure , and function of the target language . We need to apply ESA methods to introduce new language. For teachin
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This lesson was interesting in teaching me about lesson plans. While it is important to have a guideline and basic structure to your lessons, it’s nice to know that I am able to go “off script”
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In this unit I was provided with a good knowledge of the receptive skills - reading and listening. I've learned that the motives for reading and listening can be devided into two categories - for a pu
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In my opinion, this is one of the most complex units. I don’t know if is because we never think in this way, so everything is brand-new or due to the fact that pronunciation and stress are things we
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When teaching different groups, we need to consider these special groups: beginners, individuals, young learners, Business English and multilingual/monolingual. Sometimes the teacher will find student
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Using appropriate and interesting course books and materials in teaching a language is imperative to students learning. A teacher must be very critical in choosing the right books and materials. In do
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This unit included detailed information about the Cambridge Exam system which helped me get a lot of new information. the unit also clarified what kind of exams a language teacher should conduct at d
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In this first unit we looked at the rights and responsibilities of teachers and learners in a class. It gave key information about dos and don´ts to ensure a good relationship between teachers and st
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Marquette Heights
This unit taught the two receptive skills used to learn and how to understand them and how to employ them in lessons with students. This unit's material was interesting because reading and listening a
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Unit 9 has been helpful in teaching me what it is like to structure a general teaching lesson. It's good to note that the lesson planning process creates a general template for the lesson. It's import
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This unit discussed the two productive skills of speaking and writing and gave guidance on the activities involved in enhancing each of the skills. A section of the unit also discussed how to plan for
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Word pronunciation is important in communication. Learning to pronounce and speak clearly and correctly are skills that should be learned and practiced. Having these skills bring confidence to the one
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It's not easy to choose a coursebook. If a teacher can choose, he or she should concider its methodology, difficulty level, prise, design, availability, syllabus, topics and skills. There's no perfect
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Mason City
Lesson planning serves teachers and their students in various ways. It serves to help with planning, organization, time management, as well as a working document and record for other teachers to obser
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This unit was so helpful. What I learnt from this unit is how to be a good teacher for your students and what behavior have with students to have a better class and the students participate well. Like
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While generally not receiving much attention, teaching pronunciation is important. Students often have trouble with pronunciation, but pronunciation brings much to the English language. The manipulati
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This unit was all about reading and listening and I learnt a lot from this unit. So there are four basic skills in any languages but the reading and listening are more important. There are some other
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After reading unit 7, I learned some important things on how to teach vocabulary, grammar structure, and function. One thing I learned was how to select the correct vocabulary to teach; for example, i
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Unit 13 was about pronunciation and phonology. After reading this unit I understood that teaching of pronunciation is important because without correct pronunciation it’ll be impossible or at least
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This unit has to do with evaluating students. In a class informal evaluation is an ongoing and using overt feedback procedures. When it comes to formal evaluation the three methods used are tutorials,
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It is very important for a teacher to be able to use modern teaching equipment, so that the lessons would be interesting for the students and more effective. The teacher should learn how to use a IWB
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This unit is the most complicated one so far for me. The pronunciation can be different between countries and their people such as British English, American English, Indian English, Thai English....et
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When you learn a language, you will develop both receptive and productive skills. Students will be strong in some skills and weak in others. Students will have different strengths and weaknesses. All
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In this unit I have found that Engage Phrase is really important as it's can effect the whole lesson. Together with that, clear explanation will help students understand better as well as giving them
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From the 3 Unit I learned information about different techniques in teaching foreign language and found out that the most popular approach of teaching English is the “ESA” approach, which included
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After reading unit 18, I learned about modals, phrasal verbs, and passive voice. While modals seems pretty easy and straightforward to native English speakers, I can see how they may present trouble f
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Mound City
Testing and evaluation are very valuable for assessing language levels of English language learners. As teachers we should be diligent in understanding what level our students are at by giving placeme
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Unit ten is about two english lessons. The first lesson is taught poorly; the second lesson is taught effectively. I learnt, in order to evoke positive student participation, teachers must maintain po
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Mount Carmel
At the beginning of a course we may meet a new group of students who do not know each other and are unfamiliar with ESL methodology, or we could meet an existing group who already know each other and
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Mount Carroll
This was a great unit about classroom management. It is so important to understand how to engage with the students in a manner in which they will respect you as the teacher. Part of establishing a goo
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Mount Olive
This unit concentrates on classroom management which means the skill of organizing and managing the class,having a friendly,relaxed manner and maintaining discipline. We have different aspects which a
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Mount Pulaski
This unit was the final unit on English grammar and the one which I found the most important. It discussed modals, phrasal verbs, and the passive voice. In my opinion, these aspects of English gramma
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Mount Sterling
This unit described the many teaching aids that can be used in a classroom, what they can be used for and how to best use them in lessons. This was an important unit because anyone who has been throug
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Mount Vernon
There are several ways to engage students and to assure their success in learning English. Tried and true methods of using the board and overhead projector are effective, although we mustn't only rely
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This unit was very good at applying how to use all tenses of a verb properly with correct sentence structure or grammar. It showed not only how 'rules' apply (i.e for or since with the present perfect
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The proper use of classroom equipments and teaching aids are very helpful to learners receptive and productive skills improvements. Using a variety of classroom equipments and teaching aids can make l
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This unit helped categorize the various assessment and evaluation methods - how and when these need to be performed: at course commencement; periodically throughout the course; or on course completion
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This unit guides us to the common problems and situations that a teacher encounters in English class, as well as the techniques and skills of dealing with them. As a new teacher, I've encountered most
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Thanks for this thoughtful and comprehensive unit regarding the usage of course books and class materials. This unit not only reminds us the available teaching materials, but also provides the advanta
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I must say I never thought that much about the reported speech and all its complexities. I think is the hardest part of this unit. Off course we tend to use it correctly as we do it with out thinking
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New Boston
This was a helpful unit examining modal auxiliary verbs and the passive voice in detail, as well as toppics of phrasal verbs and relative clauses. I've learned that modals can be used to express diffe
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In Unit 6 I had the opportunity to learn about past tenses. Prior to this unit I didn't really know how to classify the specific words I use to describe past events. It's easy enough as a native Engli
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There are 3 main tenses in the English language - Present, Past and Future - and each of them has four aspects: Simple, Continuous, Perfect and Perfect Continuous. It's important for the teacher to kn
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This is a very informative unit, which offers a bit amount information about practical equipment and teaching aids. As I teach young learner groups, the equipment are very important to attract and mot
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