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This unit fully deals with stuctures and usages of the different conditionals and reported speech. It gives with accuracy the various ways to understanding and utilizing them, mainly laying in emphasi
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As promised in the description of this unit, it is by far the most complex use of tense in the English language. For instance, question 20 on the exam asks, "Which of the following tenses is NOT used
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Unit 11 returned me to the exploring of the teaching theory and focused my attention on a variety of issues relating to the receptive skills, namely reading and listening, that students need to learn
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This unit gave me tons of resources, which will take me some time to search and study one by one in later teaching. There are regular teaching types of equipment, such as the board, interactive whiteb
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After studying this module I realized that future tense is the most complicated among the areas of English language.This module teaches me to study the action well wether it is continuing or progressi
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The topic for this unit is present tenses. There are 4 present tenses, including present simple, present continuous,present perfect, and present continuous perfect. Forms,usages,typical mistakes and s
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This unit is all centred around course books and lesson materials. There are different kinds of course books, therefore we need to use and analyze them carefully. There are many advantages to a course
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The topic of this unit is lesson planning. It talks about why we should do lesson planning, and how we can do the lesson planning, and give us the lesson plan form to follow. The reason why we should
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This unit is about Lesson planning,how to go about having a good and flexible lesson plan in order to make a teacher's class easy and well organized .As a teacher go to class well prepared and well or
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In this unit I learnt that it is important to incorporate all four skills into a lesson. I also learnt that we read things differently and for different reasons. Before the lesson it is important to
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Unit 18 was very informative for me because it looked at a range of such commonly taught subjects as modal verbs in English communication and also covers phrasal verbs, the passive voice, and relative
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Up until this unit, the coursed focused on teaching classes of adults studying general English. The unit 19 explains about some special groups: beginners, individuals (one-to-one), young learners and
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Unit 18 In this unit I looked at modal auxiliary verbs, which is a type of verb that is used to indicate modality - that is: likelihood, ability, permission, request, capacity, suggestions, order and
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This unit deals with various potential problematic situations that an ESL teacher is quite often to face, and practical ways (solutions, methods or advices) referring to each class's setting (human an
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This unit was particularly hard for me, i didn't find it easy to find the ESA aproches that the questions was asking me, for me it wasn't so straight forward and i had many dificulties to answering th
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This unit has been the most difficult. I do not remember learning about pronunciation and phonology as a kid in school or learning how to talk! I do remember learning about stress in a sentence and in
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The content of this Unit 14 is focused on a wide range of issues related to the materials and teaching aids that I can use to present an effective lesson in the English language classroom. The related
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Productive skills have two types, the speaking and writing skills. In productive skills there are accuracy and fluency activities, accuracy activities focus on correct usage of grammar while the fluen
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Making sure to schedule in test-time is important for multiple reasons. You have different tested created to serve different purposes. Placement tests and diagnostic tests are to help the teacher eval
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Attitude sometimes can be the factor that defines whether or not we are successful in what we do. As teachers, our attitude in class will directly affect our students' learning process and is because
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This was an interesting topic to read about because how I move my mouth does not come into mind when i'm talking. It has become such an automatic process that thinking about it kind of messes with my
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The teacher has the sole responsibility in child's learning process inside the classroom.The transferring of knowledge from teacher to student is definitely the hardest part specially if you have div
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Past tense is broadly classified in 4 types. Past Simple, Past Continuous, Past Perfect and Past Perfect Continuous which are further classified in different forms such as Affirmative, Negative and Qu
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In this chapter i learned about productive skills, these are Speaking and Writing, which are used to communicate. There are Accuracy activities (study phase) are controlled activities that focus on e
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This unit outlines the progress that has been made in communication and emphasises what a plethora of resources there are that are available to the modern day teacher and class. The lesson plan no lon
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This unit focused on the different theories, methods, and techniques that deal with teaching students that are learning a new language. I learned about the Engage, Study, and Activate approach to tea
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As a matter of fact, this unit vividly shows a comparison between two different (quite opposite) ways of teaching English to ESL learners by means of two videos. All along the videos, we can observe a
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This unit focuses of productive skills. It gives useful examples of speaking activities for creative speaking lessons. An interesting point is to make the activity more a process than a product: encou
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This unit emphasis on the teachers and learners part. It describes what a good teacher is to be and what are the roles he/she needs to perform. Good teacher can be briefly explained when he/she is kin
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There are many equipment and teaching aids that can be used on an ESL lesson. The unit 17 gives a brief explanation about the following: white/black board; interactive white board; overhead projector;
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Present Tenses The tense system is an area of the English language that causes most difficulty amongst teachers and students. However, studying the tense system again is quite beneficial for myself to
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In this unit, I have watched the video lesson. when I was watching, I was comparing with each other. For the first video, the teacher's attitude is a little bit negative, which affected the studying
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This unit covers in full the structures and usages about modal auxiliary verbs, and additionally, it shows briefly different aspects concerning relative clauses and phrasal verbs. From learning this u
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The biggest difference and most important point to take home from this unit's video lessons, I felt was about attitude and engagement. In the second video the teacher engages with the students far mor
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Avondale Estates
This unit presents the aspects that the teacher should take into account while managing a classroom. In the classroom, the teacher must be cautious about some points of his behavior such as eye contac
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The last unit deals with some common problems in the classroom. It brings details about what to achieve in the first lesson and how to do it best. Some tips on how to work with mixed level or large cl
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This unit focuses on evaluating and testing students. There are three different ways to assess a students language level; tutorials, evaluation by the students, and test. Tutorials can take place wi
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This unit was interesting, some points in this test could be according to the appreciation of the teacher (my personal point of view) for example; question number four, I selected Age of the students
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Ball Ground
ESA methods are easily applied to introducing new language. Whatever the level of the student or class, students need to be able to be exposed to new language, understand its meaning, and how to pract
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Based on the information I've learned in this unit, I will now be more prepared to know what types of things to research if I'm given the opportunity to choose my course book such as price, methodolog
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Being prepared for any type of problematic outcome is what makes a good teacher better. This unit talked about the common issues that may come about in the classroom and how to best approach them. The
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This unit was focused on modal auxiliary verbs, passive voice and phrasal verbs. I found the information contained about modal auxiliary verbs to be illuminating and learned about various words and ho
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Vocabulary is very important for students at an early stage, because they need basic words to start with. This will then give them confidence to try and form sentences from these words. I have learn
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There are an incredible amount of resources and materials a TEFL teacher can use to improve the quality of the lessons. Ranging from the traditional black or white boars, IWBs, DVD and CD players, Com
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Berkeley Lake
This unit focused on teaching pronunciation and phonology. While this area may be difficult for some to teach, it is nevertheless important and helpful for the English language learner. The unit went
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As an inexperienced teacher I have learnt that it is very effective to have a lesson plan and to work around that according to the needs of the student. I am very impressed with the organised lesson
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This unit focused on the past tenses and how they are used in every day English language. There are four different types of past tenses; past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect c
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Unit 20 Troubleshooting In this particular unit I became aware of some of the problems that teachers can encounter in the classroom and the solutions to resolve these issues. Additionally, it is vital
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I found this lesson to be a bit more relaxed; not as information packed as the other lessons. Evaluating and testing students is very important. It is used at the beginning, throughout, and the end of
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Speaking and writing are both important for communication. In order to encourage students to communicate, the teacher has to ensure that the topic is interesting, in order to allow students the need t
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