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The Future Tense was the topic of todays lesson. We delved deep into each of the 7 different Tense Systems and meanings. 1. The Future Simple- just by adding "will" to the sentence after the subject
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Rest Haven
Planning English lessons for students is very important for teachers and students as well. Time management should be number one for everyone involved. It helps the teacher to have a guideline of the g
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Managing class is the skill of organising the class with friendly attitude, relaxed manner and in discipline. it has various factors involved like eye contact, gesture, the voice, grouping students, c
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I found this unit better for me, it was clear and the two videos we're great, i really understood the message been given and the clear differences between the two. I can see how much a teacher can rea
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This unit tells us about different ways to evaluate students performance by different test such as practice test, placement test, diagnostic test, progress test. Placement test gives clear picture to
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This unit proved to be difficult only in that it referred pretty specifically to the examples given in the unit text, it seemed less to do with the overall themes, I had a hard time remembering the or
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Richmond Hill
This unit discussed equipment and teaching aids. It is important for teachers to be familiar with the equipment that is provided where they teach. The type and age of the equipment that is available c
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A teachers attitude can greatly affect a class and the learning ability of the students. A teacher that leads by example and answers students concerns can help raise the students participation and ove
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In this unit, I learned about Productive Skills as opposed to the Receptive Skills in the previous unit. This unit looked at the productive skills which are writing and speaking. I have learnt that fo
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I had a tough time with this lesson. I found it difficult to understanding the passive voices, relative clauses, and phrasal verbs. I'm a little worried about my test results. I felt the questions wer
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Unit 17 Equipment an Teaching Tools There are many benefits using some kind of teaching equipment in the classroom. These include helping learners improve reading comprehension skills, illustrating an
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The video lesson was a great example of how to teach and how not to teach. it was great to see that even seasoned, more experienced teachers can have good days and still have some not so good days. it
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This unit explains 8 major part of speech. Noun, article, verb, adverb, adjective, pronoun, conjunction/ preposition, and gerund. there are 5 types of noun: common, proper, compound, abstract and coll
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This lesson mainly tackles about course books and lesson materials that can be use in teaching. There are two types of lesson materials, the authentic materials, and created materials. Authentic mater
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One of my favorite parts of this unit is encouraging the use of games. Games can be such a valuable and fun part of learning, I think it is important to encourage learners to be creative and have fun
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Rocky Ford
This unit focused on the teaching of productive skills, specifically speaking and writing. Both of these skills are important for learners; although, writing skills are often neglected by teachers. Wh
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This unit talked about authentic materials including some examples, the advantages and disadvantages. The examples of the authentic materials are crosswords, flashcards, role play cards, picture stori
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Unit 19 Teaching Special Groups This unit looked at the different levels of beginners. The absolute beginner, students who have no English at all. The false beginner, students may have studied or been
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In this unit, we could see the small components of teaching a foreign language and I think it allowed us to be empathetic towards the students and see as well, from their perspective, the not so small
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While watching the first video I honestly dreaded the fact that there was a second video that I needed to watch. The teacher was dull, boring, intimidating, condescending and annoying. I actually paus
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It was really interesting learning about the different techniques, and methods. I'm thinking about focusing my career on teaching younger children, so these techniques and theories gave me great insig
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This unit succinctly explained the four basic skills in language, which are reading and listening (receptive) and and speaking and writing (productive). I learned that these are skills that I really t
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Saint Marys
This unit covered equipment and materials teachers can use in the classroom. While different classrooms will be equipped with different boards (white, black, or smart) and resources (computers, books,
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Sale City
The unit 2 is about the parts of speech and how they are put together to form sentences. The most basic parts of speech are nouns and verbs. Then, more information about the noun and the verb can be a
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This unit is about teaching new language i.e teaching vocabulary items in so many way,the structure,stages ,techniques ,usage, frequency.Students need to know how to use a vocabulary item,the meaning
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Sandy Springs
Speaking and writing are the two productive skills. Students may be reluctant to speak for various reasons, including a lack of confidence and a lack of interest in the topic. To encourage students to
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Santa Claus
On this unit I learned the importance of teaching productive skills. Speaking and Writing are productive skills used to communicate. Speaking requires a degree of fluency while writing is more diffic
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In this unit I learnt about the different tenses and how to know the differences or when to use each tense. This unit showed how the tenses are formed, how they should be used, typical mistakes person
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I have learnt from this unit that there are different forms ofconditionals and reported speech, as a native speaker I don't have to think about it, but I can see how this topic might potentially be co
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After completing the study of this unit which lays in emphasis the numerous knowledge pertaining to arrangement of classroom (material factor), and, in the other hand, "management" of the classroom (h
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I can see a lot of potential problems in understanding and teaching reported speech. A lot the sentences make sense in a variety of different orders but they need to follow very specific rules. It wou
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This unit is the other part of the previous unit except it focuses on productive skills such as speaking and writing. Emphasis was particularly put on accuracy and fluency activities and how to use th
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The four past tense forms include: The past simple form (-ed), and contains many irregular verbs that follow no rules. The Past Continuous, was/were + verb +ing, and is used for uninterrupted past act
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Shady Dale
The present tense is important for students to understand as they learn English. There are four forms of the present tense. The first form is the present simple. This is the basic form for actions tha
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This lesson was interesting. I'm intrigued to see what kind of slybaus I will be working with in my future career. I find textbooks are crucial because they ensure a certain teaching criteria but I al
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In unit 4, I overviewed the four present senses--- the present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. this unit cover four areas of each sense, that is Form, Usage
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This unit was particularly useful for giving ideas about activities that would enable the students to be engaged and receptive, while using the ESA plan and focusing on an interesting topic. A topic t
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This unit focuses on the difference and EQUAL importance of receptive and expressive language. Reading and listening are receptive. There are different categories for why a student is reading or liste
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Future Tenses There are several ways in English that we can talk about the future. There are predictions/statements of facts, intentions, arrangements and scheduled events. 1. The future simple: des
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Sky Valley
This unit focused on two classes that were videoed. It is helpful to compare and contrast the two classes to understand how the teacher was effective or ineffective. In the first video, the teacher wa
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This unit focuses on the two productive skills; speaking and writing. Though writing is a more difficult skill, most students focus on the speaking because they do that more in every day life than wri
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In this unit, I learned a lot of new ways and ideas about teaching students, especially about how to handle students from basic to challenging situations. The methods and techniques are very helpful t
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This unit helped to explain the first lessons that a prospective teacher must understand when it comes to TEFL training. The unit greatly emphasized the many roles that a teacher is to play during a s
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Social Circle
This unit covered potential problems EFL teachers may encounter. I think the first lesson must be the most difficult problem for a new teacher. Before going into the classroom for the first time, the
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The unit 11 is about the two receptive skills: reading and listening. Within listening and reading skills, there are some sub-skills that should be taught such as scanning, skimming, detailed reading,
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This unit covers the usage of modal, phrasal verbs and passive voice. Modal verbs are very important in English communication. This unit summarized their rules in five aspects---Obligation, possibili
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I thought this was really interesting because it gave me a more concrete idea of what a good lesson might look like. It also helped me give me a better idea of what full lesson might look like. I thou
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I've learned a lot in this unit about the past tenses. They are not very different from the present tenses. I can know their forms, usages, typical student errors/mistake and sample activate teaching
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Unit 9 - Lesson Planning Writing a lesson plan involves a number of crucial functions. Firstly, it acts as an aid to writing, which means it allows the teacher to write down what they expect from the
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This unit focused on the testing and evaluating of students. a teacher must test or evaluate the students in order to know which class the students should be placed in, what the students know, the pro
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