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After completion to analyse this unit, it appears that the main target is directed to the various methods, concepts and techniques used in the field of teaching/learning English language, and by exten
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This unit stated that future tenses are very difficult to learn. However, I think it is predominantly future tenses for English that is difficult. Many times you just want to know that a certain phras
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The main part I'd learned from Unit 2 was the approach to explanations regarding the students as to what the parts of speech are, how to use them, and how to avoid confusing one part of speech with an
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Blue Ridge
This unit focuses on teaching the receptive skills. The ability to understand information. To read and listen successfully an individual must acquire special skills such as predictive skill, scanning,
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The subject covered in Unit 13 relate to an area of English language teaching that is highly important, but that is not easy to teach, i.e. pronunciation. This unit examines the International Phonetic
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To the end of this unit, it can be noticeable to remark the prevalence of the three fundamental axis of studying a language : vocabulary, grammar and functions of language. That is to say, the meanin
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In this unit i have learned that there are few qualities a good teacher must have but being capable of motivating learners is the most important.Afrer all the efficiency of a teacher is not tested by
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There are several methodologies: Grammar-translation, audio-lingualism, presentation,practice and production, task-based learning, communicative language teaching, community language learning,the sile
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In this unit I learned there are five types of conditional statements. The first is the zero conditional, which is used for statements that are facts. It’s formed as if/when + present tense, present
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Interesting unit considering that at the moment I am teaching English language to children in China. Obviously the previous units help me with more ideas when I get teenagers or adults groups, but dur
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Unit 4 tackles about the form, usages, the typical errors and what are the activities that could be done in the four main types of present tenses. The main types are present simple tense, present cont
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This unit is the very first one that leads to general knowledge relative to creating a lesson plan, and more practically, brings to future teacher of ESL the necessary needs and components on "how to
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This unit is about tests. There are five main types of tests: placement tests, diagnostic tests, progress tests, practice tests and proficiency tests. Placement tests: are made to discover the studen
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In this unit I learnt that preparing a lesson plan would be very helpful especially in the beginning until I am more experienced. It would help me be more organized but at the time keeping in mind th
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This unit talks about who a good teacher is and what a good teacher should be.Help in building learners confidence in an English environment making it lively and motivating for learners.And a good tea
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This lesson was a bit overwhelming. There's so many different types of potential student groups. I think teaching business people, and multilingual groups would be the most difficult. With business pe
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This unit covered present tenses in the English language. This lesson touches on the three different tenses past, present, and future. All three are very detailed in how they are used for example pa
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I found this unit to be very helpful as it covered important basic grammar. This will serve as a good review of grammar that I learnt many years ago but was unable to explain to my students. Of cour
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Teaching new language I have understood that whatever the level of the class and however the teacher arranges the study phase of the lesson, there are four things that students need to do with new lan
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As a person with no experience teaching, this unit was really appreciated as it takes everything I've learned so far in previous units, and shows how I actually go about structuring a lesson and teach
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The future tenses are probably the most difficult for the students. The reason is because there are so many different forms and the usages are sometimes similar. The unit 8 explains about the structur
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I found this unit to be very intense but one of the most interesting aspects of the English language. I always did have an interest how words are formed and how they sound, particularly as we are grow
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What a helpful lesson this was! Learning about the rising/falling aspects of our language was fascinating and something that I never took into consideration before. I liked learning the difference b
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I thought it was really interesting to learn more about the different tests that are available and some of the thought that goes into the idea of testing. I thought that there would be more informatio
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Buena Vista
When planning a lesson, teachers should not worry about scripting out what they will say but should focus on the overall objectives and which activities can help students attain them. It's important t
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Conditionals are used to refer to past, present and future possibilities. The zero conditional is used to relay irrefutable actions or facts given the certain conditions while the first conditional is
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When teaching different groups English, you will always (ALWAYS) have to approach it differently from the others. Not only are there different levels of beginners to begin with, but there comes differ
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This unit is mainly focused on speaking and writing skills, as well as incorporating games into the lesson so as to teach a lesson, a skill, to stimulate the class and of course to have some fun activ
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In this unit, the future tenses were explained. What complicates this category of tenses is that some present tenses can also be counted as future tenses. A sentence may be in present form but have a
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This unit was extremely helpful when it comes to the teaching and understanding of the subject matter. Breaking down why we communicate when we do is helpful as well...do we read for pleasure or for a
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This unit has outlined the seven most common ways of expressing events using the Future Tense to express turns of events in the near or distant future. Once again, the complexities of the English lang
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With completing the first unit in this lesson, I was able to gain knowledge about the different things of how a “good teacher” can be for the class, how to have a good relationship with the learne
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Unit 17 impressed me very much. It explored the wide variety of resources that a teacher can use in the classroom. This unit helped me to look at the materials and technologies that are available and
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In this unit I have learned the names and explanations of many different teaching theories, methods and techniques. The unit teaches the importance of a student's need to be motivated, exposure to the
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In this unit, I have learnt how to plan a lesson. The lesson plan is very important for teachers to control teaching very well, and we can also reflect from our teaching plan from time to time. The l
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The unit 7 gives instructions on how vocabulary, grammar and functions should be approached in the classroom. Vocabulary: The students need to know the meaning, the use, the word grammar, the interac
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This unit explained conditionals and reported speech. I learned that conditionals are sentences containing "if" and that there were five conditionals. They are as follows; zero, first, second, third a
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This was the most time-consuming and most difficult unit for me so far. The sheer variety of future tenses was a little overwhelming, especially with overlap of the present simple and present continuo
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The future tenses are talked about in this unit. The seven most common areas of future tenses are talked about:the future simple, the future continuous,the future perfect,the future perfect continuou
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There are some ways to evaluate students levels. Tutorials, evaluation by the students. and tests. Different kinds of tests are discussed in this unit: placement tests,progress tests,diagnostic tests,
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This unit is about speaking in future terms by stating predictions, stating an action that will take place in the future, or will have been completed by a certain time in the future. I did not realiee
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Cave Spring
This unit is focused on the use of course books, and the benefits of choosing to omit, replace, supplement and/or adapt materials found in them. Course books can be very useful, and helpful (especiall
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The troubleshooting lesson was very informative. It provided different potential problems with first lessons, warmers, different levels, large classes, use of native language, reluctant students, and
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Teaching receptive skills, i.e. reading and listening is introduced in this unit. It is argued that different specialist skills are involved in both of them. These are predicting, skimming, scanning,
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I found this lesson to be surprisingly easy for me. I seem to get intimidated by longer lessons, and I don't know why. Knowing that this lesson only had 6 pages, I was confident to be able to focus an
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The given unit is based on receptive skills. In that sense, it describes as precisely as possible the two main capacities (reading and listening) that a learner has to attempt to reach and acquire by
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Although it might be better to test the students in an informal way, most schools will require teachers to test the students formally. There are many ways a teacher can evaluate the students. Placemen
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In this unit, I learned about Teaching Special groups such as individuals, young learners, business groups, monolingual and multilingual groups. Different groups require different approach because you
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Chattahoochee Hills
There are 5 conditionals. Zero conditionals are used for irrefutable facts and actions. First conditionals are used for "real" situations that have possible, probably, or even certain outcomes once th
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This unit talked about the difference between teaching writing and teaching speaking. Fluency, as opposed to accuracy, is most important when it comes to speaking. You want to create an environment th
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