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This unit focused on giving a lesson in a classroom. There were two videos both had the same students in the classroom and also the same teacher. The difference in the lessons was how the teacher tau
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It was helpful for me to see the various tests and exams that may be given throughout the duration of a school year to help track and assess student progress. I share the sentiment that tracking prog
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There are many theories, methods, and techniques in the teaching world. The decision of which one to use will completely depend on the teacher's judgment and will be closely related to personality and
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This unit looks at the advantages and disadvantages of using course material to assist with the teaching of English as a second language. It offers helpful advice and suggestions to make the classes t
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This unit helped to reinforce my existing knowledge of the parts of English speech as well as explain some elements of speech that I have learned only through practice, and therefore lack an explanati
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In this unit I learned that it is important to make the class diversified in order to keep the students interested and curious about learning the new language. We must keep a good balance between bot
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This unit teaches us about pronunciation and phonology.Pronunciation is way in which a word is pronounced.Phonology is the study of sounds.ln the classroom students should be given time to learn pronu
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Phrasal verbs are nothing to be afraid of, however they're very difficult to teach and it can be very confusing for the students. It would be better to introduce them as part of vocabulary and let the
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This was a very informative unit regarding lesson planning activities. I would say it was a further elaboration on units 3 and 7 although it gave me new ideas on how to actually organise a class. Meth
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This unit deals essentially with the different present tenses used in English language. It covers the predominant aspects regarding a tense, that is to say, including form (structure) and usages (in w
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This unit discussed the importance of teaching aids in the English Language Learning Classroom. There are many different tools that a teacher can use in different parts of the lesson. To transfer know
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This unit aims at lesson planning and all the aspects that ought to be considered. Points that are very useful for me are for example: Personal aims, that is the area of my teaching which I want to im
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This unit highlights that the attitude of the teacher towards his students will have a greater impact on the effectiveness of the lesson than anything else. The simple use of a smile, and the using of
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In this unit, I learned about lesson planning. I learned about the straight arrow ESA lesson plan and I have seen an example of how it is to be written. Elements of the lesson plan should be inclusive
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Future tense expresses a future event or a state of being. The 7 future tenses are: Simple future tense- is used for an action that will occur in the future. Future progressive tense-is used for on-go
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This unit has posed a huge challenge, as I have never looked at pronunciation in quite this way before. It seems that the teachers need to learn as much as the students!! Phonology is a whole new bal
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This Unit covers the area of Past Tenses including all its intrinsic grammatical points and ways to use them, in that sense, it is a brief but significant exposure of structures and usages concerning
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This final unit has been focused on what to do with teaching first classes and how best to respond. It had many useful tips such as how to gain rapport with new students and what would be the best way
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Phonetic is one of the most important concept to most people because they want to be able to speak clearly. In order to do that, teacher has to model the correct way of speaking and allow students to
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It was honestly hard to watch the first video. The teacher was very critical, and had no patience or compassion for his students. You could tell how uncomfortable the students were in his classroom. I
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In this lesson, I learned what are the strategies, dos, and donts in managing students within a class and what takes place within the class. As a teacher, you can use your eyes, gesture, and voice in
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The learning experience is a system comprised of two very important parts: the teachers, who if passionate will make sure their students are learning (even if that means innovating or changing their t
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The relationship between teachers and learners is quite crucial for the success of the english course delivered and undertaken. The teacher needs to be motivated about what they are teaching but keepi
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In this unit I have learnt some interesting and helping content. I have learnt about the different methods such as; • the silent way that talks about the colour rods that were used to make students
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This unit gave great insight and examples on how to introduce, vocabulary, grammatical structure, and language function. It's very easy to relate because I've been learning Spanish the past year. I fo
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This unit has been most helpful in highlighting issues that a teacher may often come across in teaching a class. It offers suggestions and techniques to overcome the difficulties that may occur, and h
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This unit focused on the teaching vocabulary to students of other languages. I learned that there are several aspects to teaching vocabulary such as selecting vocabulary, and techniques for teaching v
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In this unit I have learnt different methods and techniques in teaching and I found them very interesting. These methods are: Suggestopeadia, presentation practice and production, audio-lingualism, gr
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A wonderful world of meeting new cultures and teaching people from other countries the basic ways to be able to learn about our language, and in essence, our culture.I have thought I understood the co
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This unit talks and teaches teachers about how to use coursebooks and lesson materials.Most coursebooks are boring and outdated and some lack updates.What l have learnt from this unit is create a bal
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Two productive skills are presented in this unit-- speaking and writing. Speaking seems to be easier for most of the students, while writing takes their long time. But actually, both speaking and writ
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Teaching plan is needed for the teachers ,it helps the teacher to get to know the process of the class ,and it makes it easy to ask other teachers for helping to cover the class .For making the teachi
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Learning the unit on Theories,methods and techniques made me realize that I need to prepare my lesson more creative and enjoyabe for my learners to engage and participate in all the learning process.A
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This unit was a great intro course on TEFL education and even learning. It starts out giving examples of what makes a strong teacher, which is clearly important. Then the lesson goes over the differe
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Mount Airy
The teacher's encouraging attitude in the second lesson made all of the students feel comfortable in participating in activities. Monitoring the students to be sure they are following along allows the
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Mount Vernon
I learned a lot from this unit, not only about teaching English Language Learners receptive skills, but also about teaching them to my class in general. Receptive skills, both reading and listening, a
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Mount Zion
There are several ways to express the Future tenses. They are as follows: a)actions in the future b) predictions/statement of facts b) intentions c) arrangements d)scheduled events I also learned dif
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Mountain City
In this unit, I read about the parts of speech with a brief, simplified explanation of them all. The explanation that piqued my interest was about auxiliary verbs. After reading that there are only th
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Mountain Park
I really enjoyed watching the videos, as seeing a successful and not so successful lesson helped to solidify the concepts I learned in Unit 5. It is easy to underestimate the impact teacher attitude,
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Receptive skills in language are based in reading and listening. To most effectively get the class to engage, the interest of the students must be great and in order to do this, familiarity with the s
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In the last unit of the course, I learned about troubleshooting. Initially, I learned strategies for establishing rapport in the first lessons with the new and existing group. Following, I studied abo
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"For everything there is an appointed time,even a time for every affair under the heavens."(Ecclesiastes).Studying this module about past tenses Or "times" clarifies some misconceptions in my mind.Lea
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Writing and speaking are both crucial tools for direct communication. Correct Spelling and grammar are very important due to the fact that a lack of these could indicate low education. Handwriting is
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This unit spoke about the importance of a lesson plan. A good teacher has a plan that includes the objective, activities, approximate time each activity will take and what sort of interaction will occ
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Grammar is the structure of a language. Basic part of grammar is called parts of speech, mainly divided in : -Noun(name of people, person,things,animals , concepts or ideas). There are 2 kinds of no
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When added to my existing knowledge of the present and past tenses, Unit 8 have me a well round understanding of the fundamental area of English language grammar. This unit took a close look at the f
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Unit 15 Evaluation and Testing In this particular unit there are many different ways of evaluating students' levels and progress, and additionally I have learnt that there are external exams that I wi
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After reading unit 1 I was refreshen from my psychology class in my bachelor degree.Thanks a lot! As I go on I realized that there are still lots of things that I need to. Learn to be able to connect
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This unit focused on troubleshooting for teachers during, first lessons, including techniques for building rapport, warmers, large class size, and multilevel classes. The unit also gave tips and ideas
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Norman Park
This unit covered the various future tenses and their differences in form and use. I'm often asked by English teachers I work with in Japan about when to use "will" and "be gong to." I don't know that
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