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The two videos provided a good example of the attitude required to teach a successful class. The students' reaction, engagement, and confidence are very different in the two videos. In the first, the
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This unit is about Evaluating and test students,this unit has shown us various ways of evaluating and testing.l will pick few ones that l have learnt from this unit ,i.e Placement test,Diagnostic test
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There are four basic skills in language and these are reading and listening or also known as receptive skills and productive skills which are speaking and writing. In this unit, we focus on the recept
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In this unit I learnt that there are several future forms. I hadn't realized that there were so many. I'm able to identify and form each tense, but the usages are much more difficult to understand a
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In this lesson I have learnt the advantages and disadvantages of using course books and materials. Depending on the level and nationality of the students, each lesson needs to be planned to meet the
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Unit 14 was a good introduction into how to use course materials in the classroom. In many real life teaching situations, course materials and books are mostly provided by the schools, so learning how
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I found this unit to be a worthy topic of study, covering the essentials of English grammar that are not usually focused on by mainstream teaching. Yes, in school we have all heard of nouns, verbs and
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This lesson was very informative. It provided great information, and really stressed how important receptive skills, reading and listening, are. It listed motivation reasons, specialist skills, potent
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I hadn't realized how difficult it was to explain why certain past tenses are used. I will need to concentrate mostly on the past perfect and past perfect continuous. The past simple and past contin
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It was interesting to learn about the different methods of teaching. In my opinion, I think the ESA method is the best as it takes away some of the boredom in the classroom. It allows for students t
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This unit focused on equipment and teaching aids in the classroom. I learned that there is an abundant amount of technology and equipment that helps the teacher with teaching English to non-English sp
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There are 3 important functions of lesson planning is to plan how your lesson needs to be, 2nd is to have a working document which helps as a referral while the lesson being taught and the last one is
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There are seven common tense system. It is associated with timing, predictions, refer to future events or questions on future events, completing a goal in a fixed time, plans and intentions. This unit
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College Park
This unit discussed conditionals and reported speech. This area of grammar can be confusing for students so it is important that they are given correct examples and room to practice. There are a numbe
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As mentioned in the beginning of the unit, the future tenses are very difficult areas of learning the English Language. However when you look carefully at each tense, and read and absorb its meaning,
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In this unit i learned that there are many different types of classes a teacher can/will teach. From teaching beginners (absolute, false, adult, young and without Roman alphabet). There are lots of ti
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This unit helped to remember to understand the importance of the productive skills. My personal opinion, the document should add how nowadays all the gadgets such as mobiles or even computer programs
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Knowing and becoming even more familiar with the tools and recourses provided by the school is very useful. Items such a dictionaries, DVD's, video cameras, and overhead projectors can be used to help
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Managing class is the ability the teacher should have in order to build an effective and relaxed class atmosphere. among this unit, different ways are talked about how to manage the class. Grouping st
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This unit is about the methodologies of teaching English,the theories and techniques.And how learners acquire knowledge by nature(Genes) or nurturing.We take Jeremy Harmer's elements of teaching i.e E
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this unit focuses on Present Tense which means Present time. it has classified in 4 aspects i.e Present perfect, Present simple, Present Continuous and Present Perfect Continuous. Each aspects are cla
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This unit talks about the future tense. we are going to analyze a few examples of the future tense. firstly, lets look at the future simple tense. This talks about promises, predictions based on no pr
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After learning these different techniques and teaching methods, I feel like I can pick and choose which methods can suit the students best, by incorporating aspects of each into my practices. Suggesto
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This lesson deals with phonology and teaching pronunciation, stress and intonation and has been the most interesting for me so far. It is beneficial to finally learn the kinds of consonants and unders
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A good teacher is someone that is able to leave great long-lasting impacts on students’ lives. A teacher should love teaching and not the salary. If a teacher do not loves teaching then he/she will
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I found this unit to be a lot more difficult than I expected, especially the usages sections. I'll need to review this to make sure that I'm able to teach it. Because English is one of my native lan
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This unit is one of the most challenging so far. In this unit I learned about Pronunciation and Phonology. I have learnt how to pronounce certain words and where to rise and fall, or fall and raise (r
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It's so great to know that there are so many resources I can use in the classroom to help aid and structure my lessons, as well as make them more engaging for my students. I've learned the benefits an
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This unit explains four grammar points: modal auxiliary verbs, passive voice, phrasal verbs and relative clauses. Modal auxiliary verbs: they express the speaker’s feeling or attitude towards the m
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This was by far the hardest lesson thus far. The English language is so difficult, even for a native speaker! I found intonations to be easy as well as the techniques for teaching intonations. But eve
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Last unit, I felt this unit more like some brief review and I appreciate all I learned during this course, all the tips, information given and material. Some questions during the test could be accordi
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This unit is divided in 2 parts, Pronunciation and Phonology. Pronunciation mainly concentrates on individual sounds, while Phonology is classification of various properties of sounds. This chapter ta
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It is imperative for teachers and students to stay motivated to learn a new language. Otherwise, the lesson will become boring and uninteresting for both. Which will lead to a unproductive class and s
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For speaking we can work several parts. Articulation, pronunciation, word linking. For this we can use the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet). This means it that it doesn't matter which accent of e
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Materials utilized by ESL's teachers in the classroom serving them as concrete aids are pointed out in this unit, even if coursebook appears to be the main focus. Actually, we learn a quantity of inte
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This unit was about the future and its many tenses. As with the past and the present, there are four basic tenses: Future simple: I will drink soda. Future continuous: I will be drinking soda. Future
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This unit is mainly about evaluation and testing.When we are teaching, we need to get the feedback from the students and evaluate them in many ways.Tests are most common way to evaluate them. It's ver
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This unit has concentrated on lesson planning and the importance of structure and yet flexibility. There are many parallels here that can not just be related to lesson planning, but also to life skill
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Speaking and writing are the basic skills in Productive Skill. It emphasis word Communication where there is a purpose of talk happening, some message needs to be conveyed to each other, something nee
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In this unit I had a short review of the usages and forms of the present tenses. What I have learnt in this unit instead are the common/ typical errors of the students, how should I correct them and e
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Lesson planning is what keeps a teacher on track and helps give a clear vision of the potential destination of the class. Planning out each day can be meticulous, but for a more inexperienced teacher,
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From beginning to the end of this unit which covers a large amount of knowledge and informations comprising elements describing the functioning of pronunciation and phonetic system, we sincerely can a
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Being receptive to information is important, but how we store and retain that information is one giant step closer to becoming fluent in any language. This unit talked about how students are able to d
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I was glad to learn that when teaching ESP groups such as Business English, you don't necessarily need to be versed in the terms of that industry, and in fact it can be an advantage because you can ge
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De Soto
This unit covered course books and materials teachers may use in their EFL classrooms. Materials can be authentic, which are not designed for EFL students but demonstrate real English which can be mor
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A lesson plan is a well-thought-out detailed guide that teachers create that lists their goals and objectives in a lesson. Planning lessons involves: defining aims, selecting and developing the activi
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Due to the fact that my main objective in doing this course is to teach mainly children online. I found the methods and techniques very interesting, especially the visual games either with picture ca
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This lesson introduces different options of assessing students´ level of Englishg and progress, such as placement or diagnostic tests, progress tests and external exams. An overview of the Cambridge
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This unit has been a tough for me although after many days of studying I finally was able to get my head around it. Basically this unit is describing how English grammar is used in present situations,
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There are for skills needed when learning a new language. Receptive which consists of Reading & Listening, and Productive which consists of Speaking and Writing. All are equally important to fully mas
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