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In this unit i learned that first lessons need special attention as they set the tone for the rest of the course. Its a vital time to establish rapport with the students and familiarize yourself with
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Unit 13 Teaching Pronunciation & Phonology Every ESL student should have a pronunciation element in their language studies. However, pronunciation is probably the most neglected aspect of English lang
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In this unit, I learned about the Future Tenses. The future tenses are used when speaking about events that will or may be happening soon or later. In this unit, there is the future simple, future con
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This unit addresses the conditional form of speech. This can be a very tricky part of speech for students as there are various ways it can manifest. There are five different forms of the conditional,
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In this chapter i learned that pronunciation teaching is an integral part of English teaching but it is the most neglected part. This is because although we native speakers speak with excellent pronun
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It was good to learn that writing is the most neglected skill in the TEFL world, but it definitely should not be ignored. In my own experiences in the working world with people who are not native Engl
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In this chapter / unit i learned that tests are a common way for institutions or work places to measure proficiency. There are many types of tests depending on what is type of proficiency proof is des
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This unit is based upon the various groups of people that I could encounter whilst on my English teaching career. It starts off with explaining beginner groups and what they need followed by individua
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A teacher's body language and attitude plays a great part in getting students engage in a lesson or class. Being confident as well as approachable with students give them courage to ask questions when
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This unit focused on Conditionals and Reported Speech. Conditionals looked at ‘if’ sentences or ‘when’ can be used sometimes. The ‘if’ clause is use when referring to past, future and pres
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Johns Creek
This unit was focused on troubleshooting and discussed a number of common problems that teachers face. One of the first things that a teacher needs to think about is the first class they have with the
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In this unit, two videos were given to be watched and then to complete the test. One of the video depicted a teacher not using the right teaching strategies and so the students did not learn as effect
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Junction City
This unit focused on receptive language skills. In particular, the receptive skills are reading and listening. Both of these skills are equally important. In any lesson, a teacher will probably focus
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I have learnt that there are many methodologies that can be used in a classroom, however the methods and approaches adopted in the classroom environment ultimately depends on the teachers personality,
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In teaching a new language there are four things the students need to do; be exposed to it, understand it’s meaning, understand how it is constructed and be able to practice and produced it. Grammar
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Unit 14 Course Books and Lesson Materials Some teachers like using course books, while others despise them. The choice of whether or not to use a course book, and if so, which one, can be quite a comp
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In this unit i have learned that the teacher must be able to inspire confidence in the students. As a teacher we must know when to be firm and when to leave the students alone. A teacher Must be flexi
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In this unit we reviewed two sets of lessons with the same class. In the first lesson, I thought that the instructor kept things short and simple and was able to elicit more complex answers from his s
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In this unit I learnt that writing is the most neglected skill in teaching. We spend less time on writing skills and more on speaking. We rely on our computer spellcheck and when it comes time to us
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Grammer is importmant to know and to be able to acknowledge the fact that it Will be important to be able to explain to our learnes, the reasons why we must understand the grammer so that they can hav
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Lake City
This unit focused on lesson planning. While a lesson plan should not be a rigid document, it is still a helpful thing for a teacher to have. The form of the plan could vary from teacher to teacher, of
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Lake Park
In this final unit the various forms and purposes for testing and evaluation are outlined. It is clearly important to discover what level students are at before commencing a course, as it is equally i
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In my opinion having a lesson plan is crucial for having an effective lesson. It gives structure and ideas for the best possible way to conduct the class to achieve certain objectives, and also antici
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Past tenses’ structure and system is not too different from the present tenses, it only changes the time when the action has occurred. Continuous form in past tense changes the verb ‘to be’ into
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A good English teacher should be very aware of the parts of speech at all times. However, the teacher should also be conscious of how much grammar the student actually needs in order to learn things
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Unit two tackles mainly about the parts of speech, and it really helps me regain the things that I have forgotten way back then. Most of the topic was taught to me when I was still in elementary until
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A nice unit focusing on grammar once again albeit with the focus being on conditionals and reported speech. I found the conditionals to be somewhat confusing at times but interesting. The reported spe
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First of all I absolutely love all the helpful websites given to me in this unit. There are many ways to teach with the help of all the available equipment we have today. I especially like the white
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I learned from this unit that there are four basic skills to learn in any language: receptive skills, which are reading and listening, and productive skills, which are speaking and writing, all of whi
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Writing and peaking are considered productive skills and both require different teaching methologies. Speaking is the means through wich a ESL classroom will run. Speaking commands a certain level of
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Unit 11 Teaching Receptive skills There are four basic skills in any language: Receptive skills: reading and listening. Productive skills: speaking and writing. All are equally crucial and should be
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Reading the last unit of my TESOL training, I feel I really encouraged and enjoyed by what I have learned these days. In this unit, I learned some common problem I might encounter in my teaching and s
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The attitude of the teacher is very important. His tone on the first lesson was too aggressive, he said that the topic was very easy several times which could've made the students scared of making mis
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The duration of the class is broken up into different phases. No matter what type of ESA lesson plan, each class should begin with the engage phase and end in the activate phase. Different exercises c
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Locust Grove
Unit 7 covered teaching new language, including vocabulary, grammatical structures, and language functions such as inviting/refusing and agreeing/disagreeing. While the students' level often dictate
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In this chapter/unit i learned that conditionals are sentences that contain IF or WHEN which refer to past, present or future possibilities. There's Zero Conditional which refers to actions and facts
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Lone Oak
The level of the students was high enough in the first video to handle fairly well the gruff attitude and poor instructions, explanations, and demonstrations of the teacher. Although the teacher throu
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Lookout Mountain
The first part of this unit introdoces many different ESL methodologies. Among this methodologies, the ones that stand out, in my opnion, are Audio - ligualism;Presentation, Practice and Production; T
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Unit 5: Managing Classes Classroom management creates a set of expectations used in an organised classroom environment. It includes routines, rules and consequences. Effective classroom management al
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Unit 5 is centered on classroom management, which is as important as teaching skills in the classroom. there are many ways to manage the class very well, for example, eye contact, gesture and the voic
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This unit was very helpful as an introduction to teaching different groups of learners and what their needs may be. Of course, the teachers approach has to be different and adapt to every situation. F
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Teaching equipment is talked about in this unit. Teaching equipment includes the board,interactive whiteboards,overhead projector(OHP),visual aids,the worksheets and work cards,cassette recorder, CD p
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Lumber City
This unit discussed modals, phrased verbs, and passive voice. These parts of grammar need to be included for students as they progress in their understanding of the English language. Modals are common
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The unit 14 is about lesson materials and course books. Lesson materials: Lesson materials can be divided into two groups: Authentic materials and created materials. Authentic material are usually mor
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Unit 1 is about teachers and learners. 1)Teacher's part; A.Good teachers qualities: good teachers should be patient and kind, lively and enthusiastic, and always should give students rapport and encou
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This unit is about Conditionals and reported speech.With the conditionals "if" and "when" which refer to present,past and future possibilities.The five conditionals are Zero,1st,2nd,3rd and mixed cond
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In this unit we went over the basic structure of a lesson plan and reviewed a sample plan with each of the stages of an ESA lesson. THere are different thoughts about how much a teacher should plan a
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we discussed parts of speech, then give us the examples, and how we can use it, where we put it in the sentence. 1)Nouns, it includes common, proper, compound, abstract, collective. Plurals nouns inc
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There was a lot to cover in this unit so I am just going to skim through it. Modal verbs, obligation, passive voice were all easy to comprehend. I felt that the latter half of the content was a lot ha
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I found this unit to be the most difficult up to now. I spent more time trying to understand the importance of intonation and stress. All of this comes natural but trying to teach it is more difficu
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