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This unit has well discussed the importance of recognizing the common problems that a teacher may encounter while teaching. It also discussed the importance of establishing rapport with the students i
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In the previous lesson where we had to watch the videos, the correct answer to the question had never been listed or presented in the lesson. "Mill drill" was something I had never heard of. In fact,
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This unit has been very helpful to me. It introduced me to the qualities of a good teacher and a not so good teacher. I have come to know that being classified as a great teacher isn't just about your
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In this unit, I learned about speaking and writing skills. Furthermore, I learned about the difference between fluency and accuracy. It is worth noting that fluency and accuracy are equally important.
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Lauderdale Lakes
Lesson planning is an important tool for both experienced and inexperienced teachers as it helps to achieve learning objectives through lesson stages, gives something to refer to during the lesson and
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This unit covers some of the most common equipment and teaching aids used in a classroom. It is essential for all classrooms to be equipped with a board. Some technological equipment can be used spari
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Laurel Hill
This Unit demonstrates how its important to remember what a student needs to know when planning your ESA lessons in whichever format is appropriate to the task. So the last of teaching is complex as n
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Teaching receptive and productive skills are equally important to learn a secondary language. Reading and listening skills are the two major components in receptive skills. In gaining such skills, tea
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The content of this unit covered information regarding teachers, learners, and language levels. I feel that the information covered in this unit is a great foundation to the basics of teaching, and in
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Lazy Lake
Teaching pronunciation is one task that is often neglected by teachers due to lack of confidence or training. But this is very important, as with proper training on pronunciation, the student will bec
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This unit covers the two receptive skills: reading and listening. In order to get the students to actively read and listen, the teacher needs to choose materials that the students are interested in an
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This unit covers the appropriate use of coursebooks and lesson materials. Coursebooks are useful to a certain extent. They are best used along with supporting materials that the teacher gathered from
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Lighthouse Point
This unit explains the future tenses. They are the complicated area of English grammar for English learners.There are seven common tenses which are the future simple, the future continuouse, the futur
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Live OakCounty seat
Some classes already have course books that teachers must use. In other situations, the teacher has freedom to design their own course books and material. In the best case scenario, the teacher can im
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Longboat Key
In this unit, two videos of lesson demonstration were presented. The same lesson is being taught twice in a completely opposite way. The first video is a lesson demonstration in which the teacher deli
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Focusing on productive skills, this unit formed a natural fit with the previous unit on receptive skills. It became clearer as I worked through this material that there is a complex and mutually suppo
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Loxahatchee Groves
This unit helped with understanding, again, the importance of Engage, Study, Activate, and how those concepts apply to receptive skills. Receptive skills include reading and listening skills. These sk
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Lynn Haven
The Unit is dedicated to the use of different types of Condition: zero (if / when + Present, Present), first (if + Present, will), second (if + Past, would + Vi), third (if + Past Perfect, would have
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MacclennyCounty seat
Starting as a new language teacher, planning lessons was one of my biggest concerns. Utilizing a coursebook can be helpful in the beginning, but it's necessary to omit, supplement and even replace cer
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Madeira Beach
beginners are categorized into :absolute beginners, adult beginners,young beginners and the beginner without Roman alphabet. Teaching beginners requires the following: Be aware of the student's needs
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MadisonCounty seat
This unit has to do with managing classes. Contrary to popular belief , a great teacher mustn't be an extrovert. There are introverts of very good teachers.For a teacher to be able to have good class
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This unit has well explained conditionals and reported speech. There are two clauses in a conditional sentence, main and if clause. There are five main conditionals, zero, first, second, third, and mi
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I am very fascinated by various methodologies of learning strategies. Every methodology has its own strategical usage in learning process. I strongly believe teachers are able to direct students in co
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This unit on Teaching Special Groups was useful in that it reminded me that all students may not be "traditional students." They may vary drastically in age and in motivation for study. This can be a
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In this unit, I learned that the teacher has vital roles in teaching the students. In order to impart knowledge to the students, the teacher has to apply all the skills, that she learned. I also learn
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Mangonia Park
I learnt alot from this unit it is very good for me to know how to deal with the students and when i can but thjm on grouping and how i can arrangement the calss. Even it is very intersting to know ab
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In this unit, I have learned the different functions of each test. It's very important for my business since I have my own English tutoring center. Before this Unit, I would just let my teachers give
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Marco Island
Model auxiliary verbs are used before other verbs to add meaning to the min verb.For example, can, could, might, may,ought to. Active and passive: In the passive, the object of an active becomes the s
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It is important to teach vocabulary, grammar and functions in an effective way. So students will understand the meaning, usage, forms and patterns, and spoken and written form of the language. There a
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MariannaCounty seat
This type of reading and listening takes place because it will help us achieve some particular aim or goal. In the examples above, reading st-ructions on your new video recorder and listening to instr
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This unit covers Lesson Planning, which some teachers believe is essential for every class while others don't think so. It acts as a guide by structuring the class and making sure the teacher reaches
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Mary Esther
Unit 16 is about conditionals and reported speech . Conditionals are sentences containing “if”( or similar such as when)which refer to past , present and future possibilities.I learned in this un
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English teachers should always evaluate and assess students levels and progress. Tutorials, tests and and evaluation by the students are various ways to assess students language level. Tutorials can t
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MayoCounty seat
 Unit 13 is about the teaching of pronunciation and phonology .This unit treats detailly English phonology like intonation, stress , rythmn. Intonation is generally considered to be  the variation i
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In this unit I have learned the tips and traits of teaching, like the warmer activities to receive good rapport from the class. I have learned the different ways to handle certain students in certain
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Conditionals refer to all those 'if' sentences (or when) which refer to past, present and future possibilities. There are two clauses: the 'if' clause which is the condition and the main clause which
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Knowing how to manage a classroom is one of the most important components of teaching. Without being able to effectively manage a classroom, the rest of the teaching efforts are irrelevant. This unit
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Melbourne Beach
The Unit presents different theories, techniques and methods of teaching. It describes the most popular methodologies, their advantages and disadvantages as well as the way to apply them. Different st
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Melbourne Village
What stuck out to me, perhaps more than anything else was, "A good teacher will likely have good students". This unit was about teachers and learners and what characteristics they're comprised of. Tea
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Mexico Beach
This unit treats the future tense which happens to be one of the most complex areas of the English language . the seven most common forms were looked into, the future simple, the future continuous , t
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Miami Beach
This unit is principally based on the present tense. The tense system is one of the most complex areas in the English language both for teachers as well as students.Nonetheless this unit provided s
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Miami Gardens
This unit discussed Evaluation and Testing. There are number of ways to assess a student's language level such as tutorials, evaluation by the students and tests. Giving a test is probably the most co
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Miami Lakes
Unit three has to do with theories and methods and techniques of teaching the English language to non speakers of the language.This unit outlines and expounds on several teaching methods, some of whic
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Miami Shores
This Unit is all about lesson planning and uses Unit 3 to teach us how to plan an actual lesson using material provided for us. I found this Unit challenging and found the lesson planning on the prese
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Miami Springs
In this unit, the teacher is provided a break from the theoretical materials. I observed the practical and real-life English language in a classroom. The teacher is provided with 2 contrasting lesson
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MiamiCounty seat
Teaching receptive skills is really different from teaching vocabulary or language structure. I was not aware of all the different techniques involved in ensuring that students are able to comprehend
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This unit covers pronunciation and phonology. The rise/fall intonation within a sentence depends on the message the speaker is trying to convey. Whereas stress focuses on a single word rather than a s
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This unit is about teaching pronunciation and phonlogy with emphasis on intonation in statements and questions, for example, or simple terms such as "hello" or "yes", where the intonation strongly dep
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MiltonCounty seat
I now have a much better understanding of parts of speech. It had been quite some time since I have taken a grammar class but I started to remember as I was reading. Each word in sentence structure ha
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I was introduced to practical ways of teaching Vocabulary, Grammar and Functions. When the language is effectively introduced to the student, it is balanced and manageable and quite beautiful. This wi
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