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I used to the same mistake as Simon did in the first lesson at the Activate part, students usually got confused and couldn't follow the rules I gave them. After the second video, I realized it was d
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This unit emphasized that in teaching new language to students, the students should be exposed to it, know the meaning and the usage of the word, and be able to practice and produce the word. Also, a
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Altamonte Springs
This chapter explained in details the process and beauty of teaching english. It doesnt limit the approach rather it provides the necessary elements needed to tailor a method to each specific group. I
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The unit gives an overview about the speaking and writing production skills, i.e., the reasons and importance to use them. It shows the difference between speaking accuracy and fluency activities, and
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Anna Maria
Creating lesson plans can be a great tool for staying organized and keeping track of what the students have learned. Making sure that you are prepared for every lesson and have all the necessary mater
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ApalachicolaCounty seat
This unit helped to distinguish the four different present tenses and specific examples of when to use them, how to form them in a sentence, common mistakes from students for correction and activities
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I used to do everything according to our text books, sometimes there are too many things to cover, and it's a bit overwhelming for students. And I never anticipated problems for both students and teac
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ArcadiaCounty seat
This unit is about Conditionals and Reported Speech. Conditionals are sentences containing 'if' or 'when' which refers to past, present or future possibilities. There are five main conditionals. Zero
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I had learnt great amount of knowledge in this teaching unit. I believe it is crucial for teachers to motivate and encourage students in every aspect of the learning process. Teachers can be managers
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The unit started of by stating that the topic on the use of coursebooks can be a complex issue as most of the published coursebooks have their fans and detractors. Nevertheless, it is always vital to
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Atlantic Beach
The last unit of this course discussed about common problem situations that may occur in teaching English. The first lesson is crucial that's why teachers need to establish rapport with the students a
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The unit covers study materials by classifying them into authentic and created materials, defining them and explaining their pros and cons of use. It gives examples of created materials designed by th
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Conditional clauses, covered in this unit, seem to be one of the most difficult areas of English to teach (and learn). Conditionals encompass almost all the verb tenses and although there are rules to
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In this unit, I learned the different types of tests a teacher may be expected to set students as an English language teacher. The unit also shows how each individual test is structured, its specific
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Avon Park
This unit focused solely on grammar, specifically parts of speech. It broke the subject down into sections starting with types of nouns such as common nouns, proper nouns and countable nouns. It then
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Bal Harbour
In this nit, I learned about vocabulary, grammar, and functions. I learned about: 1. The factors to consider when selecting a vocabulary. 2. What students need to know about vocabulary item. 3.Techni
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In this unit I have learned a lot. All about intonation, stressing words, syllables, how you cannot use two stresses on one word. I have learned about the phonetic alphabet... I think I should be able
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BartowCounty seat
The Unit is dedicated to the use of Future tenses: the Future Simple which we use to guarantee the action or in order to express a decision made at the moment of speaking, the Present Continuous which
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There are a number of different ways of referring to the future in English. It is important to remember that we are expressing more than simply the time of the action or event. Obviously, any 'future'
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Bay Harbor Islands
Planning lesson provides guidance to the the teacher specially new & inexperienced to stay focused on language point throughout the lesson. It helps to maintain record of various tasks,activities &mat
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Bay Lake
It is interesting to notice that we can use some present and future forms interchangeably like the ones mentioned above. I remember thinking that it could also be a future tense when learning the pre
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The most crucially important aspect of expressing one's self is confidence. As such, focusing on accuracy is important in the study phase so the learner is confident enough to speak creatively- or eve
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Belle Glade
unit 11 talks about two of the four language skills but this time productive skills that is speaking and writing .I learnt that when two or more people are communicating , it is because of one of the
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Belle Isle
At the end of the unit I was able to understand the use of conditionals and reported tenses to use in the class it is also a easy way to help students know and understand the use of reported speech th
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Throughout this coursework, we’ve learned that the teaching process must be inviting and interesting to students. To engage and enrich their experience, a teacher needs to reach beyond a textbook to
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Belleair Beach
Modal auxiliary verbs are used to express mostly, obligation, possibility, permission, ability, advice. They are followed by a verb always. Passive voice sentences focus more on the subject than the a
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Belleair Bluffs
Based on the text, the future tense is the most difficult tense to learn. There are more tense options than the previous ones, but many still follow the same rules (continuous tenses use -ing after th
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Belleair Shore
This chapter is about two lessons.Comparing the two lessons, i realized that the second lesson was more interactive with a high level of participation. The students were even happy and interested in t
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Future tense, being one of the most complex area in the English language, should be strictly understood by the teacher. More time must be spent in learning all of the types of future tenses. Usages an
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Beverly Beach
The Unit describes the use of course books and lesson materials in teaching a target language. Two kinds of materials are presented: authentic materials (magazines, newspapers, songs, videos, etc.) an
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Biscayne Park
This chapter talks about reading and listening. The main reasons for reading and listening is either for a purpose or for entertainment. In order to effectively read and listen, learners must be able
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BlountstownCounty seat
This unit is about Lesson Planning. Writing lesson plans has various essential functions such as; an aid to planning, a working document and a record. Lesson plans help keep teachers on point with the
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Boca Raton
Differences between students mother tongue and English language may make it difficult for students to understand and use the last one correctly. Hence, it is very important that EFL teachers have a go
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BonifayCounty seat
In this lesson I learnt many techniques. Large classed can present the teacher with a number of problem from trying to involve all pupils equally to classroom control. Despite such problem the teacher
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Bonita Springs
This unit teaches me that teacher should only English in the classroom and should avoid using the students' L1 during a lesson. I learned about all the stages of the lesson. These are the engage stage
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Bowling Green
This Chapter is focus on how to evaluate students performance.The major ways include:Tutorials.It could be in groups or with individual students.Teachers could simply spend some minutes to review the
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Boynton Beach
This unit helped to really define the roles of the teacher and the student and provided me with a better understanding of these topics. The teacher will take on many different roles throughout the les
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Bradenton Beach
Please make sure that you are accessing this test from a reliable and stable internet connection, as the test pages may not load fully if there is a problem. Before starting the test, you should ensur
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BradentonCounty seat
Unit 20 is focused on trouble shooting, how to handle common problems and difficulties in the classroom and ways on how to deal with them.In every first lesson a teacher would normally encounter a num
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I really enjoyed this Unit. It sparked my interest enough that I found myself looking for additional resources on the topic of “Classroom Interaction”. I ended up exploring and bookmarking several
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Briny Breezes
This unit tackles about Future Tenses. Just like the present and past tenses, future tenses have similarities in structure and form except that these tenses pertain to events in the future. What made
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BristolCounty seat
There are different methods of teaching that need to be adopted for every type of student class. Before one starts teaching, it is better to do an evaluation to understand the level of the students, a
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BronsonCounty seat
This chapter talks about speaking accuracy and fluency, and how to speaking students speak.Many students are reluctant to speak because of lack of confidence, fear of making mistakes,peer intimidation
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The importance of authentic material and created material are equally important. Having a wide array of both can be very useful for students of all ages, as well as help cater to their specific needs
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BrooksvilleCounty seat
This unit, Managing Classes is relevant and helpful for teachers. Classroom management is essential in maintaining discipline and balance in the classroom, therefore providing an environment conducive
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BunnellCounty seat
As teachers are expected to knowing everything about grammar,we should be able to answer grammar questions when students asking. Both teachers and students think that grammar is one of the most diffic
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BushnellCounty seat
The Unit is dedicated to teaching productive skills, e.g. Speaking and Writing. It presents two different types of activities aimed at practicing these skills (accuracy and fluency activities) and des
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This unit was a very comprehensive overview of basic parts of English speech and grammar. Every English teacher should have a firm grasp of knowledge of each item covered in this unit, so I really app
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This troubleshooting unit helped wrap up my ITTT course experience perfectly. It reminded me, essentially, to have patience and to listen to kids ultimate needs and weak areas when teaching English, r
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The importance of receptive skills - reading and listening was clearly discussed in this chapter. Also, on how we correctly read and listen and some of the problems with listening and reading were enu
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