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Winter Park
This chapter talks about the importance of a lesson plan and how to make lesson plans. the functions of a lesson plan includes:an aid to planning, a working document and a record. A good lesson plan s
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Winter Springs
the unit gave a very elaborate and easy to understand description of parts of speech, from Nouns , types of nouns and i particular benefited also from the section on Articles, definite and indefinite
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Worthington Springs
It says that grammar is the tree trunk and branches of a language while vocabulary and functions are leaves that add beauty and variety. Therefore, we have to ensure that students are introduced to ne
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Unit 17 practically explain mostly used teaching equipment and aids. The various teaching equipment and aids are used to make lessons more interactive, effective and less dependent on textbooks. It ex
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Much like the previous units on English language tenses, I found myself challenged at breaking down my native language into building blocks to explain them to learners who are not fluent. Although I a
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Zolfo Springs
This unit talks about the most common problem situations that a teacher can face in the classroom and suggest some possible solutions. I learnt that during the first lesson the teacher might faced a c
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