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This unit was material that was wholly new to me. I think the most valuable things I learned were that there is a structure to follow, but one must be flexible about it. It seems to me that an effecti
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St. Augustine Beach
This unit teaches me the basics of English - parts of speech and I find them very useful. At first, I thought that I was only routinely learning something that I had been taught at school. Soon, I fou
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St. AugustineCounty seat
This chapter gives me a clear understanding of how the present tenses and the past tenses are related in some ways. Basically, tenses related to the past have no big differences from tenses related to
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St. Cloud
In English, certain words have different degrees of meaning. These are known as modal auxiliary verbs. Students 'should' learn to know when to use certain words like might and must or can and may. Som
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St. Leo
These two videos obviously showed us the differences way of teaching, students in the first video was so confused and didn't know how to follow teacher's step to get involved in the whole class. On th
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St. Lucie Village
This unit illustrates future tenses ,forms & usages Future simple is used to talk about future facts,spontaneous actions ,predictions without evidence,assumptions,threats & promises etc We can use sha
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St. Marks
This chapter is centered around teaching aids and equipment used to facilitate the learning process. Audio-visual equipment such as OHP,DVD,CD player and video Camera are the most commonly used. Board
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St. Pete Beach
This unit was very helpful in giving me tools to know how to teach vocabulary to students. As a native english speaker with a very wide vocabulary it is hard to comprehend teaching students one word a
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St. Petersburg
Productive skills are those skills in which we have to produce language, those skills are writing and speaking. Students, who possess efficient productive skills are able to produce a speech or a writ
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StarkeCounty seat
Unit 7 tackles and discuss about "Teaching New Language" this is divided into three parts: Teaching Vocabulary, Introducing grammar structures, And Teaching Language Functions. This Unit states that w
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StuartCounty seat
The main point of this unit is reading and listening skills and how to teach these skills in a receptive way. We can not only use our eye or ears to understand overall meaning of languages because so
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Sunny Isles Beach
This lesson taught me effective ways to manage classes; from how much time to spend talking, how to group/pair students up, arrange the room, and more effective use of the writing board. I enjoyed thi
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In this unit I have learned all about active and passive voice. I have also learned all about modals, in which ways they are used and the basic rules.I have learned about relative clauses and non defi
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This unit covers modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. These are not commonly used these days, as more slang is used to communicate. Therefore, it will be more difficult for the students to learn h
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Besides the traditional way of teaching, which is basically happening in the four corners of the classroom, special teaching classes also exist. Examples of which are 1-1 lessons and Business English
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In this unit I learned about the different methods on how to manage a class, there are different types of methods that needs to consider. These are the eye contact, gesture and voice. On how to group
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TampaCounty seat
This unit helped me to understand how to teach vocabulary, grammatical structures and language functions and which type of ESA lesson to choose for each purpose. As for vocabulary, teachers should sel
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Tarpon Springs
We all know that the four skills are equally vital, but I think writing is far more difficult than other three skills as it requires high degree of accuracy. As a matter of fact, making an effort on s
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TavaresCounty seat
The relationships between teacher and students are crucially important. The more care, enthusiasm and motivation the teacher gives to the students the more response he/she gets from them, the better t
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Temple Terrace
This unit mainly described five conditional and reported speech, zero conditional refers to actions and facts, first conditional talks about a real situation in the future that is possible or even cer
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This unit covers parts of speech within a sentence. The classifications of nouns, the descriptive words pertaining to them called adjectives. Verbs, the descriptive words pertaining to them being adve
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TitusvilleCounty seat
 Course books and  lesson materials  are some important aspects treated in this unit. In which i learnt that lesson materials can be authentic materials such as magazines, newspapers etc and that s
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Treasure Island
This was very helpful to see what and what not to do. I couldn't stand watching the first video as the teacher just seemed to be in a hurry, irritable and mean. I had a Spanish teacher like this in
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TrentonCounty seat
Focused on teaching receptive skills, this unit makes it extra clear that there are 4 basic skills in every language, receptive skills which are listening and reading and productive skills which are s
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To successfully understand this unit, I felt compelled to revisit previous units. I referred to the very first unit in this course to review levels of learners to begin filling out the sample plan. I
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Indeed, this unit was one of the most helpful and important part of teaching English. Pronunciation is an integral part of a certain language that should be taken into consideration by the teacher. Th
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I used to be a Manager in a class, and my teaching technique used to be Study only. So my students got bored and lost patience quite easily, and the result of the class wasn't great. last week, I tri
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This unit provides video content to demonstrate the behavior of well prepared, organized, and encouraging teacher versus an unorganized, condescending, and uncaring teacher. In the first lesson the te
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Vero BeachCounty seat
There are many different ways to explain the future such as through the future simple, future perfect, future perfect continuous, future continuous, and going to modules. These are similar to the past
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Virginia Gardens
This unit talks about how teachers can manage classrooms effectively. Eye contact, gestures, and voice are ways Teachers can use to manage a class. I also learned how eye contact and gestures can be
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This unit has well explained the common usages, disadvantages, advantages of equipment and teaching aids. Some are readily available, others are more complex and expensive than some. Such equipment an
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WauchulaCounty seat
 Modals , phrasal verbs and passive voice are also important in English Grammar . Unit 18 , not only elaborate on how the above are used in English Grammar but also gives some ideas and aids on how t
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This unit contains information on teaching Special groups of people. These specialized group of people consists of beginners, individual students, children, business english/english for Specific purpo
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The most important skill I learned from this unit is how to provide feedback for a free/creative speaking activity. First, we should always watch the time and save some time for feedback during the a
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Weeki Wachee
This unit is about Equipment and Teaching Aids. There are various teaching aids that can be used to make learning more interesting, effective and less dependent on textbooks. The most commonly used ar
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This unit taught and gave me an overview to grammar and parts of speech, this is something that I should know by heart because this is a foundation of everything that I will teach the students in the
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Learning each teaching method and their respective pros and cons is an important step to becoming a better teacher. I'm glad to take away the knowledge that I gained from this unit, and I will certain
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West Melbourne
Engage-Ask students about the weather in their countries and discuss how it changes throughout the year. Discuss weather variations in other countries. Students write a country and a month on a card i
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West Miami
This lesson was really helpful for giving resources for future lessons I may do. I believe I will refer back to this lesson more often in the future to give me more ideas and website information. It s
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West Park
Unit 11 is all about receptive skills; Listening, reading, writing and speaking. This unit particularly focuses on the two receptive skills, which is reading and Listening. The motives of listening a
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The four categories of the past tense is the topic of this unit. The past simple of regular verbs just requires adding -ed/d at the end, in most cases. The past continuous requires adding "was/were" a
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This unit is definitely helpful for all teachers and most especially to those who are not yet having an experience in teaching, because lesson planning was discussed and explained well. How it is con
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Sometimes you thought that you are definitely constructing sentences correctly, but the real thing is you're actually having confusions in making your grammar perfectly delivered. That's why this chap
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White Springs
It was a helpful lesson to brush up on some old grammar skills. I never paid much attention to tenses because it comes to me naturally, but as a second language, I can see how it would be difficult. I
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In this unit I have learned how important it is for students to understand vocabulary. I have also learned the do's and don't's when it comes to teaching vocabulary. I have also learned many technique
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In this unit I have learned a lot about receptive skills. Achieving the best results by teaching receptive skills in a certain way. I have learned how to help students understand how important reading
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Wilton Manors
It is very important for ESL teachers to recognize the importance of teaching pronunciation to students as far as their L1 phonological system might be quite different from English. For example, sound
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English teaching involves grammar teaching, vocabulary teaching and functions/ structures teaching. Grammar is considered to be the tree trunk and branches while vocabulary and fucntions are the leave
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Winter Garden
Since many different tenses and structures can be used to express future meanings, learning future might appear pretty challenging for students of different ages and levels, therefore teachers should
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Winter Haven
This Unit is dedicated to receptive skills: Reading and Listening. These both skills are equally important for proper mastering the target language. There is also a lesson presented within the Unit wh
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