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This unit addresses the teaching of specialized groups (in contrast to the teaching of general English to adult learners that we have seen so far). More specifically, this chapter discusses the teaching of these five special groups: beginners, individual students, young learners, Business English and Monolingual vs. multilingual groups. The chapter can be divided into five sections; each focusing on a different special group. The first section focuses on teaching beginners. In this section, I have learned about the five different types of beginners and some tips to teach beginner students (including possible techniques and methodologies, possible problems to be aware, and what to not do when it comes to teach beginners). The second section focuses on teaching individual students. In this section, I have learned about the various advantages and disadvantages of teaching students individually, the process involved when it comes to one-to-one teaching (such as maximizing on students' own motivation and interest) and some suitable one-to-one activities that I can use in my individual lesssons. The third section focuses on teaching young learners. In this section, I have learned about the specific methodologies involved when teaching children (for instance, we cannot put a child "on-the-spot" to produce a response, and we must be prepared to make fun of ourselves because children like to see adults behave in a silly way). Moreover, I have also learned the common reasons why disruptive behavior might arise in the classroom and what we, as teachers, can do to minimize such behavior to maintain class discipline. The fourth section details the teaching of Business English. In this section, I have learned about the particularies of our clients when teaching Business English and the common problems that might arise from our students (such as tiredness and erratic attendance). Furthermore, this section also taught me how to plan a course for teaching Business English, as well as how conducting a needs analysis would be useful when teaching this group. Finally, in the last section, I have learned the main advantages and disadvantages when teaching a monolingual group or a multilingual group.