TEFL Testimonials

Certificate TEFL Celta
Learning difficultiesLearning difficulties also called learning disabilities or learning disorders are problems that affect the brain's ability to receive, process, analyze, or store information...
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Lesson PlanningThough there is a debate in whether to plan a lesson to be taught or not, I prefer planning it beforehand for some reasons...
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Centre Top TEFL
Why complete a TEFL courseThere are many reasons why someone should complete a TEFL course...
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Centre TEFL Tesl
english as a Global LanguageThe advantages and disadvantages of english as a global language are, to my mind, mainly influenced by economics, cultural politics, and freedom of information...
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Centre TEFL Certificate
Classroom Management Classroom management is the skill of organising and managing the class, having a friendly, relaxed manner and maintaining discipline...
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Centre Teaching TEFL
Classroom ManagementWhen I read this paragraph I started to think how much is the importance of classroom management, and do classroom management only means discipline and teachers control in the class...
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Centre Offering TEFL
1st language vs 2nd language acquisitionStu Jay Raj was once quoted as saying the following:”When I get really stuck into a language though, I eat, drink, sleep, and breathe the language...
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Centre Genuine TEFL
Songs in the ClassroomOn my first day as an english teacher in france, my students asked me what I had done during college...
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Best TEFL Course
British english vs American EnglishYou say either and I say either...
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Cultural Sensitivity in the ClassroomOften when we teach a class we have a group of students whose culture is very different to ours so cultural sensitivity is a very important issue...
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Accreditation TESOL TEFL
english as a Global LanguageAs a result of the conquests of Alexander the Great, greek became the trade language throughout the civilized world...
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Accreditation TEFL Online
1st vs 2nd language acquisitionMany different theories exist pertaining to the acquisition of a native language and a secondary language...
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Accreditation TEFL Diploma
Motivating Students“Unmotivated” students are a phenomenon that teachers and parents, alike, claim exists...
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Accreditation Courses TEFL
Establishing RapportRapport is an important component for a teacher to have whether they are teaching a classroom full of students or an individual student...
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Accelerated TEFL Certificate
TEFL for non native english speakers The reason why I chose this subject is that I wonder how I as a non native english speaker newly certificated as a TEFL teacher will do as a teacher...
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60 Hr TEFL
Things I'd Wish I KnownKnowing where I was going to be and what I would be doing during the six months of taking the course is at the top of things I wish I'd known...
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140 Hour TEFL
Motivating StudentsMotivation is a key factor of performance in any field, academic learning included...
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University TEFL Fees
I have learned the names for all of the grammar rules that I currently use, which will definitely be helpful when teaching...
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University TEFL
TEFL/TESOL course has been a great learning experience from beginning to end...
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University Credible TEFL
As a relatively inexperienced teacher, I have found this course to be extremely helpful in my first year of teaching...
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Universites Local TEFL
I feel that I have acquired the foundations for a number of teaching skills required to successfully teach english...
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TEFL Timetable
I feel that there are 5 main things that I have learned from the course...
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TEFL Refresher Courses
This course has reminded me that teachers must constantly be thoughtful and creative in their profession and cannot fail to pay attention to their students, their material, or anything that they bring to the classroom...
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TEFL Provider
I have found the TEFL course to be enriching and well structured...
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This course has taught me how to go beyond labeling the subject, verb, and object in order to truly explain various grammar skills to a student learning english...
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TEFL License
I have gained several things from this course...
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TEFL Legit
I can now confidently say I know how to grammatically build an english sentence...
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TEFL Forum
I believe I’ve gained a considerable amount from this course, from grammar to teaching skills...
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TEFL Examination
This course has been highly informative and enjoyable...
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I have gained a lot from the grammar components of this course...
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TEFL Courses Reviews
This course has given me a real insight into the challenges people are faced with when learning the english language...
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When I first started the course, I was skeptical about how much new knowledge I would gain after I had been teaching for a year in Korea and I had studied to be a teacher in university...
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TEFL Certificate Courses
There were several reasons motivating me to take your online teacher training course, and I have not been disappointed...
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Although being a native english speaker I have learned a great deal about the english language which had either been forgotten or never learned prior, yet most of all I have learned various teaching skills which I believe can be applied to all areas of expertise in the future and not just restricted to teaching english...
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Schools TEFL Celta
I can say that I have gained a tremendous amount of information and knowledge from this online tefl course...
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School TEFL
This course took my memories back to the year 1968, when I was intending to attend the university...
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School Fast TEFL
This course has been personally beneficial as it has helped me clarify the language which I already knew how to speak well, but could not teach well...
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