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Problems for Learners in SpainSpanish and english stem from the same root language, Latin...
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Traditional and online courses and Cheating There are many pros and cons to taking an on-line or an on-site course...
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online tefl course vs Onsiteonline tefl courses and Onsite TEFL courses both have many benefits and are working to achieve the same goal in different ways...
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Prices Good TEFL
Establishing RapportRecently, I was speaking with a successful high school teacher, who happened to be the coach for boy’s sports...
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Prices Comprehensive TEFL
Learning difficultiesLearning difficulties commonly referred to as learning disabilities, is a classification that includes several disorders in which a person has difficulties in learning...
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Motivation in the ClassroomMotivation is important because research has shown it directly impacts students’ learning...
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Pronunciation problems in BelgiumBelgium is a special country in that there are three official languages, french, Flemish (a Dutch dialect), and German...
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Price Teaching TEFL
Teaching EFL in a KindergartenTeaching children at a kindergarten level can be an extremely rewarding career...
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Preparation TEFL English
Problems for learners in Spain "European spanish speakers, in particular, probably find english pronunciation harder than speakers of any other European language...
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Preparation TEFL Certificate
Child DevelopmentEvery human being is unique and specially created to fit somewhere in the block of life...
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Preparation Teaching TEFL
Things I wish I'd known before starting this course Life can be full of surprises and challenges where you least expect them...
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Preparation Qualified TEFL
Learning Modes young learners vs AdultsWhen setting out to teach a language it can be helpful to consider the variables that influence learning...
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Preparation Intensive TEFL
Role of the teacherTeaching is one of today’s most challenging career choices because it is absolutely vital to social, cultural, and economic health...
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Organizations Discount TEFL
The ESA MethodEngage, Study and Activate, a method of teaching english Language is becoming popular within teaching programs...
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Organization Approved TEFL
online tefl courses vs Onsite TEFL coursesWhen offered the option of taking an online tefl course or an onsite TEFL course many people will say initially that they would prefer to take the onsite course...
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Organisations TEFL Tesl
Lesson planning I choose this topic because for me lesson planning is clearly a topic second to none for the beginning teacher...
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Organisations Discount TEFL
Classroom Management What is Classroom Management? Wikidepia defines classroom management as “a term used by teachers to describe the process of ensuring that classroom lessons run efficiently despite disruptive behavior by students”...
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Organisations Accredited TEFL
Business EnglishI originally decided to take this course as a means of ultimately teaching business english...
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Organisation Registered TEFL
Teaching Monolingual v Multilingual GroupsI found this topic interesting to research, as I have studied languages in my home country and have been a student in a Multi-lingual class in a foreign country...
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Onsite TEFL School
Songs in the classroomSinging nursery rhymes is one way that most children start to learn their first words alongside the acquisition of language through everyday speech...
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Onsite TEFL Diploma
Why complete a TEFL CourseHave you always wanted to do something that can change your life and the lives of others? In todays world, knowledge of english is becoming increasingly valuable and important...
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Problems for english learners in South KoreaTeaching pronunciation of english is essential, but it is often not covered by native english speakers thoroughly...
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Online TEFL Lessons
Why complete a TEFL course I am 27 years old and ever since I left high school I have been involved in education in some form...
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Online TEFL Centers
english as a Global languageDespite research stating that the chinese language is the most spoken language worldwide, it does not make chinese a global language...
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Locations Registered TEFL
Teaching VocabHarris and Hodges (1995) describe vocabulary as all the words of a language...
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Locations Courses TEFL
Cultural Sensitivity in the ClassroomCultural sensitivity is defined as “the quality of being aware and accepting of other cultures...
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Location Inclass TEFL
Cultural SensitivitySouth Africa has eleven official languages, and this makes it a rainbow nation full of cultural diversity...
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Location Accelerated TEFL
Problems for Learners in japanWith the expanding use on english as a global language, Japan has been one of the most enthusiastic nations to jump onto the english-learning bandwagon...
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Local TEFL
Multiple intellegenceAs an Interior Designer, it is often my job to profile individuals in order to further understand their needs...
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Lesson TEFL Teachers
Teaching Productive Skills The key difference between receptive skills and productive skills is their desired learning outcomes...
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Lesson Recognition TEFL
Teaching One to OneWhile the majority of english teaching courses are focussed toward the classroom environment, there are several specific areas starting to emerge in popularity...
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Lesson Plans TEFL
ClassroomManagementSince the induction of structured education, various systems of classroom management have become integral to an instructor’s method in relating to the students and conveying the lessons and materials covered in the course...
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Lesson Locations TEFL
Problems for learners in japanIn the following article I describe some problems for native japanese learners of english...
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Lesson Distance TEFL
Problems for learners in a ChinaChinese students face many difficulties when learning and practicing the english language...
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Lesson Courses TEFL
Problems for learners in JordanDuring the past four years of my life, I have tutored english language and literature to students from different ages, but with the same background, and that is them being native speakers of Arabic, in Jordan...
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Lesson Authorized TEFL
english as a Global LanguageIf we want to discuss about english as a global language, a good starting point is to consider how to recognize a global language and how this question is related to the english language? Or, to put it in a different way: what is a global language and why is a global language needed? There are various definitions or descriptions of what conditions should a language satisfy to be recognized as ‘global’, they are sometimes contradicting and not always generally accepted in professional communities or public...
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Legitimate TEFL Certificate
Motivation in the classroomMotivation is the thoughts and feelings we have that make us want to do something...
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International TEFL Courses
Foreign Language ExperienceForeign language experience is the heartbeat behind intimately knowing another culture...
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International TEFL Certificate
British english v American english“He’s a swell guy…??!! I’m really sorry but I can’t help you, Yukichan...
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Intensive TEFL Program
Why Complete a TESOL CourseTESOL, which stands for Teaching english to Speakers of Other Languages, is a comprehensive system designed to train teachers of non-native speakers...
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