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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

M.K. - Spain said:
As a relatively inexperienced teacher, I have found this course to be extremely helpful in my first year of teaching. In particular, the grammar units have proved to be very useful. As a native speaker, I don´t think about the grammar I use when I speak. It comes naturally. So, when it came to actually teaching grammar to foreign students I found myself having to do a lot of preparation and research prior to teaching the lessons so I knew exactly what I was talking about. Then, when I started the course in March, I found myself referring to the course material and the answers I had prepared for the worksheets. I have not only applied the knowledge for the units, but many of the activities that I have prepared for particular grammar sections. The information and the tasks I have undertaken have proven to be invaluable. Another key takeaway for me in this course, is the ability to prepare an adequate lesson plan. I had no idea and had never thought about doing a lesson plan prior to beginning this course. With all the practice throughout the course, I think I have nailed the technique and will be using this technique to plan my classes. In fact, the lesson in Task 1 was used on the first day of classes on Monday and it was a hit with the students! In terms of teaching techniques in the classroom, I have also taken away a lot of handy tips, particularly from Unit 10. I don´t want to be the teacher in the first video! I´m really glad I did this course, and I know I will continue to applying the knowledge and techniques I have learnt in my career as a TEFL teacher.