TEFL Testimonials

University Recognised TEFL
Troubleshooting TEFLTeachers of english as a foreign language can encounter many challenges...
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University Online TEFL
Classroom ManagementClassroom management is essential for any teacher, regardless of the skill level of the teacher, the students level, or even how many years the teacher has been in the classroom...
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University Inexpensive TEFL
Establishing Rapport Throughout my educational career, I have experienced a diverse amount of classroom settings...
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University Global TEFL
Teaching receptive skillsIn the ESL classroom, reading and listening reinforce the language skills learned in writing and speaking, expose the students to vocabulary and grammar not covered in lessons, and simulate authentic english conversation (Maxom, 2009; Broughton et al...
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University Fast TEFL
Lesson PlanningResearch says that lesson planning in considered to be important but some theorists tend to disagree, saying that it is not a good idea, because there is too much structure...
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University Diploma TEFL
Lesson Planning There are many things that a good teacher needs to do in order to affectively teach...
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University Complete TEFL
establishing rapportWhen teaching any class, the most important thing is to establish a strong rapport with your students...
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University Celta TEFL
The Case For Making english as a Second Language a Requirement for U S EducatorsAccording to Education Week (2011), a dramatic growth has taken place in the united states regarding the number of english-language learners (ELLs) throughout the first decade of the 21st century...
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University All TEFL
Teaching english through drama Teaching english in a conventional way helps students with their writing skills or producing sentences grammatically accurate but does not offer them the confidence of using the language in a communicative way, involving feelings, ideas, and/or emotions...
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Universites TESOL TEFL
Why complete a tefl courseA TEFL course is a great qualification to have and can be an advantage in teaching all around the world...
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Universites TEFL Teaching
Role of the TeacherSuccessful EFL teachers have many different qualities that make them ideal candidates to work with students; however, the best of these use their traits to fulfill the multiple roles of a teacher in the classroom...
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Universites TEFL Online
How teachers can increase their confidence in the classroomBattling shyness, stage fright, and nervousness are all things a new teacher must deal with when entering their career...
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Universites TEFL Diploma
english as a Global LanguageThe use of english globally has many repercussions on its teaching and learning...
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Universites Recommended TEFL
18 english as a Global LanguageLiving in the UK we are all told that english is the international language, but I for one had no idea what that actually meant! I knew we had to study foreign languages at school and I assumed that it was the same in most other countries as well...
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Universites Professional TEFL
Teaching skills in the classroomThe objective of language teaching is not to ‘transmit’ the teacher’s superior understanding and appreciation of such texts to pupils; it is rather, to help them experience or ‘see for themselves’ the meanings...
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Universites International TEFL
Teacher self analysis In any job or profession, it is critical to step back from the work and review one’s progress...
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Universites Higher TEFL
Multiple Intelligence Abstract Intelligence is the ability to acquire and apply, knowledge and skills (Oxford Dictionary 2012)...
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Universites Flexible TEFL
1st lanuage vs 2nd language acquisition First and second language acquisition are two different ways, in which humans develop competence in languages...
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Universites Cheaper TEFL
Teaching GrammarAs I proceed through the TEFL course, I re-learn many of those lessons used but long since forgotten in a formal sense...
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Training Courses TEFL
Teaching VocabularyVocabulary is extremely useful to students, especially during the early stages when students are motivated to learn the basic words they need to get by with the english language...
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Top TEFL Courses
Why complete a TEFL courseFor me the motivation for taking a TEFL course started as a dream to be able to someday retire and take my wife back to her home country of Cambodia...
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Top TEFL Centers
Teaching EFL in the KindergartenAsk any child development specialist how young children learn and they could answer it with one word - PLAY...
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The TEFL International
Problems for learners of english in SpainIn Spain the problems that arise from teaching english can be divided into pronunciation difficulties, vocabulary, grammar, spelling and punctuation as well as the cultural and geographical differences...
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Pronunciation problems of english learners in South KoreaThere are many problems and pronunciation issues that can arise when english learners are trying to improve their skills...
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Problems for Learners in japanIn 2009, I enrolled in my first japanese language course...
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Multiple Intelligence In 1983, Harvard University psychologist Howard Gardner proposed the multiple intelligence theory in his book, Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences, According to Gardner, traditional views of human intelligence are too limited, and most educational assessments do not test the full range of human intelligence...
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TEFL TESOL Certificate
Seating arrangements in the classroomA comfortable, friendly, and colorful classroom establishes a very positive learning and social environment for your students...
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TEFL Teacher Course
english as a Global LanguageEnglish as a global lingua Franca is becoming increasingly apparent...
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TEFL Residential Courses
British vs American EnglishThis topic interests me as with the aim of teaching ESOL, is there a better english to use or does it not matter, and a blend of both should be taught? Having travelled and taught in both the United Kingdom and north america, I am well versed in recognising the main differences in speech and spelling between the two regions...
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TEFL Registered
British vs American EnglishCurrently in the teaching english industry there is a great for some issue, or debate about teaching British english vs...
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TEFL Recognition
Teaching EFL in a KindergartenWhether through english immersion or separate language lessons, english as a Foreign Language (EFL) is a growing field in kindergartens around the world, with native speakers increasingly being employed in such roles...
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TEFL Quick
Motivation in the classroomFor me motivating the students is one of the most important parts of a teacher's job...
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TEFL Providers
english as a Global LanguageFor years the english language has grown to dominate linguistics around the world...
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TEFL Prices
TEFL Paper DialectHow is a culture defined? What defines cultural differences and country borders? One of the most important aspects of culture is language...
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TEFL Online Uk
Songs in the classroomThe use of songs in the language-learning classroom is very helpful at times...
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TEFL Legitimate
Peculiarities of the english LanguageEnglish language was born in England...
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TEFL Internationally
Pronunciation problems in ChileSantiago de Chile, the cosmopolitan capital of Chile, has been emerging as one of the strongest countries financially in the Southern Hemisphere...
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TEFL Highly Recommended
Through New EyesAround the beginning of the Twentieth Century, my grandparents left their old lives behind in Eastern Europe and sailed over a vast ocean, that, at the time, separated them all but irrevocably from the past...
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