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R.A. - Egypt said:
Classroom Management
When I read this paragraph I started to think how much is the importance of classroom management, and do classroom management only means discipline and teachers control in the class. No, I don't think so; there are other factors to be considered. To be able to have a successful classroom management, students should have in the class the same feeling as home. Students should feel secure and safe too. I found out that classroom environment is the first impression the students get when they enter. So there are some factors to be considered such as the arrangement of the physical space, storage space, and the place of the board, the light, the walls and how it can be used. Classroom arrangement should be planned carefully according to the size of the classroom, also according o the age of the students. Sometimes teachers will have to change the classroom arrangement according to the type of activity they are practicing. Also arrangement of the class depends on the number of the students in the class. Also the light in the classroom, there should be enough light in the class, but sometimes sunlight from windows will cause light reflection on the board, so in this case curtains will be needed. The color of the walls should be relaxing, and the walls need to be full of nice colorful charts of the students work. There is also the teacher's desk and materials, the teacher's desk should be in the centre of the class, the teacher should be able to see all students. Finally the students' staff should be in an accessible place, students should be able to get their stuff without difficulty and without interrupting the class. So you see when you look at these factors you will find if the class is well organized, the students can sit comfortably, feel they can access to their stuff without trouble, and everything in the class is in its right place, students will feel safe and secure and I think this is the first step for a successful classroom management.