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R.A. - U.S.A. said:
Why complete a TEFL courseThere are many reasons why someone should complete a TEFL course. I know that many schools overseas do not require their teachers to have any kind of teaching qualifications. As a result, many people jump at the opportunity to live overseas and they did not make enough preparations when it came to preparing themselves for life as a teacher. Some of the teachers might go the extra step of buying a book about teaching but this in no way prepares them for what they are about to experience. Also many schools, especially the private ones, offer no training whatsoever for their new teachers. The schools hire them (teachers) and do the visa work for them and then right after the teachers arrive in the country, they are practically teaching the next day. These teachers have to learn as the go without any form of training and this is not a very good thing for the teacher or their students. Of course some teachers adjust after a few months but if they had taken a TEFL course things might go smoother for them. I believe that TEFL courses give the teachers some of the training they might need to run a classroom. Most of us (teachers) have no teacher’s training so a TEFL course gives us the confidence and knowledge of teaching that we need to run a classroom. The course teaches us the basic (and not so basic) things that we will need to run a classroom. TEFL courses teach the teachers how to do lesson planning and explain the basic grammar structures that they would need to know in order to teach their students. I personally have never completed a lesson plan before this course and now I have a few lesson plans already! Also unless a person was an english major or an Education major at their university, most people have not dealt with learning some of the grammatical structures since childhood. These are structures (such as tenses and conditionals) that we use everyday and know how to produce but we would not know how to explain. For example tenses, all native english speakers naturally knows how to produce language in different tense but if you ask us to explain how and why we use certain tenses, most would not know how to explain. I did not know how to explain tenses before taking this course. A TEFL course goes over some grammatical structures that most us have not been taught since childhood. This acts as a refresher course and even in some instances an introduction. In addition to going over different teaching methods, TEFL courses are designed to help teachers learn how to teach students whose first language in not english and whose culture might be very different from their own. So a TEFL course also offers insight into some of the common problems that a teacher might have with teaching in a different culture. The course also offers suggestions for activities that could elevate some of the common problems that new teachers might face. Also TEFL courses usually use teachers that have had some experience teaching abroad. This is useful because they serve as a valuable resource for the people taking this course and they have once been in the position that some of these people are in, so they are able to provide them with good advice and resources. In conclusion, taking a TEFL course would be a very valuable thing to do for new teachers and even for an experienced one as well. This course will help with things that a new teacher had not even considered and will gave them teaching ideas that they can use in the future. Furthermore, the course material serves as a reference that the teachers can use even after the course has been completed. Overall taking a TEFL course is a good decision for teachers hoping to go abroad and teach.