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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

S.B. - Canada said:
There were several reasons motivating me to take your online teacher training course, and I have not been disappointed. Initially I realized that one must have practical strategies in order to inspire students, enabling them to have the courage to begin speaking in a foreign language. Your course fulfilled this need many times over. I also recognized that I had the distance in years from my own education to contend with. Your grammar lessons brought me up-to-date and filled a few gaps to boot. My desire to be helpful in our multi-cultural society through church programs depended on having modern day expertise in teaching english. This I now have with the expectation of continuing to study through perusing the excellent reference books and online resources that you have suggested. From the start you gave a thorough explanation of the course aims and content. Your units were well crafted, ensuring a gradual buildup of knowledge. Then I was allowed to proceed at my own pace which proved very helpful. Having a good tutor was terrific as I received gentle correction as needed, further insights and lots of encouragement for my efforts. Unit One supplied a good foundation for future units. It helped me to focus on the attributes and role of the teacher, and to appreciate how the differences of age, ability, language level and motivation affect the student. I found Unit Two wonderfully refreshing and well presented. In it I found my weak spots: gerunds and auxiliary verbs! My tutor’s sharp eye and gentle correction with heaps of encouragement were much appreciated. Unit Three presented an excellent overview of teaching methodology. I was introduced to the Engage, Study and Activate lesson stages and felt I was really getting somewhere. All through the course you provided wonderful teaching ideas for every part of a lesson. Unit Four supplied the basis for learning grammar that impacted all the subsequent grammar Units, and I felt brought up to date with modern terminology. Unit Five supplied a thorough examination of classroom organization and management, presenting extremely helpful tips of all kinds. You taught me to keep teacher talking time to a minimum by using gestures, mime, pictures, etc. I really liked your advice to “basically keep it simple”. Unit Seven had many ideas for teaching vocabulary, grammatical structures and language functions; furthermore, in lesson nine you introduced me to a well organized, meticulous lesson planning format. Here I cut new ground with my first sample lesson plan task. I enjoyed the lesson 10 video; and found all your worksheets both challenging and enjoyable, giving me a real sense of accomplishment. Throughout your lessons, you suggested ways to get students interacting which I found especially helpful. I really looked forward to Unit 13 as I am a phonics advocate, and had a wonderful opportunity to voice my ideas and appreciation for your diagrams and general guidelines. Another challenge I enjoyed was doing the lesson plan based on authentic material in the worksheet for Unit 14. I was so pleased to get the newspaper article I used online and to reproduce it as a worksheet! In Unit 16, I got a little careless with reported speech; but with my tutor’s insightful help, learn it I did! That experience taught me to be meticulous with the grammar in Unit 18, and it was sheer delight to find out that I had aced it! Thank you for your excellent catalogue of online resources in Unit 17, and the interesting insights into teaching children as opposed to adult business students in Unit 19. I now know how to make my lessons “fun, varied, lively, involving and interesting” for all manner of students. I still have not made up my mind as to which free course to take, but my tutor told me how to get more information which I shall do shortly. By now I am sure I have convinced you that I thoroughly enjoyed the course with all of its new ideas and challenges. In conclusion, the online International TEFL Teacher Training (ITTT) course proved to be the very practical course that I was looking for to supply all the needed strategies, whether grammatical, lexical or functional to make my ESL work effective. Thank you!