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S.O. - Canada said:
This course took my memories back to the year 1968, when I was intending to attend the university. I wanted to register in the english language department at “Baghdad University”, because of my excellent background in english at the high school. My studies at “Baghdad College” were all in english language, because “B.C.” was run by the “Jesuit Fathers”. Yet my dream did not turn to reality because of my parents pressing on me to be a Math teacher rather than to be an english teacher. After all these years, I see myself again, standing for another challenge to become an english teacher! What a coincidence! And at this age wow! Frankly talking, I did find a lot of things new to me, related to teaching strategies. I took this course in recommendation of my chair of the Academic Upgrading at Columbia College in Calgary, Canada, where I was teaching math. Here I am standing at the last step of accomplishing the course. I have learned so many various teaching skills, which I believe that they could be applied to all areas of teaching and not just restricted to teaching english. For sure, this course will leave the doors wide open toward implementing this expertise in the future endeavors. This course provides me with all requirements necessary to enter any english classroom with full confidence and perform an excellent lesson.