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W.H. - South Africa said:
I have been teaching in South Korea for the past 18 months. Most of the course has had relevance to my classroom experience. While studying I could see that many of the areas of the unit I was already doing without knowing, but there were things I was not doing and the course allowed me to see this. The most important part of the course was the grammar sections. I am a first language speaker and thus was never thought grammar in detail it was just natural to me. This course has given me a working understanding, which allows me to explain to students better why they need to write or say something in a certain form. The course also provided many resources for me from the internet. I can now use varied sites to find different ways of presenting what I am teaching. My lessons are now more interesting and the students are happier. The focus on lesson planning was also important for me as where I work we are not required to make these. We teach directly from text books. I feel lesson planning is now a skill which I have and will aid future teaching. Overall I felt I have benefited from the course though I think I would have had greater benefit if I completed the course before I started teaching or in the first few months of my teaching.

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