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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

A. L. - South Korea said:
I feel I have gained much from this course. The grammar lessons gave me a deeper understanding of not only the mechanics of the english language, but also how to teach these mechanics to students. In general, each of the 20 units offered many interesting teaching ideas as well as other resources that are helpful to ESL teachers. Although I have been teaching ESL for nearly two years, before this course, I felt like I was mainly ‘winging it’ with my lessons. This course helped to clarify what things I am doing well in my classroom and what areas need improvement. For example, the framework of my lessons had felt disjointed at times. Learning the concept of ESA helped with not just what content I should present, but also how to present the information. I specifically enjoyed the two example videos of an ESL lesson done poorly followed by one done well. I have already had an opportunity to put what I’ve learned to use, teaching a three week english camp this summer. I had students of all ages and skill levels and I feel that putting into action classroom management skills (pairing weaker students with stronger ones etc.) and ESA lessons, I was able to run a more organized and smoother camp than in years past. In the future I plan to teach ESL in the united states. I don’t know what that situation will entail (private tutoring, teaching adults, multilingual/ monolingual classes etc.) but I look forward to continuing to utilize the skills learned from this course. In general, this course taught me a good deal while also making me realize how much more there is yet to learn. I think the biggest thing I will take away from this course is a deeper understanding of ESL and a new found sense of excitement for the endless potential that comes with teaching.