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Pronunciation problems for english language learners in japanProper pronunciation is one of the fundamental aspects of developing a new language skill...
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Building confidence in studentsAs one self-confessed language addict once commented, there is no substitute in the language learning process for ‘real ego-crushing interaction’ with native speakers (1a), or in other words language learning is a humbling experience...
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TEFL Eu Citizen
Qualities and roles of a good teacherFive Important Qualities of a Good teacher: I will begin with what I believe to be the top five qualities of a good teacher: 1...
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TEFL Diploma Courses
english as a global languageOften I have thought about the benefits of having a truly global language...
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TEFL Courses Providers
How Teachers Can Increase Their Confidence in the ClassroomEnglish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and is the most widely used second language, unifying the world within such areas as science, commerce, aviation, and the internet (1)...
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TEFL Courses Companies
Teaching EFL in KindergartenI chose this topic based upon both the experiences I’ve already had and those I hope to have as an EFL teacher...
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TEFL Course English
Teaching Beginner StudentsAbsolute beginners in english can be distinguished from false beginners...
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TEFL Course Company
Pronunciations problems inIn recent years, english has become a required part of the japanese curriculum, similar to science, math, and social studies...
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TEFL Course
Problems for learners in South KoreaMany teachers going to teach english overseas in South Korea may wonder what problems learners in South Korea will face when they are being taught english by a Western teacher...
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TEFL Combined Course
Teaching large classes Typically teaching smaller classes is easier and less time consuming than teaching a large group...
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TEFL Certification Courses
Cultural Sensitivity in the classroomPart of the reason that anyone would take a TEFL course is because they envision themselves teaching english to people of another culture or background...
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TEFL And Celta
Child developmentOne of the many challenges facing South African teachers is cultural diversity in the classroom...
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TEFL Address
Teaching VocabularyIt is often said that in terms of language, grammar is like the trunk of a tree, while vocabulary and functions are the leaves which add beauty, variety and elegance...
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TEFL Abroad
Problems for learners in japanMany times, inexperienced Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) for english in Japan face difficulties in and out of class because no one gives them a warning that says, “Hey, here are the problems that japanese learners have to deal with when studying english...
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Schools TEFLe
Peculiarities of the english languageThe english language does have many peculiarities and the word itself has many synonyms - abnormality, affectation, attribute, bizarreness, character, distinctiveness, eccentricity, feature, foible, freakishness, gimmick, idiosyncrasy, kink, mannerism, mark, odd trait, particularity, property, quality, queerness, quirk, savor, shtick, singularity, slant, specialty, trait, twist, unusualness...
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Schools TEFL Cert
Problems for learners in ChinaWhile traveling with my husband in Asia, I used a program designed for journalists covering the Olympic Games in Beijing called “Say it Right in chinese,” which came with a book and a CD...
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School Week TEFL
Problems for Sri Lankan Tamils learning EnglishFor Sri Lankan Tamils learning the english language there a various difficulties, which I am going to discuss in this article...
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School Global TEFL
Phonetics When teaching phonetics or phonology, the biggest question I have seen teachers face is whether to teach a bottom up approach based on graphemes and blends, or whether to use a top down approach based on sight-reading...
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School Comprehensive TEFL
Establishing rapport Establishing rapport means we want to impress people, build a friendship or get kind of fondness from others...
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Reputable TEFL Schools
Volunteer Teaching I volunteered to teach conversation english at the International Center in New York City...
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Recommended TEFL Classes
Foreign Language ExperienceI chose this topic not only because I will be teaching english as a foreign language, but also because I enjoy learning foreign languages...
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Recognised TEFL Language
Options for TeachersWith Western and European economies not being as stable as they have been in the past, teachers are looking at different employment options...
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Recognised TEFL Cities
Teaching EFL in a Kindergarten The english language holds the position of 'language of the world' and is the language most used internationally within business, science and international relations and communication...
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Rates Legitimate TEFL
Teacher Self-AnalysisThe importance of teacher self-analysis is a vital component to ensure a dynamic and successful learning environment...
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Rates Global TEFL
Cultural sensitivity in the classroomI have decided to select the topic “cultural sensitivity in the classroom,” because I feel “cultural sensitivity” is of utmost significance and relevance in today’s teaching environment...
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Rates Celta TEFL
The role of the teacherAt the beginning of the course I remember struggling with a particular task that dealt with me choosing what I believed to be the five most important roles of the teacher in the classroom...
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Rate Global TEFL
Phonetics PhonologyPurpose: To explore pronunciation, phonetics, and phonology, the most vital aspects of communication, as the most neglected of english language teaching; and how phonological awareness and analysis uncovers a new dimension for effective communication...
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Rate Diploma TEFL
Teaching receptive skillsThis research article will look at teaching receptive skills, of which consists of reading and writing...
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Quick TEFL Lessons
Why Complete a TEFL CourseWhy complete a TEFL course? Because teaching is difficult...
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Qualified TEFL Lessons
How teachers can increase their confidence in the classroomIn the classroom environment it is crucial that as the teacher you exhibit a high confidence level...
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Qualified TEFL
Cultural Sensitivity in the classroomTeaching is widely believed to one of the most fundamental and essential elements in human life...
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Providers Registered TEFL
Teaching EFL in a KindergartenSome of the most important values that a child must learn and understand as early as age five are as follows:...
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Providers Comprehensive TEFL
Problems for Learners in EcuadorThe education systems throughout the world are a common struggle for many countries, even hitting home here in the united states...
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Providers Cheap TEFL
Course Review and analysisInternational TEFL Teacher Training (ITTT) is an online english course...
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Provider Accredited TEFL
Problems for learners in ChinaChina is a fast developing country where english learning has become popularly demanded for both educational and business purposes...
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Programs TEFL English
Why complete a TEFL course It is a general consensus that english language is the most widely spoken language in the world and wildly learned by many people as a second language...
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Programs Local TEFL
online tefl Courses VS Onsite TEFL CoursesIn life, we all have obstacles and tasks that must be completed...
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