TEFL Testimonials

Institute Teaching TEFL
english as a global languageIn April 2000 when Pope John Paul II visited the Middle East large crowds gathered to listen to his address...
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Institute Local TEFL
Classes of Mixed AbilityI find this subject particularly interesting, especially in an adult english class...
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Institute Cheaper TEFL
Evaluation and TestingI’ve decided to prepare an article about evaluation and testing since good quality evaluation strategies and techniques are often absent from training in general and TESOL classes specifically...
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Highest TEFL Course
Why complete a TEFLUndertaking a TEFL course with a view to teaching non-native speakers is one of relatively few professional choices I believe that can be said to potentially be of ‘universal benefit...
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Global TEFL
Syllabus designThe reason I choose this particular topic for my essay is because I found myself in a lot of peculiar and embarrassing situation when teaching or as a parent, because of the syllabus of different subjects, not only english...
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Teaching EFL in a KindergartenKindergarten is an essential transition in children’s schooling...
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Formation TEFL Diploma
Why complete a TEFL course A major reason for completing a Teaching english as a Foreign Language (TEFL) course is to be able to experience a new culture firsthand while gaining work experience as a teacher...
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Flexible TEFL Courses
Globalization and EnglishThe influence of western culture is evident throughout the world...
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Flexible TEFL Centers
British vs American EnglishLearners of english will inevitably adopt the english which their teachers are familiar with...
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Fee Discount TEFL
Volunteer TeachingVolunteer work of any kind is an amazing experience, with volunteer teaching being a rewarding experience on its own level...
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Fast TEFL Centers
Multiple IntelligencesIn 1983, Howard Gardner, an education professor at Harvard University came up with his theory of multiple intelligences...
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Examination TEFL
Volunteer TeachingA volunteer is one who offers a service for little or no pay...
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Easy TEFL Course
Games in the ClassroomThe motivation and interest of students in english classes is very important to their learning experience...
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Dates TEFL Teacher
Discipline in the ClassroomThere is no “perfect” classroom setting in which to teach english, and there are neither perfect students nor teachers...
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Dates TEFL International
Large classesOne of the factors that a teacher can and cannot account for is the size of the class...
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Courses TEFL Lessons
Teaching beginner studentsTeaching english as a second/foreign language in a country outside of your own is a fulfilling occupation...
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Courses TEFL Colleges
Problems for learners of english in ChinaI am sure that volumes could be written about the problems EFL students face while learning this difficult language...
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Courses TEFL Centre
Foreign Language ExpereineceI have always been interested in the former u...
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Dates Accelerated TEFL
1st language v_ 2nd language acquisition In today's world, speaking english, as a first or second language, has become a necessity and the vast majority of us will have to learn a second language as a child, teenager or adult...
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Course TEFL Universities
Problems for learners in SpainWhen a spaniard starts to learn english they may have an advantage over some other nationalities since both spanish and english have roots in similar base languages...
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Course TEFL Fee
Problems for Learners in ItalyDuring my experience as a teacher in italy, where I live, I met several different types of students and I dealt with different types of courses; I found out some common difficulties that students may find when studying a foreign language (in our case english) in our country...
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Cost Top TEFL
Problems for learners in SPAINSpanish learners are sometimes a little reluctant to learning english or any other foreign language...
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Cost TEFL English
Pronunciation problems in ItalyWhile on the streets of Rome, Italy one can close their eyes and imagine the Rome Empire still exists...
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Cost Diploma TEFL
Motivating Students Motivating students, particularly in a classroom setting can be very challenging as each student brings different backgrounds, cultures, interests, and reasons for deciding to learn english...
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Cost Celta TEFL
Teaching StylesThere are five teaching styles often referred to as the following, The Expert, The Formal Authority, The Demonstrator, The Facilitator and the Delegator...
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Cost All TEFL
Pronunciation_ProblemsEffective pronunciation is critical to any oral conversation activity inside the classroom and conversations outside the class, yet as noted in “Unit 13 Teaching Pronunciation and Phonology” of the International TEFL and TESOL Training course, phonics is one of the most neglected aspects of english language instruction...
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Company Recognition TEFL
Teaching StylesTeaching english as a foreign language may not come as naturally as I may expect...
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Companies TEFL Weekend
english As A Global LanguageEnglish, a Germanic language, spoken by millions of people today is one of the most widespread and most commonly used languages in the world...
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Combined TEFL Classes
Motivating StudentsMotivation is an important part of students being able to learn a language effectively...
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Colleges TEFL English
Correction TechniquesPart of helping students improve their language skills involves correcting the students in their speech...
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Colleges Teaching TEFL
Role of the Teacher The main role of ESL teachers is the facilitation of language learning by using specific teaching methods...
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Colleges Fulltime TEFL
Classroom ManagementClassroom management can be one of the most difficult and challenging situations a teacher is confronted with...
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College Global TEFL
Problems for learners in KoreaMany people aspire to teach english as a second language abroad...
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College Celta TEFL
english as a global language There are over 400 million native english speakers and over 700 million people speak english as a foreign language...
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Class TEFL Teaching
Comparative Teaching MethodologiesWhen talking about comparative teaching methodologies, specifically for english as a second language, we are looking into different ways in which to teach english to a non-native speaker...
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Class Authorized TEFL
Problems for Learners in ThailandLeaning english is a substantial problem in Thai education and there has been much research in this area...
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Cheapest TEFL Language
Motivating students The english language presents challenges to many new learners, however certain learners will have specific problems with english depending on their native language and culture...
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Certified TEFL
Volunteer TeachingTeaching english as a Second Language as a volunteer teacher can be both challenging and rewarding and is an ideal way to launch an inexperienced teacher’s TEFL career...
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