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This unit explores the wide variety of resources that a teacher can use in the classroom. We look at the materials and technologies that are available and how to use them to improve your lessons. The unit also contains a useful list of online resources.The idea to design a math teaching aid came about while Emily was teaching math classes to the students.With free tools it is possible to create teaching materials, animations, simulations, and so on. English teachers in teaching in itself Some teachers used the traditional teaching methods. The traditional teaching method is the most prominent feature of the teaching methods and backward cramming, because this kind of traditional teaching method is simple and convenient, not much use and the use of advanced teaching equipment, can undertake teaching. Although some schools lack advanced teaching equipment, but some teachers for simple and convenient use, not serious consideration, don't move teaching reform on a book, equipment, and a mouth of chalk on English teaching, the students in class, in the lack of base of advanced teaching equipment and methods of class can passively crammed, classroom depressing, inefficiency, this is the middle school English teaching, one of the biggest drawbacks seriously influenced the improvement of teaching quality. (2) the enthusiasm of student learning English is not high, learning tasks are overweight Students learn English without mobilizing the enthusiasm. Students in learning English, the goal is clear. At the beginning of learning English and feel fresh and under the certain kung fu, but learning for a long time, then feel uninteresting. Teachers in teaching and not a very good guide students to learn English, which is not fully aroused the enthusiasm. Because the student learning drab, master new knowledge, everyday want to finish the homework, students feel a heavy pressure, produced weariness. (3) English teaching lack language environment Learning English is one of the difficulties in English language environment, and organize the teaching of Chinese students are very favorable. (4) due to the students' intelligence and non-intelligent factors, there was a serious polarization Intelligence is a potential, yet to determine the definition. Generally, people should include the intellectual ability of thinking, memory, observing ability, concentration and imagination. Its comprehensive index called a person's intelligence quotient, in a certain sense reflects a person's intelligence. Intelligence quotient, the higher the clever man, no doubt, the clever students, learning potential is bigger also. People's non-intellective factor is directly involved in the process of cognition psychological factors, in addition to the influence factors of intelligence, the other person's cognitive process is called the psychological factors, such as interest non-intelligent factors, the will, the ego control ability and character of bearing frustrations and optimistic about others emotion understanding ability, etc. Psychologists through a lot of psychological experiments and analysis the following formula: generalized product = OS + dynamic system, Success = intelligence + non-intelligence factor. Explanation of human intelligence, equivalent to machine operation system of non-intellectual factors of power system to machine. Suppose a full automation capability with the manufacturer of power system, if machinery, even more advanced operating system, it is difficult to guarantee the quality and quantity of the product. A high IQ, was very clever students, if self-consciousness is not strong, adventurous and inert lot, again good intelligence is not, it is impossible to get good grades. OR (A) of the English teachers in their own deficiencies in the teaching Some teachers accustomed to traditional teaching methods. Traditional teaching methods most notable feature is to use spoon and poor teaching methods, because the traditional teaching method is simple and save time, do not have to rack their brains and use of advanced teaching equipment, teaching can be had. Although some schools lack the advanced teaching facilities, but some teachers to plan simple and save time, do not use their brains to consider education reform issues seriously, do not want to carry teaching equipment, rely on a book, a few pieces of chalk and a mouth on teaching English in class chalk and talk, the students were in the absence of advanced means of classroom teaching equipment and can only passively accept the indoctrination classes boring, ineffective, this is the current high school English teaching one of the biggest drawbacks of seriously affected the improvement of teaching quality.(B) of the students enthusiasm for learning English is not high, excessive learning task Students learning English did not fully mobilize the enthusiasm. Students in learning English, the purpose is not clear enough. Start learning English, are fresh and under a certain skill, but learning a long time, it was boring. The teacher has not added a good guide, leading students enthusiasm for learning English is not fully aroused. As students learn monotonous, not to master new knowledge, a huge amount of work every day, students are under very heavy pressure, but also enable students to produce weary. (C) the lack of English language environment One of the difficulties of learning English is the lack of language environment, and organizing teaching English for Chinese students was very favorable. (D) The student's own intellectual and non-intellectual factors, there has been a serious polarization. From the right at this stage of the teaching methods, teaching contents and teaching management and equipment problems. Raised the spirit of strengthening the teaching force and improve the teaching facilities, enhancing the teaching content and improve the teaching management and so on. To enhance self-study, to carry out independent innovation, to develop students practical learning objectives, improve operational capability of students in practice. To carry out the university's food teaching Protestant Reformation.