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Here Below you can check out the feedback (for one of our units) of one of the 16.000 students that last year took an online course with ITTT!

This unit helped me to see what a good lesson plan might look like, but also reinforced the need for balance, flexibility, and paying attention to the needs of your particular class. A more detailed lesson plan can act like training wheels for a new teacher, and whether or not the lesson plans eventually adapt and change in structure and level of detail will depend on the teacher's experience and the circumstances of the classroom(s). No matter the level of detail, though, the lesson plan should remain simple enough to easily be referred to briefly throughout the lesson. In other words, it shouldn't be scripted and should allow for the lesson to fill in naturally and organically around the planned points. Although teaching yoga is vastly different from teaching English as a foreign language, I have actually used lesson planning of sorts to prepare for teaching yoga classes. Even though I cannot refer to this written plan while teaching as I could in an English classroom, it helps me to feel more prepared and confident in front of the class. I write down the sequence of postures that I plan to teach, and then I decide on a particular posture to focus on and demonstrate more in-depth than the others, giving the students more time to experiment with that particular posture. I also plan out how much time to dedicate to that activity so that class doesn't run over. But despite this planning, it occasionally happens that before I get to that planned mini "posture clinic," I notice a much more pressing need of the class as a whole--and so I am flexible and adjust my plan on the fly. This type of flexibility has come with experience and with my growing ability to "read" the students--and I know that the same thing will have to happen in an English classroom. After looking through the sample lesson plan and sample materials, I feel much less overwhelmed by the task of creating lesson plans and can see how helpful they can be in an English classroom, as not only an aid during preparation and teaching, but as a record to look back on and tweak as necessary.