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Upon completion of this unit I know understand about the challenges that a TESOL teacher and non-native English speaking student will experience during activities focused on how to produce language. I
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Unit 15 looks at different ways of evaluating student's levels and progress,as well as some of the common external exams that are well known to the world and can be beneficial for students to take y
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I had to re-do this test because page stopped working, so I'm not very happy about that. However, the unit was once again very useful, however I wish that there were more example to explain the transi
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From this unit, I was highly impressed by the available resource materials that were listed in the unit. I never imagined that there were so many materials addressing so many different areas of langu
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Past tenses play an important role in English teaching. Students need to be taught on how to use past tenses as the may be incorrectly used if not well explained to the learners. This chapter has taug
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This unit made the Active/Passive voice and the Modal and Phrasal verbs were in some sense clearly understood. However, there were aspects of this unit that were extremely challenging. Understanding
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Heath Springs
The past tense unit has allowed me to review the past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous tenses in their different forms and uses as they are an important factor when te
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Unit 12 introduces teaching productive skills. Both speaking and writing are equally important. A teacher must arouse the need and the desire in his/her students to practise communication. He/she shou
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Hickory Grove
his unit covered a different ways of assessing students’ language level and they are tutorial, evaluation by the students and tests. First, tutorials are taken place with a whole groups or with the
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Reading and listening are certainly important in the acquisition of language although it is also true that some students depending on their personal learning style may struggle more with one or more o
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In this Unit i learnt about the Theories,Methods and Techniques.I learnt about EFL methodology,mistakes and feedback.Here we read about different methodologies and which one is best..I come to know ab
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Holly Hill
In this lesson I learned to plan a lesson using a lesson plan sheet. In addition I learned a straight arrow method on how to use the lesson plan given. The lesson sheet had various points to follow. S
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This unit offer teaching equipment which includes some of these; white/blackboard, interactive whiteboard, visual aids, video and DVD, dictionary, course book, computers, etc and the necessary require
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Honea Path
The future tense unit has taught me about the correct ways to construct the sentences. I have found the teaching ideas that follow each of the future tenses to be extremely useful as this unit is very
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There are many different problems that could arise when teaching English as a Foreign Language course. Luckily, there are so many resources out there to diffuse any sort of situation and complication.
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For a teacher to manage a classroom effectively, they must be willing to listen, be flexible and establish rapport with students as early on as possible. Every aspect from seating arrangements to the
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The unit focuses on the assessment of student's language abilities v?a three different ways namely, tutorial, evaluation by student and test. Summarily ? learned that the tutorial is about ind?v?dual
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Testing is key to understanding the language level and subsequent acquisition and retention of a student. Additionally, many EFL students will go on to take external tests which may have an important
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James Town
In this unit I have learnt the importance of teaching effectively through the use of methods, theories and techniques. I have also found that teaching using the methods given in this unit is effective
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I really like this unit. I think I'm starting to understand most of the rule that go along with grammar. I like that all the examples were easy to follow. I also think the condition are good to unders
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This unit is very similar to unit 3 in terms of understanding the different ESA structures when designing a lesson plan. When teaching vocabulary or grammar, a straight arrow methods is (but not alwa
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Unit 6 informs about the past tenses. The usages, form, common mistakes, and sample activate teaching ideas are demonstrated for all the four past tense forms. I especially like the parallels to the p
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Over view 1.) Future tense: subject + verb Indicates Action in the Future Positive- They will go Negative-They will not go Questio
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The Unit 16 returns to the English grammar of conditionals and reported speech. And through this Unit I was able to take a close look at the different forms of conditional sentences and how to teac
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Watching and comparing the videos in this lesson was truly interesting. From the first lesson I think the theme of confusion is evident from the beginning to the end of this lesson. The second lesson
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Kiawah Island
This unit explains the four basic skills in any language. This skills are reading, writing, speaking and writing. there are two groups of skills the productive skills and the receptive skills. in addi
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Unit 5 is all about managing classes. In the beginning, it makes the reader aware of the fact that it’s important both to have a friendly, relaxed atmosphere and to maintain discipline in the class.
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When approached with certain problems in the classroom, teachers should be prepared to deal with the issues and have a variety of methods for a possible solution. In every classroom, establishing a ra
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Lake City
The teacher's physical behavior in the classroom is a very important part of study process. It is possible to understand whether the establishment of trust and understanding between the teacher and th
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Lake View
In this unit I learned about how a teacher’s attitude and afflictions towards the students can help the lesson become effective. I understood how important the relationship between the students and
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Teachers need to understand the importance of using equipment and teaching aids. In today's world technology has made it easy convenient to teach in schools. Using equipment and aids sometimes saves t
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I found this unit very informative and interesting because although native English speakers don't generally learn the grammatical rules behind conditional and reported speech, they use them on a daily
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I have learned about various ways to manage and engage a class and how eye contact, gestures and voice can be used effectively to build rapport with my students. I have learned about classroom managem
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This module focuses on the practical aspect of language teaching, which is the scientific and technical methods to effectively design activities for the learner I learned from the subjects of this un
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Unit 6, was way easier to understand compare to Unit 4, however I wish there were more example to see. I really think its important to include more simpler English with the explanation because it was
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The Unit 19 covers various classroom scenarios that teachers may encounter in their teaching career.And this unit takes a close look at techniques and activities that can be used when teaching specif
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Laurens County
in this unit, I believe that a good teacher needs to have the following criteria: caring, kind, patient, active and motivating. And, a good learner needs the following criteria: willingness to learn,
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Teaching English language also involves teaching special groups which may be beginners, young learners or business English class. All the groups have different needs from the other. An English languag
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Lexington County
As I have previously reviewed, verb and the consept how to use it in a grammaticly correct way builds up the base of the conveying and expressing some sertain idea or thought. Past tenses should deepe
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This unit focuses on several classroom management techniques which include; gesture, eye contact, voice, classroom arrangement, board writing, individual attention, student-teacher talk-time, instruct
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Unit 18 covers the English grammar on the concept of modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice, it looks closely at the importance of all of these items in English communication. Also, it also looks a
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Little Mountain
The unit has allowed me to challenge myself in understanding the way in which words are sounded out as the activity to transcribe the text was fun yet challenging to do. This unit has been described a
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Unit 6 covered the grammatical rules of the past tense and its four versions - past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous. When teaching tenses to a class, it is important
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Similar to Unit 4, this Unit also covers tense system,however, by examining the system and structure of past tenses. It basically elaborates four forms under past tenses. They are: past simple,past c
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Unit 12 focused on the productive skills of language learning - speaking and writing. Similar to the receptive skills, speaking and writing are equally important to understanding and communicating a l
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In this unit I have learned how modal verbs. These are verbs that show obligation, certainty, polite requests, formal requests, prohibition, necessity, ability. I have learned the degree of each modal
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The simple future is used with facts and certainties, promises, predictions, assumptions, decisions and threats. Used with will (and sometimes shall)+verb. Future continuous again emphasizes an activ
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Unit 1 deals both with good teachers’ and learners’ attributes: A good teacher should have deep knowledge of the subject and the way of teaching, but his/her rapport and interaction with the class
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Unit 10 uses two video lessons to illustrate bad and good ways of teaching. In the first video, the teacher is very distant to his students, he uses difficult language and doesn’t explain new langua
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The content of this unit deals with classroom management. The topics focused were as follows: 1)Communication: the importance of teacher presence, eye contact, gestures and voice. (2) Using student na
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