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In this unit, we reviewed the four present tense structures and their use: present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present continuous. Each form has three aspects: positive, negative,
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Abbeville County
This unit encompass Pronunciation and Phonology. Both of the two things listed above are an integral part in the teaching of the English language. I learned that intonation and stress are very importa
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Knowing your tenses is a very crucial thing to an English language teacher. Future tenses usually confuse students especially those who are still learning English as a foreign language. Students need
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This lesson emphasized techniques in teaching a new language. In the area of vocabulary, it gave methods and approaches to teaching a new language. The teaching methods referred to primarily were th
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Here is a summary of what I’ve learnt while reading the eleventh unit. There are four basic skills in any language : - Reading (receptive skill) - Listening (receptive skill) - Speaking (productive
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Anderson County
Teaching receptive skills is an exciting unit because it has allowed me to review the basics skills that I have to develop in students learning English as a foreign language. This has also given me a
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The first issue we may need to troubleshoot with a class is the first lesson itself. In order to ensure students are engaged and ready to learn, it is a good idea to take stock of the student's levels
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Arcadia Lakes
This unit talked about the different aspects of learners and teachers, as well as student language levels. I learned a lot about the different aspects of being a teacher that I never really thought ab
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Atlantic Beach
In this unit I have learned about the different past tenses in the English language. Starting with the past simple tense mainly use for actions completed at a definite time in the past. There is also
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This unit illustrates well the need for assessing our students before or during an English language class. English language teachers must understand that teaching English in foreign countries need you
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This unit covers the various forms of testing and evaluation pertaining to the study of English as a second language. The unit covers the differences between diagnostic, placement, progress and extern
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Unit 10 showed a side by side comparison of effective and non-effective teaching practices, via video of real life classrooms. The attitude of the instructor was noticeably affecting the student’s w
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The past tenses are very similar to the present tenses, with notable errors being made again in question/negative forms (most often due to the use of auxiliary verbs), along with the frequent use of i
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The main subject of this unit listed the three EFL considered tenses namely: PRESENT TENSE, PAST TENSE, FUTURE TENSE, and the four aspects to each of the mentioned tenses which are; SIMPLE, CONTINUOUS
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This lesson focuses on how a teacher's engagement and treatment of students and lessons can have a large impact on their confidence, and thus ability to really engage with the target language. A tense
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Beaufort County
This unit covered three important parts and they are modal auxiliary, passive voice and phrasal verbs and relative clauses. First, Modal auxiliary verbs can be used to express a number of different i
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Pronunciation and stress are important areas of English to practice, and while the exact pronunciation of any word or phrase is highly contextual, there are overall patterns that students should learn
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This unit covered how to evaluate the appropriacy of and and plan lessons around new vocabulary and structure within an TESL context. It is very important to choose both at the right level for your st
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Berkeley County
Planning a lesson is a way to "assemble" all of the previously covered points. It's where you use a certain pattern of an ESA lesson, fill it with a content (which depends on what is needed to be taug
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In this Unit, I have learnt as followings: 1) Acquired the definition of definite article, indefinite article, countable nouns, uncountable nouns, adjectives, comparatives, superlatives, verbs, trans
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Expressing the future in English can be a little difficult for students at first because there are so many different tenses – future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continu
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This lesson mentioned the concepts of Receptive and Productive Language which encompass teaching any language to language learning students. The main focus was on the Receptive Language skills. Our r
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This Unit emphasizes on many different aspects of classroom management. Classroom management is the skill of organizing and managing the class,having a friendly,relaxed manner and maintaining discipl
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The Unit 10 is based around the two contrasting ESA videos that have been filmed in an actual English language classroom by using real students of English. By watching and comparing the two videos
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Lesson planning is extremely if not one of the most important elements in teaching English effectively. Lesson plans are used as an aid to planning, act as a working document, and also serve as a reco
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This was a complicated and challenging week but very useful. It highlighted the different categories of tenses and how to identify them, as well as what functions they serve in a sentence. This week b
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Receptive skills are reading and listening and productive skills are speaking and writing. Both sets of skills are of equal importance. Teaching receptive skills require attentiveness from the teacher
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This unit focused on class room management, proper discipline methods, and the importance of maintaining organization in the classroom to keep the students’ education central to the lesson. As the s
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The lesson covers the two areas of language that are focused on in language learning: Receptive Skills and Productive Skills. The unit states that one communicates because one has a purpose, something
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Briarcliffe Acres
Teaching materials allow teacher to perform long-term planning, aiming on mastering a certaing english proficiency level by students (having developed a whole complex of receptive and productive skikl
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Unit 3 teaches important theories, methods, and techniques for language classes. It begins with an overview of different methodologies. All of them have their own advantages and disadvantages and may
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This unit talking about how to teach the English language to different classes of learners which includes beginners individual student, children, business English for adults and monolingual and multil
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Calhoun Falls
In the unit, it covers teaching productive skills which entail speaking and writing which are equally important skills to master for the students. The unit has taught me the difference between fluency
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This unit show "past tenses" which is one of the three known EFL tenses in English language and its four aspects which is the "simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous". In this unit, I lear
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This unit expresses it well that the attitude of the teacher towards his students during a lesson determines the success or failure of a lesson. Most teachers think that it is the attitude of students
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In this unit, we reviewed the most common and necessary parts of speech; articles (definite or indefinite); nouns and their various classifications (count, non-count, transitive, intransitive); verbs
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Using coursebooks and materials in the classroom is an important factor to consider when structuring the classroom learning environment. Every coursebook will cover different kinds of material, and so
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When analyzing a course book a teacher must consider price, availability, design, methodology employed, skills, difficulty, syllabus, topic, teacher’s guide, and supporting materials. It is also imp
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Unit 5 Overview Managing a class is serious affairs as this will have serious repercussions in the future if not done right from the word GO. Teachers have different per
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Central Pacolet
In this unit I was able to learn how to deal with the common problems in teaching, mostly in the first class. I was introduced to methods on establishing rapport in class. Some of the procedures that
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Lesson plans are meant to be flexible guiding documents to help orient and record what you want to accomplish for both teachers and students. They act as a good record for when you need to go back and
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English is basically a universal language and as such must follow some basic rules of writing. This brings about the subject of writing in the correct form to give it meaning. Thus we come to the s
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Charleston County
This unit refers to teaching a new language that includes the vocabulary, grammar and function of the language being taught. I have learnt that when teaching English as a foreign language that the les
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This unit focuses on how to "Teaching New Language" by introducing the teaching vocabulary, grammatical structures, teaching language functions. In this unit, I learned how to Recruit those tools as
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Cherokee County
This unit covered about the equipment and teach aids in the classroom. These teaching aids were believed that can help the teachers make the lessons more interesting, effective and less dependent on
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Unit 15 describes the advantages of and the need for evaluation and testing. An overt and ongoing feedback procedure helps students to find out their level and progress. Some institutions also demand
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Teaching modal verbs can be done through role-play, establishing rules and regulations, and through signs. In English, the "two voices"- Active and Passive- in the active voice the focus is on the age
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If we follow simple rules of English we should be able to see light at the end of the tunnel in this unit, English has three different times. Past Present Future. The above then must b
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I feel this unit accurately describes the many different roles that both we, as teachers and learners, need to actively engage in to gain the most out of a course we are both participating in. For exa
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Overview 1). Past Tense: definition used to express completed action in the past. Past Simple e.g. Positive :I smoked the cigarette-by adding ed
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