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Here Below you can check out the feedback (for one of our units) of one of the 16.000 students that last year took an online course with ITTT!

Unit 10 uses two video lessons to illustrate bad and good ways of teaching. In the first video, the teacher is very distant to his students, he uses difficult language and doesn’t explain new language (well). He speaks very monotonously and interacts only little with his students. The way of teaching is very boring (to me and probably to the students, too) and not appropriate to the students’ level, because it doesn’t seem like they really understand what the teacher says and talks about and they give many wrong answers. The teacher himself talks most of the time and the students’ participation and talking time is low. It seems like the teacher is not very prepared for class as he doesn’t give any instructions for the tasks and he isn’t able to demonstrate any example for the activate stage’s task. In contrast, the second video is much more positive. There is a good rapport between the teacher and his students as he introduces himself and asks for the students’ names in the beginning, jokes are used, the teacher has a smiling face all the time, and both pictures and body language is used to illustrate and increase the meaning of the explanations. The students are encouraged to contribute their knowledge to the class and they are esteemed for what they say. Mistakes are ok, but corrected and new language is elicited from the students. They seem to enjoy class and really learn something from it. Lesson two could be improved by not always using pair work or mixing the pairs. At some points, the teacher pointed to the students using only one finger which may be impolite in Thai culture. The exercise to form “can/can’t – sentences” using verbs together with animals could be improved by changing the two pillars’ positions on the board, because the word order in the sentence would be clearer then. I have learned a lot from these two videos. It was quite shocking to see all the bad examples in video one, but also encouraging and revealing how to do it better as demonstrated in video two. I have also learned how important a good rapport is and how much better students work when they enjoy class.