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A BRIEF OVERVIEW OF THE "UNIT 3' CONTENT AND LESSON LEARNT BY ME. This unit content titled “CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT" and it covers the following outlined components of the classroom management: *** ORGANIZING \ MANAGING: (Yourself as a Teacher, Individuals, Students and the class, etc.). *** ESTABLISHING \ CREATING:( Good Rapport between T\S and S\S, Considering the Type of Activity-Decide the Suitable ways., etc.). *** MAINTAINING \ TACKLING \PREVENTING :(Discipline, Respect, rules abiding, role model, Problem Behavior etc.). Under organizing and managing as one of the means of classroom management, The Teacher a vital roles using himself as a resources to convey message to his \her students in order to fully get INVOLVED, to encourage CONTRIBUTIONS, to maintain DISCIPLINE etc and that is the function of the “THE EYE”. Also, for the Teacher to CONVEY the MEANING OF LANGUAGE, or ADD VISUAL INTEREST etc. he needs the use of “GESTURES” and moreover, the teacher need “THE VOICE” because “The greater of variation of the VOICE the greater the effectiveness”. Again, Language Teacher considering some factors such as CLASS SIZE, FURNITURES etc. leads to GROUPINNG STUDENTS, also looking at the learner’s AGE, Physical SPACE, NATIONALITIES, Material AVAILABLE, etc. will result to CLASSROOM SEATING ARRANGEMENT. For instance, {ORDERLY ROW VS WHOLE CLASS} helps in Teachers\Students clear view eye contact but reduce STT.,, while {CIRCLE\HORSESHOE VS PAIR WORK increase STT but the Teacher position less dominant. Etc. All these analyses contribute marvelously in classroom management. In addition, it is very important for a Teacher to create\encourage a good Rapport between himself as a TEACHER\ STUDENTS and STUDENT\STUDENT friendly relationship to avoid indiscipline and lively classroom and for lesson effectiveness. Room for Interactions, don’t focus on a particular student to dominate etc,, Teachers should be GIVING INSTRUCTION and know how to manage the use of board, TTP VS STT to be rationalized ,among others… In conclusion, Teachers should stand as a good ROLE MODEL, Respect for all and rules abiding etc t encourage Discipline preventing problem behavior and reacting to issues with care and cheerfulness but not lesser fair type.