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As a native English speaker this was probably the most awkward unit for me to conceptualize. I remember vaguely learning the phonetic alphabet, or perhaps a version of it, in school when I was a youn
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Managing the classroom effectively is one of the teacher’s most important jobs and perhaps the most difficult, especially for a new teacher like me. Thanks to unit 5 I have learnt how to manage my c
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This unit seems very intuitive, and maybe not always so useful, especially as it sounds like if there is a course book, the teacher will have no control over what it is. The parts about how to 'work w
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This unit describes different teaching aids. We can use the board, interactive boards, overhead projectors, visual aids, worksheets, DVDs, dictionaries etc. Also, we can use online dictionaries, video
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This unit was about teaching receptive skills, namely reading and listening. The reasons for reading and listening were given as for a purpose or for entertainment, with examples of both. How we read
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This lesson covered theories methods and techniques of in class language teaching. We learned about various methodologies, but focused more specifically on the ESA, Engage Study Activate method. In th
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In this unit, I learned many new methodologies of teaching. For example, in the Silent Way, even though it is not the best method, the concept of using colored rods with each rod indicating a grammar
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Cannon Ball
In this unit teaching of productive skills was discussed. Speaking and writing are both equally important, but writing is sometimes neglected in a TEFL class. For a productive skills lesson, it is vit
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Canton City
Unit 2 was a lesson in the individual parts of a sentence, how they should be structured, and when they should be used. Knowing the individual parts of a sentence is imperative for any learner of Engl
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After reviewing Unit Two, I had gained more knowledge about the different parts of speech that is in the English language. Having gained this knowledge will allow myself to be able to thoroughly descr
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This unit describes all the modal verbs (may, might, must, can, could, would, etc.). Modal verbs are used to express different ideas, such as obligation, possibility, permission, ability, advice. Als
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I appreciated in this lesson how it says that a vocabulary's difficulty to learn will be dependent on how similar the English language is to the learner's own language. Also, the difficulty level is
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An idea that struck out to me about this unit lesson is how it mentioned that when teaching learners the English language, not to focus on teaching the learner every single word. Doing so would overl
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This unit covered lesson planning. This includes the various reasons that planning lessons is important, as well as what information to record and how to use the lesson plan without letting it box you
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This unit covers the four aspects of the present tense: present simple, present continuous, present perfect, and present progressive. A breakdown of how each tense structure is used in everyday conver
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This unit provided examples and information on what it takes to be a good teacher and student. It also explained the different levels of English learners, and started on the topic of adjusting teachin
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In this unit I viewed two videos. The first video showed a teacher who had clearly not planned his lesson very well in advance, was impatient, hurried and nervous. The students immediately responded
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I learnt that the teacher's attitude and ability to engage students plays a huge role in building rapport with the students. It helped students get more immersed with the Engaged phase, as shown in th
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Churchs Ferry
This unit covered some basic english grammar dealing with parts of speech including nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, prepositions and conjunctions. Definite and Indefinite articles were discussed i
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I did not realize how many language tests are available when somebody wants to learn English. I believe that testing is needed, whatever form that is in, so that the teacher can see the progress a le
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This lesson was extremely valuable. I have experience teaching adults in self-defense and it is imperative to make sure rapport is good. If rapport is not good and they are not energized to learn, the
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Unit 18 is about modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. A, Modals (also called modal verbs, modal auxiliary verbs, modal auxiliaries) are special verbs which behave irregularly in English. They are
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In this unit we found how to use course books and materials to make lessons more productive. In general, there are three types of materials possible to use: 1) authentic materials, 2) created material
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Unit 9 provides me with a huge amount of knowledge of lesson planning. I have learnt a procedure to make a lesson planning. Firstly, I have to ask myself before making a lesson plan. Knowing these ans
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I learnt that there are four things that students need to do to learn a new language; being exposed to it, understand its meaning, understand how it's constructed and being able to practise and produc
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I learnt about parts of speech at my university, but it was kind of review on them. This unit gave detailed description of Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs, Articles, Gerunds, Pronouns, Prepositions/
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Unit 4 is about Present Tenses and some activities we can use to teach Present Tenses in our class. Present Tenses include the simple present tense, present continuous tense, Present perfect tense, an
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This unit introduces the four basic skills in any language, namely receptive skills-listening and reading, and productive skills-writing and speaking. They are all equally important and should be inco
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unit 19 is about teaching special groups. What I have learnt in this unit is different types of English learning groups. They are: 1. Young learners The idea of teaching young learners may fill some t
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I learnt in this unit that there are a few common problem situations - first lessons, warmers, different levels, large classes, use of Native language, reluctant students and difficulties with listeni
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As an ESL teacher, I have taught First Grade to Fourth and Fifth Grade ESL. As a new teacher, I wasn't sure what was the best approach to teaching an ESL class. I remember getting the textbook the stu
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The twelfth unit focuses on teaching productive skills. They are writing and speaking. First of all it should be stated that they are equally important while teaching. Teaching skills is a system wi
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This unit covers the necessity of teaching pronunciation and phonology.Phonological analysis of English often concentrates on or uses, as a reference point, one or more of the prestige or standard acc
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Unit number eleven concerns itself skills, namely perceptive: reading and listening and productive: writing and speaking. It should be emphasized that they all are equal and important. Speaking about
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This unit covered future tenses in the English language and their various forms and structures. to speak of future events, A learner must know how to properly structure a sentence as to give their lis
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De Lamere
Unit number sixteen concerns itself two big chapters in English grammar. First of all its conditional sentences which can be of five types: zero, first, second, third or mixed. Formation of such a sen
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This unit discussed the main different parts of speech, and mentioned some difficulties students may have in learning these. Nouns, adjectives, articles, verbs,adverbs, gerunds, pronouns, prepositions
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This unit illustrates the importance, basic principles and structures and of lesson planning. Teachers should take many factors into consideration when planning a lesson; for example, learners adjecti
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Des Lacs
This unit covered what a typical lesson plan may look like and it's objectives. With the straight arrow approach the teacher would first set out to engage the students and get them interested in what
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Devils Lake
The unit number eight provides a keen observation of tense usage expressing future action. There are several tenses and constructions which can express future action they are future simple, future con
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This lesson covered parts of speech. It was a good review for concepts that I hadn't formally studied since elementary school. It made me reflect on the complex nature of the English language. I was e
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This unit introduces the tense system and elaborates the present tense. The whole tense system includes three tenses, namely present, past, and future. This unit focuses on the four aspects of the pre
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There are four past tenses in English They are used to talk about things that started and ended in the past or things that started in the past and continue to the present. Simple Past: for actions sta
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Reading and listening is an exceptionally important part of learning the English language. If one is only able to speak the language, they are limited to their own vocabulary and understanding. Readin
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I learnt that teachers play a huge role in maintaining a positive, safe environment for students to communicate with each other, develop one's interest and fluency in English, and a healthy rapport wi
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learners can't develop their learning level without being motivated. After studying this unit I recognized new reason that motivates me to learn; I found its very interesting to express feelings by us
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The purpose for this unit is to bring awareness to what makes for a good teacher and what makes for a good learner. It defines the different roles that a teacher has in a classroom and explains the im
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At the end of this unit, I have been learnt how to : - Maintain the techniques of teaching new language through vocabulary, grammar and function - Choose new vocabularies to teach based on the level o
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Dunn Center
In this unit I learned the seven future tenses. I had actually not realized there were so many future tenses, and while reading over this unit's material, I found that I really don't use all of them.
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In this unit we leaned about various materials to use in class. We specifically talked about authentic materials, created materials and textbooks. The lesson spent a lot of time on the positive and ne
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