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In this unit, we watched two videos, the. The first showed an example of a teacher poorly teaching a lesson and in the second he teaches the same lesson well. In the first example, he does not use an
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In my conclusion, it is very important to have a good relationship and good communication between teachers and learners. A good teacher must be positive at all times and a teacher must consider a lot
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Unit number 7 deals with 3 main parts of any lesson. Namely, engage study and activate. These parts are typically included in any type of a lesson. But the tasks which are used depend on what is study
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I learned several grammar terms that were overlooked when you learn English as a first language. Several of the way sentences are structured and the certain words used were never taught to me in this
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The future tenses is a very difficult aspect of English grammar. There is a lot of things that the teacher and learners need to bear in mind or else it may cause a confusion to the students. In this u
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Once again, this unit amazes me at how many times a word or phrase can fit into many different categories. There are a lot of intricate details involved in categorizing words and phrases. These conc
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This unit described different roles of a teacher, such as monitor, manager, organizer,prompter etc. Also, it gave us understanding that learners have to be approached depending on their age, culture,
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This unit is designed to cover the basics of grammar. It discusses simple sentence form to more complex sentences. It identifies several parts of speech and describes each part of speech in detail. Th
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My prior teaching experience includes teaching dance to children, teaching self-defense to adults, and teaching firearms safety to adults. With all of my prior teaching experience, I have found prepar
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Unit 8 remindes us some general peculiarities of the Future tense. In grammar, a future tense (abbreviated fut) is a verb form that generally marks the event described by the verb as not having happen
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Speaking and writing are productive skills. There are activities that encourage both accuracy and fluency. Accuracy activities focus on correct language production and are therefore more controlled or
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Tower City
This unit considers the importance of assesment and evaluation. There are four types of tests designed for learners: 1) placement tests (help to assess students' knowledge before they start a course);
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This unit was about effectively managing classes. It discussed how a teacher's role can change in a lesson, depending on the activity and how different personalities can have different teaching styles
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Turtle Lake
In this unit I read about the suit of issues I may face as a teacher and how to cope with each of them. These can be anything from teaching a very large class to dealing with multiple language levels
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This unit is informational for a general talk about classroom management essentially. For instance, walking into your classes on their first day and seeing what kind of classroom there is (small, larg
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In this unit we saw 2 different lessons. The first one is different from the second lesson. In the first lesson a teacher doesn't introduce himself, in the end he doesn't sum up the lesson, he just sa
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The past tense has several aspects. The past simple tense is used for actions completed at a definite time in the past. The past continuous tense is used for interrupted past actions, to indicate past
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Valley City
As an ESL teacher, it is thought-provoking to watch another teacher teach a correct lesson and an incorrect lesson. Sometimes it is helpful to see how we teach or how someone else teaches to see what
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First of all, i understood, how important motivation is. Both teacher and listener. Secondly, the whole class needs to be analyzed, the atmosphere, so i am, as a teacher can switch the roles to expla
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The unit is about the role , the main characteristics teachers and students should possess.The unit provides information about the different roles a teacher should cover for an effective teaching. In
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This unit was short and sweet and very very similar to the unit on present tenses (for obvious reasons). Talked about the past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous tenses
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There are several problematic issues one may encounter in teaching. One may have to teach a first lesson group. Here, the teacher must create rapport between the teacher and learners as well as among
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This lesson was very fun to learn. As a native English speaker, I have never thought about the different sounds I am making with my mouth and how that might contribute to learning language as a foreig
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This unit gives us some information about types of materials can be used during the lesson. There are authentic materials and course books. It may be dangerous to use only a course book, a teacher can
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This unit is about the tense system in the english grammar In english we found three tenses( times): present, future and past. Every tense presents four aspects: simple, perfect, continuous, perfect
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This unit taught my about the different present tenses of the English language. It explained to me how these tenses are built and how they are used. The unit also taught me how to implement the differ
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This unit is very helpful because all components of parts of speech are well explained and all the examples are really useful. Each part of speech explains not what the word is, but how the word is us
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There are many important points that I've learned from this unit even though, I've learned present tenses before such as, the comparison of present perfect with present perfect continuous. That the pr
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Watford City
The areas I found interesting are how stress and intonation of a single word in sentence can change the entire meaning of the sentence and how it is heard. It explains why a lot of the time that when
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West Fargo
The transitive and intransitive statements were extremely difficult for me to learn. This is an aspect of English that I am not familiar with at all. After researching these terms, I still have sever
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This unit presents two demo classes. The first one is terrible due to the teacher's negative attitude and poor teaching skills. To begin with, The teacher is really impatient, he always responds to th
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This unit introduces the pronunciation and phonology. Details go into intonation, stress and the phonetic alphabet. Intonation is fundamental in expressing speakers' emotions or feelings, this unit in
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White Earth
Learning about the different theories of presenting new material, engaging the class, and presenting activities was extremely helpful. I've learned different teaching styles before that definitely coi
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White Shield
While studying this unit, I started thinking about how my own speech changes in every day life. How when we report a speech to someone, we change the tense of it, usually from present to past. Most
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This unit introduces authentic materials, created materials, and course books. I have learned why and when do we need to use authentic materials in class; the types of created materials and online res
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Very interesting unit, I do think it's a really long unit with a LOT of information in it to be digested all at once, especially considering that this isn't necessarily going to be taught to students
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Willow City
The 13th unit deals with the phonetic base. Beeing a teacher is very responsible position and of course you pronunciation will affects students you teach. The English language doesn’t have a wide ra
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This unit covered the 4 aspects of the present tense. It gave the rules for the form of each, in affirmative, negative, and question form. It described the usages of each aspect, as well as the common
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Unit 20 is about some of the most common ESL problems and how to solve them. 1. Students speak more of their native language than English The lower the students’ level or ages, the more probable it
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This unit focused on reading and listening and how to integrate it into the classroom. There was an emphasis on the materials, specifically how to choose topics and matirials that would interest the c
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After reviewing this unit about teaching new language, I learned that there are a few aspects that students need to do with a new language. The different techniques that were presented in this unit ab
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I learnt about the different teaching aids available for teachers in the classroom. They include the white/black board, Interactive whiteboard, overhead projector, visual aids, worksheets and work car
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in this unit, I have learned the reason of evaluating students and how progressive tests helps a teacher to see the students progress, and again the reason why schools have placements test so that the
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This unit discussed equipment and teaching aids. The many different types of teaching aids were discussed in depth, including the board, the interactive whiteboard, overhead projector, visual aids, wo
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Using different forms of media and tools for learning is essential to students. In today's age, we have several forms of media that can be extremely beneficial if done in the right way. Seeing the pro
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In this unit I reviewed the present forms of verbs, their form, usage and common mistakes with each. While much of this came very naturally to me, I noticed I had a hard time remembering which tense
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This unit provides us with two lessons different in teaching style. The first one turnes out to be failed due to a number of reasons: teacher's attitude, not clear presentation of the lesson point, la
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There are five kinds of learners identified in the unit; the absolute learner, the false beginner, the adult learner, the young learner, and the learner without Roman Alphabet. It is intriguing that t
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