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Unit reflection: Write a brief overview of the content of this unit and what you feel that you have learnt from it. If stating an opinion you will need to give reasons. This section is not graded but
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Grace City
Unit 7 provides me information with the methods to teach new language including Vocabularies, Structures and Functions. Firstly, I have known some ways how to teach new Vocabularies. They are: + Drawi
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In this unit I learned about the productive skills of speaking and writing. One of the hardest parts of learning a new language, in my opinion, is having the confidence to speak and make mistakes. W
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Grand Forks
In this unit, I learnt that there are many different methodologies that can be used and adapted to fit the needs for students at their level of proficiency and background. The methods used in class sh
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unit 10 provides me with two videos about two real lessons of the same class and the same teacher. Thanks to these videos, i could understand better about the way i can apply teaching methods in my re
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In this unit I learned about the core structure of sentences and what each individual part of a sentence means. I am now able to break down sentences and correctly explain the fundamental function of
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The thing that stood out most to me is how, as a teacher, you are not suppose to correct the learner right away. The goal is keep the learners talking as much as possible. Correction should happen o
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Great Bend
Learning about past tense verbage was especially difficult for me. When learning foreign languages, I had trouble understanding the past forms and I can understand why some simple mistakes can be made
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Green Acres
During this Unit 2 section I learned the importance of parts of speech and its usage. This is very important to the English language because it helps to properly form sentence as well as communicate.
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Introduction to Grammar parts of Speech Unit helped me to refresh my knowledge about English language grammar. I noticed a funny thing that despite of years of teaching English to different ages I sti
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After reviewing this unit, I had learned that there are four basic skills in any language. With these skills however, they must be taught correctly in order for the students to be able to utilize the
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As with previous lessons, this unit emphasizes to not correct a learner right away if a wrong answer is given. To keep the learner's thoughts flowing as they intend to. I really like how each unit k
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This lesson covered modals, relative clauses, phrasal verbs and passive voice. With modals, the chart covering the usages was extremely helpful. Although this is common sense, it is something I have s
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I watched two videos of two different approaches to delivering a lesson plan. The first video depicted a teacher with a very aggressive and intimidating attitude and did not engage the classroom as ef
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This unit gives an overview of the four types of past tense, namely past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous. For each specific form, it offers the details of its usages
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This unit explores the different approaches, methods and techniques of teaching. Some of them have been used for centuries and today are still applied. Others , instead, are out of fashion as the Audi
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This unit gives us an understanding of different groups we can teach. For example, children, adults, teaching office staff. When teaching beginners, we need to be aware of students' needs, arrange th
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This unit reflects teaching writing and speaking skills. If we talk about speaking, there are accuracy and fluency activities. I learnt that accuracy activities are concentrated on producing correct l
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I learnt that pronunciation is the most neglected part of English language teaching because foreign teachers may lack confidence in teaching it methodically and English teachers sometimes also lack th
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This unit enhances the necessity to plan our lessons. Lesson plan has a number of important functions - an aid to plan, a record and a working document. Before we start writing a lesson plan, it is re
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This unit covered pronunciation and phonology. I learnt that it is a difficult area to teach, but very important for students. Phonology was discussed in depth, including intonation, stress, sound joi
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This unit is very straightforward, fairly intuitive, and not really teachable, though still usable for the teacher. There are different types of activities that can be used to monitor student progress
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From this unit, I have grown to understand the importance of the intricate relationship between the students and the teacher. There are a series of qualities both teachers and students should possess
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This is a pretty intuitive unit, but offers a lot of useful real world tips and tricks for using all the different types of materials and teaching aids in the classroom. A computer seems like the most
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This unit gave more knowledge about the present tense, which i was very familiar but not so much deep in it. i could understand more about my errors and mistakes. And now i can use those present tense
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In unit 13 I learned about the advantages and disadvantages of using a course book for English learning, as well as ways to use one properly. While textbooks can be predictable and boring at times, a
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Conditional sentences or expressions are identified with 'if' or 'when'. I have known conditional to only be identified with if and when. I have never known known conditionals to be of types, and name
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Unit number 2 gives us information about such grammar category as parts of speech. It includes nouns, verbs, adjectives, preposition, adverbs, pronouns etc. The main parts are verb, noun, adjective, a
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This unit was concerned with the most common problems a teacher could face. The importance of first lessons were discussed, and ideas given on how to best establish rapport and find out about the stud
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Many different materials must be used while teaching English to keep the students entertained and learning. I specifically remember when I was in school, some teachers were focused on everything in th
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From a learning perspective, it is easy to assume that the majority of what is to learn is in your hands; but in addition to your skills, you need the right equipment. You need the right resources, th
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Unit 1 taught me about the basic characteristics good teachers and good learners possess. It dives deeper into the different roles a good teacher has within his or her classroom and how to effectively
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In this unit, I have learned the roles of a teacher, the factors that make a good teacher and a good student, the difference between adult learners and young learners, and also, the common used Englis
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Within unit 4 I have learned about the present tenses and their tense systems which consists of its form, usages, typical student errors, and activating stage teaching ideas. In addition, we looked at
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In this unit I reviewed the four past tenses: past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous. Remembering the usage for each was one of the most difficult parts of this unit
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After reviewing the videos for this unit, it was interesting to see how a lesson plan can be acceptive and how a lesson plan can be rejected. Being able to see how students react to their teacher's le
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This unit covered the teaching of productive skills, such as speaking and writing. which can sometimes cause more trouble for non-native English speakers. When speaking, a teacher can use either accur
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This unit offers an overview of the Past tenses. They are the following: past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous. Each aspect has a number of usages. Simple aspect shows
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I found this lesson to be very difficult for me to wrap my mind around. I continued to confuse myself with the present tenses with future meanings and the future tenses. It appeared that several of th
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This unit provides various equipment that can be used in the classroom and sufficient online resources for teachers' lesson planning. Teachers should use a combined set of equipment to cater for the l
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This unit introduces conditionals and reported speech. There are five types of conditionals illustrates, namely zero conditional, first conditional, second conditional, third conditional, and mixed co
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In this unit I learnt the techniques for teaching a new language. How to teach vocabulary, grammatical structures, and language functions were covered. Students need to understand the language's meani
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in this unit, I have learned how I can develop myself to be a good teacher, and what and what not to so that students don't lose motivation and I have learned on what way to keep students focus and a
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This unit covers, what makes a good teacher, and what makes a good learner. Among some of the attributes listed for being a good teacher were: having kindness and patience, being a good motivator, and
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This unit has been very challenging. Learning about intonation has been interesting. Knowing that rise/fall or fall/rise of sounds has significance in the study of English has been very refreshing for
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What I learnt from this lesson is how much it’s important to analyze the materials one wants to use with the learners to keep them interested and have fun learning while being adapted to their level
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This unit gave us clear introduction to classroom management. Everything matters: students seating arrangement, teacher's voice, eye contact etc. Sometimes teacher can use gestures. It is important ho
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This unit introduces different student groups, namely beginners, individual students, children, Business English, multilingual and monolingual class. There are different types of beginners and teacher
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One of the most important parts of teaching English Language Learners is helping the students with their pronunciation. I try to teach my students where they need to produce sound from or how their mo
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In this unit we learned about the present tense. We studied the present simple, present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect continuous. I was surprised to know that the present progressiv
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