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I learnt that there are different ways in evaluating students' levels and progress, and some common external exams that teachers may need to prepare students for. Feedback is very helpful in helping t
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One of my hardest struggles is teaching my students to read and listen. I currently teach First Grade at an International School and I every week I teach a new reading and reading comprehension skill.
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Powers Lake
This unit was interesting, as I have already made some notes about what kind of materials were interesting to me as a student, and how that changed over the course of my education. The problematic par
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Prairie Rose
I feel motivated as I studied a detailed explanation of the sentence's structure, what is the meaning of auxiliary verb, how to differentiate between the types of pronouns as well as the types of adve
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The unit 1 gives observation of learners skills and levels and also states that teacher conprises many professions. I totally agree with it cause as a teacher person has to be also a model, a particia
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Rules for grammar, such as passive voice, passive formation, and modals are all very new to me. English language and the teaching of it has changed so much since I was in school. I had not realized
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In this unit modals, phrasal verbs, and the passive voice are covered. The modal auxiliary verbs are given, and the basic rules are discussed. A useful chart is given explaining the uses and the forms
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This unit covered various groups that may make up your classroom. These included various types of English beginners, one to one learners, children, business English learners, and multi and monolingual
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From this unit, I have gained a perspective from the teaching point of view as well as the students. Before I began this course, I was only familiar with the forms of teaching I have been exposed to.
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Reile's Acres
In this unit I learned the qualities of a good learner and teacher. I believe that many of these key qualities are shared by learners and teachers. Both must be passionate about language learning and
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The unit is important for understanding rules for writing and speaking English sentences. This unit is important to anyone who wants to understand forms of words and how they are used to form a sente
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In this unit I learned about the needs of special groups of English learners. This includes beginners, young learners, adults, business classes, multilingual classes or even one-on-one classes. Each
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A good teacher cares more about the learner's progress than their own teaching. They must be sensitive, motivational and encouraging. They are able to assume and switch between several roles whilst te
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This unit was reflective on my own experience with learning languages. Where I have always found that reading and speaking were easier for me to grasp, therefore I clung to those strengths. Whereas my
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This chapter taught Past Tenses and the four different types, from Past Simple, Past Continuous, Past Perfect and Past Perfect Continuous. Just like the Present Tenses I did find this chapter a bit mo
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Unit 8 is about Future tenses, and the methods teachers can use to teach these tenses. There are four future verb tenses in English: Simple future tense, Future continuous tense, Future perfect tense,
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This unit describes teaching vocabulary, introducing grammatical structures, teaching language functions. How easy or difficult a vocabulary item is will depend on several factors, such as appropriac
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This unit introduces the most common problems the teachers have in the classroom and offers solutions for each problem. In the first class, teachers need to establish rapport with students through act
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I have been out of university for a year now, and the last time I learned about parts of speech was when I was in middle and high school. As an ESL teacher, it is important to remember all parts of sp
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This was a particularly difficult lesson. It seemed to me that there were many ways to reflect direct speech; however, it is much more complicated than that. Since it is unknown when the direct speech
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This unit gives an overview of the ways of evaluating students' English level, such as tutorials, evaluation by students, and tests. Then more details are provided for tests. Placement tests are used
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This unit helped me reflect on my own experience with different materials used to accommodate the varying levels of understanding when I was a student. Similarly, when challenged with a task or an ass
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I learnt that receptive skills involves Reading and listening. The reasons and motives for reading and listening are centred around a purpose or for entertainment, or a mixture of purpose and entertai
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This unit illustrates the seven types of future tense, namely future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, going to, present simple, and present continuous. The basic f
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The unit is informative about basic teaching ethics and informs the prospective teacher about what to expect from students and what promotes learning in a classroom of learners. It also serves as a le
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As a native English speaker, I think the condition tenses is one of the hardest tesnse. We don't always know the rules behind the tenses just that this is the way we say it because it sounds correct.
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In this unit I learned about the five forms of conditionals as well as reported or indirect speech. This was an interesting unit for me to read over because it reminded me of learning conditionals in
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As an ESL teacher, I am constantly having to ask myself how I can encourage my students to speak English more throughout the day. I want to hear the students speak English but not because they are for
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The troubleshootin unit has been useful afer all. A good recap of all that has been learnt and even more information. Added learning on how to approach a new class and an existing class. In both cases
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The current unit provides information about unalienable part of teaching that is tests and evaluation. Of course some teachers are against usual test because they sometimes test more memory but skills
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In this unit we are given a basic representation of the teacher's many roles in the classroom in relation to the students. We are also given general insight into assessing a learner's initial knowledg
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Sentinel Butte
When teaching an English class, things won't always go as expected. As a teacher, you need to be ready to change things up and adapt based on what is going on in your class. This lesson explained how
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in this unit, I have learned a lot, and this unit explains the phrasal verbs in a more simpler way and it was a little challenging mostly the passive voice even me as a native speaker I find the pass
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Certainly writing has been ignored in the learning of English in many ESA countries, particular emphasis on China. Learning on productive skills becomes more clearer to me now than before. At least I
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Shell Valley
With my little experience teaching, course books have been a great source of material for teaching. Course books have given good ideas for teaching and lead to know what to teach. But I have not doggi
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In this unit, the many methods of how to manage the classroom were covered. The English learning classroom can be a very dynamic environment, being composed of different age groups, nationalities, and
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The future tense has seven common tenses. The future simple deals with aspects like facts and certainties, promises, and predictions.The future continuous tense covers areas like things that will be i
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I learnt that there are five types of classes: Beginners, Individual Students, Children, Business English/English for Specific Purposes (ESP) and, Monolingual and Multilingual. There are five categori
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After reviewing unit 9, I had learned the important structures of creating an effective lesson plan. Having the knowledge on the do's and don't's of writing a lesson plan will help make the classroom
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In the tenth unit I have watched two lessons on the same topic but organized differently. The second lesson seems to be more successful that the first one. The reason is that the teacher did some cruc
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South Heart
Designing tests and evaluations catering to the strengths and weaknesses of a student and not penalizing poor habits will be my goal in future lesson planning. The anxiety around testing is not necess
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This unit was about teaching special groups, including beginners, individuals, children, and ESP. The levels of beginners was given, and methodology and techniques for teaching were discussed. Possibl
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Spiritwood Lake
In this unit I was prompted to think about the types of materials that can be used in a classroom to enhance the learning of students. For task four I was asked to compile a list of five items I woul
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Much like the previous unit this was very reflective on my own learning process as a kid in school. Games were a main contributor in commanding my attention and the subtle lessons that lay the foundat
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St. John
This unit discussed course books and materials. There are authentic materials, which are good for confidence and interest. And there are created materials, which can be graded to the level of students
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St. Thomas
This unit covered the various present tenses in the English language and how to best structure a sentence following these rules. Such as the present simple which describes actions that are happening n
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I have learned a lot from this module,more so in how to better engage my students while delivering a topic during the course.In my opinion and experience the boomerang ESA works best especially with
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In this unit I learned about the parts of speech in the English language. Not having had strong grammar training in school, I found this particularly challenging. I also grew to appreciate how diffi
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In this unit we learnt about lesson planning. Lesson planning is important and useful as soon as it is flexible. This unit listed basic principles of lesson planning: keep it simple, do not try to scr
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In this chapter we learnt about the different types of teaching aids and equipment that we can use to deliver a lesson to students. Went into detail about the advantages and disadvantages of each medi
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