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This unit detailed the various different roles of the teacher and the qualities of students based on age and language level. I learned how many different types of responsibility a teacher has to their
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These two videos are about ESA lesson simulation. They present two different ways to lead a lesson. In the first video the teacher arrives in the class and starts asking question to students that donâ
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I found this lesson to be particularly useful when it comes to things like lesson planning. Being able to choose the right lesson to teach and how to approach it will be essential in teaching English.
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There are various methods and techniques that can be used in teaching. The most effective is the ESA because it incorporates other techniques. ESA refers to the Engage, Study, Activate approach to tea
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Unit Three discusses various methodologies in language teaching. Some of the most commonly used methods for language instruction have been: Grammar/Translation, Audio-lingualism, and Presentation, Pr
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This unit was informative on how to teach lessons and the best methods to use for the different skill levels. it gives the teacher many options on what methodologies fit the different types of lessons
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Unit 2 provides me with knowledge of parts of speech. The first part is about Nouns. Nouns name people, places, things, or ideas. There are many different types of nouns. Here are a few: common nouns
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This unit summarizes the basic knowledge of English grammar, including the basic components of a sentence, such as subject, action, and object; also different parts of speech, for example, articles, n
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There are various ways to evaluate learners. It may be done through tutorials, student evaluations and tests. Tests are given at different stages of the course. Diagnostic tests are given at the very
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This unit focuses on the management of the classroom and building rapport by using correct eye contact, gestures/body language and how you speak/ use your voice in a positive manner. How the arrangeme
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Modals are used to add meaning to a verb. They may indicate obligation, possibility, permission, ability or advice. There are two voices in English. These are the passive and active voices. In the act
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After completing this unit it has become clear that while there are different stages of learners, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced; of course there is also the difference in ages and demographic of
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Within this unit I learned how to teach a new language and within the structures of the language such as grammar, its functions, and vocabulary. I also learned how to apply the ESA stages (engage, stu
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A phrasal verb is a type of compound verb made up of a verb (usually one of action or movement) and a prepositional adverb--also known as an adverbial particle. Phrasal verbs are sometimes called two-
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The purpose of this chapter is to bring awareness to teaching a new language. It specifically talks about introducing new vocabulary, grammatical structures, and language structures. It gives very spe
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I learned that almost every published course book has teachers who use them and others who do not. Authentic materials and created materials allow for a balance of materials in the classroom with cour
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This unit reflects different teaching methodologies, such as Grammar-translation, PPP, Audio-lingualism, CLT, The silent way, The Lexical approach etc. This course focuses on Engage-Study-Activate (ES
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This unit was really engaging for me, especially for doing an online certification. I loved that I could look at two lessons and see the very observable differences between them, which really highligh
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Unit 12 is about the ways to teach speaking and writing skills including games. Thanks to this unit, I have learnt new approaches to teach those productive skills. While writing and speaking are consi
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This was very informative as it gave a realistic point of view of how hard it can be for both students and teachers to engage with each other if the teacher does not want to be there. In the first vid
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This unit focuses on productive skills, where productive means a skill where the students are actually required to produce language, rather than receive it. The productive skills are speaking and writ
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In this unit, I learned that even though parts of speech in the English language can be overwhelming, they can easily be broken down and put into simpler terms. For example, the list of adverbs goes o
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As a classroom ESL teacher, it is great to learn new games that I could use in the classroom with my students. I am excited to use Fizz-Buzz, Alphabet Relay, Sevens, and Word Linking games with my stu
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After this unit, I feel I have a better understanding of the basics of English grammar. It is interesting to note the ways in which we usually order adjectives and adverbs in sentences. I have always
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This unit covered the theories, methods, and techniques of teaching a language. The various methods were listed, and the pros and cons were discussed. From this I learnt that with learning another lan
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This unit explains the four different present tense that are used in the English language, present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. Present Simple: This st
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In this unit I learned more about teaching vocabulary and grammar structure to students. The ESA format was a review from previous units so I was able to be a bit more creative with my lesson plan id
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I learnt that speaking and writing are considered productive skills are they are used for communication. It is important to remember the four main reasons for communication between two or more people:
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I've learned the importance of identifying the roles of both teacher and student. It is important to establish a good teacher and student relationship in order to advance in learning the English lang
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This unit was concerned with giving a real example of lessons, to practically see how the previous units' information is used in giving an effective lesson. From this unit in the course I learnt how d
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This unit was about conditionals and reported speech. Conditionals are sentences containing "if", of which there are 5 types, namely zero, first, second, third, and mixed. The form and usages of the d
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Learning about the different forms of present tense was an eye opening lesson. This is a portion of grammar that I haven't thought much about, as I was raised speaking English; however, there is a lot
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The second unit suggests information about basic units of English grammar namely, parts of speech. They are noun, verb, adjective, adverb etc. Verbs have different forms according to the time when an
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If clause contains the condition that has to be satisfied before the action in the main clause can be realized. it has five main conditions which are as the following : 1- Zero condition 2- first cond
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This unit covered pronunciation. We learned about intonation, word stresses, the phonetic alphabet and articulation and ways to teach these to students. To me, the most difficult portion of this is th
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Unit 16 is about conditionals and reported speech, and some tips to teach them. There are 4 types of Conditional Sentence. They are: Zero Conditional Time: General Function: Habits, tendencies, rules
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This unit elaborates the details of classroom management. A teacher should be a manager and controller of a class to make the best use of the classroom equipment and to allocate the students appropria
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Unit number 5 gives a keen observation of methods and rules of class managing. Moreover, some tips about teacher's speaking time and student's speaking time are provided. Furthemore as the text put it
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In this unit, I have learned a great deal about both teachers and learners. When it comes to teachers, especially good ones, we need to have many different roles and characteristics. For example, we h
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The third unit contains information about three main stages of every lesson: engage, study and activate. Each of these stages follows its own purposes. For example, the first stage aims to engage ever
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This unit explains the various forms of thd future tense. It also demonstrates that other than the four basic forms, there are an additional three that are commonly used to Express actions or ideas fo
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This unit was very enlightening. I always thought it would be interesting to teach Business English or English for a Specific Purpose, but I thought you the teacher in this field would have to have a
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I learnt that modals can be used to express obligation, possibility/probability, permission/prohibition, ability and advice.The use of modal verbs can change the formality and meaning of the main verb
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Unit number ten provides information about skills. Namely perceptive skills, that is reading and listening. Remarkably, all skills are equally important either perceptive or productive. As the unit de
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Seeing these videos and how the lessons learned in prior units look in the classroom was a valuable lesson. Initially, I was under the impression that the first video was the way teaching ought to be
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This unit describes different types of tests. They are placement, diagnostic, progress, external tests. Placement tests are given before the start of the course to place new students in a right class
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This unit describes conditional sentences and reported speech. There are four types of conditional sentences: zero, first conditional, second conditional, third conditional. In zero conditional we hav
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This was one of the more challenging units, as it brought everything together and really gave the learner an experience of what it's like for teachers to create lesson plans that reach everyone's lear
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in this unit, I have learned the different types of conditions and how they are used with different tenses, for example, the THIRD CONDITIONS: IF+PAST PERFECT, WOULD, COULD, MIGHT.and again I have lea
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Michigan City
This unit focused a lot on how teachers should, in a way, perform in front of class. Which techniques to engage students, create a healthy and fruitful learning environment, and how to create a class
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