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I have learnt the various roles a teacher needs to assume in order to be effective at his/her job. I've also learnt about when each role needs to be assumed and how to effectively interact with studen
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Unit 6 is about past tenses, and the way to teach these tenses. Simple Past Form: Take the base verb and change the word form to the past tense form. Usually this means adding /ed/ to the end of the w
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Listening and Reading are the receptive skills of a language. Eyes and ears are not the only tools used to acquire them. Reading a test involves other abilities that allow our brain to get through th
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This unit is related to troubleshooting and common problem situations teachers may face. Before the very first lesson it is extremely important to be ready to establish rapport with the students, to f
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This unit covered the past tense. It was reassuring to see that the forms where the same as I was familiar with from my own education. Again, the change from progressive to continuous was a bit off pu
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Unit number fourteenth deals with one of the most important issue which every teacher will face, course book choosing. It is really hard question especially for young teachers who can lost in variety
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This unit covered the various forms of the past tense in the English language, from the past simple, which describes an action that was completed before now. To past continues, which describes and act
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I think it is always a positive benefit when teachers are able to learn more about classroom management and how our classroom should be run. Sometimes as an ESL teacher, we are expected to talk more b
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This unit covered two different teaching styles and how they affect learning in the classroom. I learnt that the attitude of the teacher can really affect the way students learn. The only criticism i
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This unit covered the various teaching methodologies used in the teaching of English. This unit paid particular attention to the ESA methodology as this is the methodology we will be using most during
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I feel i have a deeper understanding of the roles of a teacher and the importance to switch between roles depending on the activity and what we want the students to learn. I now know what makes a good
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This unit covered conditional sentences and reported speech vs direct speech. I have always had trouble explaining the intricacies of conditional speech with the past tense representing present and fu
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This unit brought up some issues regarding class management. Developing a good rapport with your students, proper seating arrangements, and preventative measures for behavior problems are all importan
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Unit 8 discusses the future tenses. The future can be quite difficult to teach due to the complexity of the range of ideas used with future meanings. There are seven forms of the future tense with t
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In teaching English, one will encounter groups with special needs. These include beginners and business professionals. Beginners may be pure beginners, false beginners , adult beginners, young beginne
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This unit suggests possible ways to introduce new language (e.g. vocabulary, grammar, language structures). To achieve better results when teaching, it is recommended to consider some typical ESA meth
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The purpose of this unit was to inform the reader of the different methodologies used to teach English. The reader is also informed that the ESA ( Engage, Study, Activate) method is the preferred appr
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In this unit I learned about the receptive skills in language learning: listening and reading. These were the skills I always found easier to develop when learning Spanish than the productive skills
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This unit covered testing and what it could be used for. Placement and diagnostic tests help the teacher learn the students initial levels and knowledge coming into the course. Progress tests let the
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Teaching ESL pronunciation is one of the hardest things ESL teachers do because there are so many variables to consider; but, here are some tips and resources that I have learnt from unit 13. Teaching
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This Unit is useful for my understanding of teacher's roles and and types of students to have a clear picture of effective communication in the class. it is important for me to practice different rol
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Unit number twelve concerns itself productive skills, namely speaking and writing. They are both important while acquiring a new language. A process of their development depends on teaching techniques
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This unit is interesting for focusing on reading and listening skills lessons and how to teach reading and listening (receptive) skills. We read/listen to things for a purpose (like receiving instruct
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Within Unit One, I learned that being a teacher is not about you, it is about benefiting the learners and making sure that they are comfortable within the classroom setting as well as retaining the in
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This unit was based on productive skills. Productive skills are a basic skill in language. There are two types of productive skill, which is speaking and writing. It's purpose is to communicate. The r
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At my school, we do not give a placement test to students before we admit them into the school. The teacher meets the student but that is all. I would like to start giving the students a placement tes
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This unit reflects the usage of conditionals. Conditional tenses are used to speculate about what could happen, what might have happened, and what we wish would happen. In English, most sentences usin
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I learned that the most typical use of the past continuous tense is to talk about something that was happening around a particular time in the past. For example; What were you doing at 9 o’clock las
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The fifth unit provides information about classroom methods of paramount importance. It concerns itself gestures, eye contact, using of students’ names pros and cons while teaching. Every method can
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In this unit I have learned about different types of types of equipment and teaching aids which are essential in the class for example dictionaries are always needed so that students can have to look
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Listening and speaking for me has been considered the most important ingredient learning English language or so I have been made to believe. From this unit I am confident that all four basic skills ar
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This unit was concerned with evaluation and testing. The unit taught me that ongoing feedback is a very effective way to give students the information they need to evaluate their own level and progres
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A teacher's attitude and teaching style will have a profound effect on how the students will receive the lesson. Ensuring that they are aware and understand what will be taught, and making every attem
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This unit gives a brief overview of the 12 tenses used in the English language. It describes in detail the four types of present tenses. I am learning that I definitely have to brush up on my knowledg
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English language learners vary greatly. They can be children, teenagers, or adults. Additionally, each group is learning English for different reasons. Assessing why each group is trying to learn Engl
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During this unit I learned affective pointers on how to conduct a class and how not to conduct a class while using the ESA stages. This unit was kind of tedious because both videos would show effectiv
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I am really glad that I took this TEFL course. Just the other day, I had one of my students from Italy asking me a question about the difference between present perfect and present perfect continuous.
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This unit introduces the language points of modal verbs, passive voice, and phrasal verbs. "Modals" can be categorized into different groups, such as obligation, possibility, permission, ability, and
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This part of the unit was more challenging than other units because past tense is one of the points of grammar that I really struggle with. I am glad that I was able to have more help and practice wit
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Unit Five discusses techniques for classroom management. The body language of the teacher can have significant impact on classroom management. The teacher's tone, and gestures are important for many
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Here is a clear clarification for the main basic skills for learning new language but this unit focused on the receptive skills which are reading and listening ones. there are a lot of ways we can fol
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This unit focused on managing the classroom. this includes everything from the actual classroom lay out to how to organize group work to a teachers eye contact and voice level. I was especially struck
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In this unit I learned how to create a lesson plan. So far, this was my biggest knowledge gap for the TEFL course. I have no background in education and therefore, this was the first time being intr
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Classroom management refers to the wide variety of skills and techniques that teachers use to keep students organized, orderly, focused, attentive, on task, and productive during a lesson. Many are t
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This unit discussed speaking and writing. We covered the differences between the two including the varying need for accuracy, different vocabulary, and formality levels. The unit discussed how to enga
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In this unit the question of managing classes is raised. It is believed that classroom management is a skill helping to organize students, set up a friendly and relaxed atmosphere when maintaining dis
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Brooktree Park
This unit was helpful to identify what learners of the English language will cling to as far as good and bad habits are concerned. Using the previous units to help monitor the use of regular and irreg
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Unit 3 mentions theories, methods and techniques of teaching. There are 9 methods of teaching English. They are: +Grammar translation: In grammar–translation classes, students learn grammatical ru
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This unit provides details of productive skills teaching- speaking and writing. Teachers have to think about the purpose, students' interests, and certain contents when planing the communicative class
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In this unit I learned about the different types of lectures and about the general flow of a lecture. It became clear that there are countless of ways to go about the structure of a lesson. The ESA ba
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